Apr 30, 2007

this and that...

okay. so i know it's april 30th. spring is supposed to be here. well, last week it was freezing...snowed even. and today? like 80?? what the freak?? apparently spring is a no show this year and we are going straight to summer...and it is my cute niece's birthday...happy day, squid...(sydney, but i call her squiddy) she's so grown up at 13!!!

on another note, i was totally raunchy this afternoon. the line at the post office was forever long...i come out and find the minivan parked next to me is like inches from me. so i can't even get in my car. i tried, of course, and i'm wearing a white shirt which is now brown from shimmying up the side. so i had to crawl in from the passenger side. sheesh...didn't make me happy.

onto the mail day. i got the best mail today!! i got my order from stamping bella, plus my missing bella that was misplaced! she also included a bonus surfafella!! so the sposabella had a nice ride from canada with surfafella!! can you believe that? how nice!! i got suzi and michelle's inchies, plus an awesome shack from suzi....

AND my stamps from aud came!! oh my holy cuteness!!! i can't even wait!!! i'm so totally sad that all my crafty stuff is packed away!! i have all these stamps and nothing to do with them!!! i gave my mom all my ezmount to mount the other bellas so i can't even do that!! these stamps are so cute!! ahh...not so raunchy anymore.

i also stoped by michaels to check out the martha stuff. got some cute ribbon (i know, mom, i don't need more ribbon...but wait till you see it) i love the way it's packaged with the flat bottom. smart!!!
the alien that is inhabiting my lungs is still there. he's putting up a good fight. i keep having these freaky fevers...they won't stop!! and coughing and coughing and coughing and coughing and coughing and coughing and coughing and coughing...oh sorry. you get the picture.
one more thing. i caught up on grey's anatomy this weekend while i was ill...what the freak is up with mcdreamy??? seriously????
oh well, shug out. i need a nappy.

Apr 29, 2007

anyone feel like a swim???

i saw this post on bloghore's page an it cracked me up!!

go to google maps, type in new york to london. check out instruction #24.

bring your swim fins.

Apr 28, 2007

uh, ick. (another doozy of a sick post...)

warning: this post contains a description of being sick...don't continue reading if you are sensitive to that sort of thing...

remember the golfball post from a few days ago? well, i was mistaken. no one lost their golfball. that's not what was in my froat...it's some alien. and he's decided to take up permentent residence and has moved in to my lungs. oh my heck!! (to coin a utah phrase...) seriously. i swear i haven't coughed this much or this hard in a long time. i think i'm working on coughing up enough lung cookies for everyone. and it's not getting any better. so i decided to go to the instacare today, since when i woke up and tried to talk i sounded like man. i tried to tell the doctor that the little alien isn't leaving anytime soon and i needed some anti-alien medicine. he gave me some prednisone instead. thinks we can muscle him out of there. shaaa...as if. it'll just make me crazy!!!

so i call my cute mom and report what the 12 year old doctor (i swear...maybe 13-nice enough fellow but sheesh!) says. so she tells my cute grandma, loving soul that she is, and my grandma gets on the stick. she is sending over a care package. she has pretty nasty asthma and is the queen of dealing with illness and her asthma. she said she knows what to do better than some doctor at preventing this little bug from turning into something nastier like pneumonia, so she's sending over the troops. i love her!!! it's not often she commnds people, so when she does, ya gotta listen!!

Apr 27, 2007

i'm still picture challenged...

ok, i figured out the bad boy on the side know as "my gallery" so why on earth can't i figure out how to get the stupid little picture that shows up when you make comments?

can someone lend a hand?

and has anyone else ordered maryse carrier stamps lately? just wondering how long they take to arrive. i'm so excited..

saturday night shuggy snacks...

is going on hiatus until may 12th. i'm moving on may 10th so today i spent the majority of the day packing with my cute mom (who is without internet for the weekend...poor thing!). we packed up most of my craft closet today and i just finished wrapping the last iris cart with plastic wrap. i love that stuff!! so i'm sad that i'll be sans crafting for the next two weeks. unless i go to my moms and raid her stash. but i have a lot of homework and a presentation on pulmonary hypertension (i know you are all jealous!!) due for work to do in the next two weeks, so now i'll have no excuse to not study!!

anyway, so i have to put a hold for a few weeks on the saturday night shuggy snacks trivia contest.

stay tuned for may 12th!! and please don't think i won't be blogging until then. i'll have stories to share along the way, i'm sure! so don't go away!!!

and a huge thank you to all the hard work of my cute mom today. she really outdid herself.

friends circle journal...

i think the idea behind circle journals is cool. you create a journal, then pass it along to a group of people who all add in their own two cents worth. i can't wait to see what comes back!!! so i'm hosting a circle journal swap over at the stamp shack. i've never done a circle journal before, so what possesed me to do two at once? who knows. so i'm doing this one and then one on the bellaholics yahoo group site. the group from the shack is a great group so i know the finished journal will be cool. i used the new palatte o'prints patterened paper that is coming out from stampin' up! i wasn't thrilled with them at first, but now i love it!!

Apr 26, 2007

lost golfball found....

um in case anyone is missing a golfball, i have recently found on the the back of my throat. would you kindly stake claim to it so i can get rid of it?

sheesh. i don't know where this came from, but suddenly i have such a nasty respiratory bug. came out of the blue yesterday and is kicking my trash. finally around 4am, my loving boyfriend kicked me out of bed so i could go find something to make me stop coughing. sorry honey!!

who makes tropical fruit cough drops and what in the name of pete possessed me to buy them at one time? i guess they serve a purpose, but boy are they nasty. so now it's 5am and i can't get back to sleep...i guess i'll go do some homework.

Apr 24, 2007

windshield karma...

seriously. in the past two years, i have replaced my windshield 3 times. all from rocks thrown on my car from big dump trucks or diesels. it sucks. prior to that...in the past 11 year...ONE time. of course, i had to do it three times, cause i had an old car that had to be inspected every year. and last year was my fav. got the windshield replaced in april or may, cracked in october before it could be inspected. replaced it, but it was freaky so they came and replaced it again. crashed my car in december. got my new jeep (brand new) in december. had a boulder (i swear!) hit it two weeks ago. it's cracked almost all the way up and down now. freak!!!

tag, you're it!!

barb tagged me!!! now i must reveal seven little known facts about me. great. i can't ever think of things like this, so they might be known! so here goes.

1- i am deathly afraid of cockroaches!
2- i am about to purchase my first house.
3- i would love to sit on the beach and do nothing but listen to the ocean.
4- i met my boyfriend on yahoo personals!
5- i love putting chocolate milk or eggnog on frosted mini wheats!
6- i'm find something i like and i'll buy 100 of it!! (ok, maybe not 100)
7- i'm addicted to the internet (big surprise!)

i know, some of you don't like these little games that are on blogs. it's not about inspiration or who's in which clique or if i don't list you it means i don't like you. i like them. and i like all of you! and i like finding out more about yout!! so if you want to join in the fun, please do!! so here are my taggers: erink, teresa, chris (and her stinky dog...and chimi), marie, suzi , kerry, kim and ethel.

Apr 23, 2007


erin was teaching a bunch of shackies how to doodle grass. she added it to her blog as well, if you would like to learn (ckickie on her name). here is my attempt. inside the card says "herd you were felling blue". i also doodled the lines around the edge. that cute cow is from stampin up.

how cute are these??

so i went to target yesterday (in the nasty rain storm...) and found this ultra cute little buckets in the dollar spot. i got four of them. i thought i would be able to use them for something...maybe hold odd pieces of ribbon or tools or something. i love them!!

and to draw the winner from saturday night shuggy snacks i printed all the comments, cut them up and drew one out of the cute bucket. the winner is...

claudia f (scfanson)! yippee!! please email me your address and comment here.

Apr 21, 2007

saturday night shuggy snacks {4-21}

how did i miss posting saturday night trivia???

ok, here goes.

what does beetlejuice not list among his qualifications as a bio exorcist?

a- a harvard mba
b- surviving the black plague
c- a killer harry belafonte impression
d- watching the exorcist 167 times

correct answers will be entered into a drawing for a lovely prize. comments will be closed on april 23 at midnight.

EDIT: i forgot my disclaimer...please leave an email (or email me your email) link or link to your website where i can email you if you are the winner. those that don't live a way to contact you will be tossed.

and my mood today is strickly a reflection of the paper i'm trying to write at the moment. got ideas on family nursing theory?

simple but cute...

here are the cards i made last night. they are simple, but i love that about them. i love the stamps that sherri got for me. they are so cute!

creative spurt...

i got in the zone tonight and made a slew of cards. i will post them all tomorrow!

ah...crafting is so good for the soul!!!

Apr 20, 2007

life is too short...

so about my soul searching...over the past two years, a lot has changed in my life. i have taken on more responsibilities at work. i have taken on advanced training at work. i have started back to school.

along with that, i have started losing track of time. i have had issues with my health. i have not been able to do as good of a job at something that i would have liked to have done. i have slacked on cleaning my house (not that much...). i have not been the best girlfriend (or as i'm starting to call it, cohabitator). i have not been as good of a sister, daughter or aunt. i have lost the time to stop and smell the roses...

what for? is it worth it? am i happy?

no. so i had to evaluate things and try to figure out what i can change to make life a little less chaotic. and a little slower than warp speed. and i have to feel better. and i have to be more attentive. so i had to admit that i can't handle everything. i had to say i need help. i had to say i can't do all the things i want. so i did. i had to give up something that i was afraid to give up, because i felt i was given an opportunity and i didn't want to let people down. and i didn't want to feel like a failure.

and do you know what?


so i did. i gave something up. i had a ginourmous debated with myself on whether i should or not. but i did.

and i'm not letting down anyone. and i'm not a failure because of it. and people will still love me no matter what. and i can still be a good nurse even though i can't take the sickest patients. and no one will think any less of me.

and now i can be a better person. and take care of myself a little better. and be a more loving (and less bitchy) girlfriend. And spend more time with my family. and i can plant some roses and i will MAKE time to smell them.

most of all, i can get back to being me and not someone who i think i should be.

and be happy

because life is too short. and i want it to slow down.

Apr 19, 2007

i did some soul searching today...

more on that tomorrow...

that justjohanna card below is obviously not the sketch card i was refering to. i'll have to find it again and repost. i have no idea what happened to it. the one below, however, is the card i made for my niece, madison's, 16th birthday. she is a cheerleader and those are the school colors.

Apr 18, 2007

my first official spam comment...how quaint.

spammers... (said in the voice of the train guy from ghost...)

stay off my blog!!!


oh my hellabella...

bubblebella, craveabella, lisabella...


surfafella!!! i dig him...

the winner for the 5000 posts contest...

is dawn mercedes!!!

please email me your address!!

on another note, i really, really dislike school. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Apr 17, 2007

my first sketch card...

i decided to do a sketch contest from justjohanna's blog. here is my version. these birds are just so flippin' cute i can't stand it!!

{what can you make out of this}

the envelope please...

after much deliberation, (and stress!) the voting is complete for the {what can you make out of this} contest. i had to call in a standby judge to help with the final decision for the category votes.

the grand prize winner with 2 out 3 votes was...

the one and only smileycollector herself, pam!!!

now for the category votes...
the traditional category,
our friend mary, aka toao!!!

for cutesyest category,
the winner was allison f!!

and finally for the most creative,
heather g (aka hbpuppy at the shack)

thank you to all of the participants. all the cards entered were so good!!! a few people had to be dq'd for not conforming to the rules. that was the sad, stresstfull part! it was a fun contest to hold! i will add the slide show to the bottom of blog with the names of those that made their creations!!! congratulations to the 4 winners!!! email me your addresses!!!

the judges votes are in...

i just have to tabulate the results. ARE YOU READY???

well, you have to wait until i get home from my conference today around 6pm mst!!!

but feel free to continue entering the 5000 posts contest and signing up for the email list. i love reading your comments and exteding the deadline to tonight!!!

Apr 16, 2007

they have arrived...

my very first justjohanna stamps!! i love them. i adore them. those stinkin' cute birds. i can't stand it!!! does anyone want to buy me some more??? huh??

here's a little card i made up for my parents anniversary. inside says "all things grow with love"

holy cow!!!


i have passed 5000 hits on my blog!! what an accomplishment!! i owe it all to you fabulous people that come by to visit.

think that is worthy of some shuggy snacks?? i think so!!

comment by midnight tuesday april 17 and tell me your favorite post on my blog. the archives are listed on the side. i'll pick a random winner and they will recieve this cute unmounted stamp set from spunky stamps!
and those that sign up for the email updates on the sidebar will get an extra entry in the contest!
EDIT: i'm extending the deadline to 8pm mst on april 17th!!!

Apr 15, 2007

and the contestants are...

so here they are finally! the cards from the {what can you make out of this} contest. each number corresponds to the creator. barb (grammastapper) is the keeper of the list, so when the judges (ethel, sarah, and chelsey) have made their decision, i'll post the creators of the cards. please comment on the cards. the ladies went to a lot of trouble to make them!! what a fun idea, thanks pam!!

if you are just tuning in, all the participants were sent a "kit" that had the same materials in them (well, minus a few things here and there, i'm realizing!) and they all had to make a card following a set of rules. you can read about it all here.

we have a winner or two...

from yesterdays shuggy snacks contest are...

the saturday night triva:
mork and mindy was a spinoff of what tv show?
the correct answer is happy days!!

winner is julie!

and the comments on my new blog look...

winner is sherri!!

woo hoo!! winners, please email me your addresses and i'll send your prize!!

i've been tagged!!!

by my friend sherri! she sent me an email telling me:

"I was chosen by a blog friend as an inspirational blog to be tagged. As a result I need to pick 5 favorite blogs that are an inspiration to me and you are one of my choices. Thanks for being a great inspiration!! Sherri "

so now I get to tag 5 of my inspirations!

1- of course, my mom, sweetpea sentiments. she thinks she doesn't do good work, but i have news for her!! not only in card making, but life, she is a true inspiration to me every day. she is just getting started in this big bad blogging world, but she has so much creativity to post!

and the rest are in no certain order.

**julie** the land of lost luggage. julie is not only a wonderful card creator, but a fabulous artist. the creations she comes up with are amazing. she is also very handy with the old blog and tricks for the blog. they say copying ideas is a form of flattery. yoohoo!!!

**godelieve** or stamping mathilda as she is also know by around the globe. her blog is just paper ink and rubber. she is probably one of the reasons i have become so into card making (other than my mom). i have been admiring her work from a far ever since the first day i signed up on a little website called two peas in a bucket. i have always marveled at her creativity and what she can do with some ink, paper and especially some embossing powder. to this day i am amazed. she is also single-hand the one who has gotten me stuck on maryse carrier stamps and aud design stamps (of which my first order is being processed!). she probably has no idea about any of this! thank you, godelieve!!!

**erin** erin k creations is another place i visit daily for ideas and instruction. erin has an amazing eye for detail and creativity. she is also one of the funniest and most caring people i have ever met! and we really haven't even met!! i love the way she takes pictures of her cards. her layouts are fantastic. erin and julie were my big push to finally get some justjohanna stamps. what she can create for those little birds and fish. oh my!

**pam** how can one sum up a person who is constantly happy, always looking for ways to make someone’s day a little brighter, has 1001 different ways to make a smile last a little longer, and is just a genuine good hearted person? well there you go. even though that doesn't do justice. pam is one of the most creative people i have run across. she has an amazing eye for putting together a few pieces of paper and turning it into a masterpiece. please look for your self at stamping with { serendipity } and you will see what i'm talking about!

now of course there are WAY more than 5 people out there that inspire me. take a look at my blog link and you see a glimpse of them all.

happy day...

happy 40th anniversary to my mom and dad!!


happy sweet 16th birthday to my niece, madison!!!


happy birthday to my friend steph (who will never see this!)


happy tax day!!!

dad (happy 40th, thanks for starting it all!), jordan, madison (16 woo hoo), mom (40 years of this?? hehe), sydney (in white) , ang, mike

judges...are you there?

ok, today is the day!!! it's the day that i reveal the cards from the {what can you make out of this} contest!!

ethel, sarah and chelsey! where are you? please email me and check in. i'll give you the rules and all that jazz.

once i hear from the judges, i'll put up the link to the cards. if you haven't emailed me your card, you are too late.

everyone was given the same ingredients for their card with one exception. i ran out of the vellum so some got squares and some got polka dots. there was one contestant (don't say who you are) that had a piece missing, so she improvised with a different piece of chipboard. clever, huh?

so are you all ready to see the cards??

Apr 14, 2007


everyone take note of my mood please! hasn't been that way for a while.

what has caused the change, you may ask?

stay tuned...

UHU Twist & Glue review...

Here is my review of UHU’s Twist & Glue. Who doesn’t love free product!! You too, can review a product from UHU by visiting Maria's UHU Blog. I’m one of those crafters that is loyal to one product when it comes to my everyday use adhesive. I’m skeptical about trying new things. I like something, I stick with it. I think that’s why it took me so long to figure out what to do with the Twist & Glue adhesive. So today, I had to make some place holders for my niece’s 16th birthday party tomorrow. I decided to step out of my box and try something new. Here is the finished product.

A friend once told me, as I was complaining about regular old glue sticks not sticking enough, to try and run a brayer over the project and it will help spread the glue and adhere it better. So that’s what I did with these. I wasn’t thrilled with the way the Twist-n-Glue stuck to the paper, but once I used the old brayer trick, I was thrilled. I liked the ease of the Twist & Glue’s application. Need a little? Twist. Need more? A little bigger twist of the cap and viola! More glue! Another bonus was that it smells really good! Oh, I forgot to mention you should use it in a well ventilated area.

I was also worried about the fact that it is liquid and if it would make the paper soggy. Well, we always learn life’s little lessons by trial and error. So I must say the same about the Twist & Glue. When I left the cards unstacked, they dried super. When I stacked them before they were dry completely, they mushed a little. After I unstacked them, ran the brayer over them again, they were good as new. So I will continue to use the UHU Twist & Glue a little more before I go back to the old stand my!! You can find more information about UHU Twist & Glue here on their website.

Happy crafting!

saturday night shuggy snacks {4-14}

ok, today is saturday. that means saturday night trivia for shuggy snacks!! today's question:

mork and mindy was a spinoff of what tv show?

today's prize will come from the grab bag of um stamps. so it will be a surprise!! i'll take guesses until tomorrow 4-15 at 11pm. you must email me with your email address if you do not have a blog or don't leave a link. i'm not letting anyone flake!!! i'll draw randomly from the correct guesses.

good luck and nanu nanu!!

***let me clarify...you only need to email me if you do not have a blog that can be linked from your comment...you can also leave a link to your blog in the comments...ie i need a way to contact you to tell you if you win***

whaddaya think??

how do you like my new look?? leave a comment and you could win a prize!! i'll take comments until tomorrow (april 15th).

you know my prizes are always good!! but you MUST email me your email address if you don't have a blog or leave a link! no more flakers!!!

Apr 13, 2007

i've learned a valuable lesson...

never mention you don't love fellabella...

'nuff said.

"uh, i don't know"

this was the reply i recieved today at a well know country wide craft superstore...

hi, do you have any prismacolor markers?

our markers are in the kids art section.

ok, do you have any prismacolor pencils? (thinking they would be together)

her: (getting annoyed)
they are in the kids art section or the art row.

i couldn't find any in the art row. do you know if you have that brand?

her: (clearly annoyed)
i don't know what brand we have....(blank stare)

uh, ok. what are in the kids art section?

her: (angry)
i don't know. you'll have to go look.

gee, thanks for your help.


i was so bugged. clearly my 4 simple questions were not nearly as important as her busy job of marking a few scrapbook items on clearance. i found some other guy (yes guy), who had already asked if i needed help twice (at the time i didn't) my original question and he said, "you know, we have a few markers in the art section but they are sharpies. there are some pencils in the kids art section but they are crayola and rose art. we don't carry prismacolors."


but now i'm sad slash glad because i couldn't find them but didn't spend any moola on them. of course, didn't stop me from buying miss happy pants' clearance merchandise!!!

Apr 12, 2007

tick, tick, tick…

the time is coming near an end for submission into the {what can you make out of this} contest. i must have your card submitted to me by email by midnight on sunday april 15th or you will not be entered in the contest. i will post all the cards on my blog on that
day for judging.

the following people have not submitted a card as on today:

kim (kit was resent)

and the new winner is...


please email me and post here to claim your prize. see your prize here!

this is too funny. so i've had two contests where no one has claimed the prize and i've had two people win twice!!!

had a lovely procedure today...

i know this is a craft sort of blog, but i've been including some personal things and have previously documented my past month of ickiness with my stomach. so if you don't want to read, skip it...

well, there's good news and bad news...the good first. my scope (it was an upper GI) went well with no problems. they didn't find anything really wrong except an ulcer here and there along with some swelling here and there. i have some lovely pictures of my gut!! wanna see? kidding...

which leads to the bad news...the doctor says these issues are what is causing the problem. he thinks there is a problem with my stomach epmtying. so they still don't know what is wrong. i'm having an mrcp tomorrow, which is some sort of mri. now i'm just frustrated to no end. oh and just a word of caution...don't make any phone calls within a few hours of having versed. it's like drunk phone calling!! i called and talked to my one of my managers and cried alot and can"t remember most of the conversation!! i came home and slept for 6 hours. wow.

now i have one of the worst headaches in history, i'm pretty sure.

Apr 11, 2007

strikeout #2...

so what the crap is up with this? i hold two contests...with significant prizes (ok, one wasn't so big, but free rubber nonetheless...) and get two no shows?? what kind of people enter a contest then don't claime the prize? thanks to allison who was the bonus prize winner for responding very quickly! and jan who was the makeup prize winner. she responded soon, too.

ok. so from now on. unless you sign up with a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS, you can not enter my contests!! i don't want to sound snarky (i think that's erin's word) but SERIOUSLY!!!

if jackie hasn't responded TO THIS POST by the time i'm conscious tomorrow, i will pick a new winner. so stay tuned.

i feel bad for not posting anything new for a few days so here is a new birthday bella card. paper is from a dcwv mat stack. on sale at joann's last week for 40% off. chaching!

so you all know...

how cute my mom is. she has been working so hard on her blog. go check it out!!

sweetpea sentiments

see...told you she's cute!!

you know...

sometimes being a prefectionist sucks.

Apr 10, 2007

a new card...

i made this card for a challenge on someone's blog, then i didn't really like it for that challenge. so i sent it to someone as a thank you card.

stamps: purple onion
paper: self-addressed kit (don't know which one)
flower is a chipboard shape that i covered with paper.

hello friend and new baby...

a cute little simple card i made for a friend. probably a flood recipient. another lovely bella!

this is one of the baby announcements i made for a friend from work. i love this giraffe!! stamps are stampin up.

i love this little snowman! he is just so freakin' cute!! he is from stamps happen. words are from purple onion (i think!!)

Apr 9, 2007


ok, i don't want to have to start putting stipulations to my contests and shuggy snacks, but this is getting silly. now jackie, the winner of all the glourious bounty, is mia. come on people!! if you are going to enter a contest, please check back to see if you win!!!

JACKIE!!!! where are you?

if you made this comment, please email me AND post a comment here.

Jackie said...
I would have countertop along 2 walls instead of the mish mash of tables I have now. It's on my wish list.
4/5/07 5:57 AM

Apr 8, 2007

could it be??

first there were rumors…then ideas…then a little sign was posted. it was real. it was really going to happen. i’ve watched it grow since the time it was announced…it started out as a great big field. it had tree stumps and weeds. slowly they began to clear away all the debris. soon, it was one ginormous plot of fresh dirt. beautiful. then the metal monsters came in. one by one the sides went up. huge cold slabs of concrete. bigger than many have seen. then came in the real meat of it…huge, one might say…peice by piece…it’s been slowly transforming. it’s like watching a newborn grow into an infant, then a toddler. everyday little subtle changes…some not so subtle. then one day last week…it began to become more recognizable than ever…a little paint was applied…that unmistakable wonderful shade of royal blue. soon to follow were the infamous bold yellow letters that spelled it all out.


opens may 23

happy easter!!

winner of saturday night shuggy snacks trivia {4-7}


dun dun daa...


please post here and email me your address!!!

we have a winner!!!

actually we have two. from the contest found here and here . thank you everyone that submitted an idea or suggestion for organizing your stamps and craft space. i decided to have a runner up winner, too. i wrote everyone's name on a slip of paper and had my cute boyfriend draw a name (i had to interrupt a game of madden...) soo....the winner of all the swag is...

can we get a whoop whoop?

and the second winner who will recieve a lovely unmounted stamp or two is...

thanks to everyone for playing!!!

will the winners please post here and email me your address!

Apr 7, 2007

random cards...

this was my valentine for kerry this year. stamp is from stampin up. he also got a nice new driver (which are expensive!)

this was a card was fpr someone whose mother passed away. i thought it was very peaceful looking and hoped it helped her find peace. stamps are stampin up.

i just love this little card with the cute girl picking flowers. all bright and cheery. i paper pieced her dress. stamp is maryse carrier.

saturday night shuggy snacks {4-7}

ok...comin' at you...name the movie that this quote is from.

"Life moves pretty fast... if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

i'll take guesses until 4/8. winner will be randomly drawn from the correct answers.

this weeks prize:

  • 'greetings' rubons from all my memories
  • celebrate stamp from katie & co.
  • two colors (blue reef and manila) of ribbon from making memories

a new winner and 12 hours to go...

ok, so this mysterious linda person never showed up! so...good news for...drumroll please....

jan scholl!!! please email me asap so i can send your prize!!! also please comment so i know you read this!

now for the rest of you, please remember to enter the organizing contest {part 1} and {part 2} below to be in the drawing for the shuggy snacks!!

i will draw the lucky winner tonight!

Apr 6, 2007

inchies and some 3x3's...

i'm hosting a swap over at the shack. the swap is for 12 inchies and one 3x3 card with an inchie attached. don't know what an inchie is? it's all the rage. it's a 1 inch by 1 inch card. hence the term inchie!!!

here are the inchies and the 3x3 card i made for the swap. stamps are from michael's, stampin' up! and spunky stamps.

barb (aka grammastamper) sent me some cute scallop punchies. i totally case'd the card she sent them in and made some 3x3's to send some shack'd images in (that is shamp-speak for rak, which is a random act of kindness or like a pay it forward type of thing...which was on tonight, by the way, and i watched it while i made these cards!) all stamps are from stampin' up!

it's one of those days...

i'm having one of those days. i feel icky, so that's probably not helping. i can't pay attention to anything!! i'm trying to pick up things and get some stuff done and it's like i'm just going from one thing to another and not getting anything accomplished. maybe i should take a nap.



  1. Linda N...you have until i wake up in the morning to claim your prize. i'm guessing it will be around 9am mst. if not, i'll draw a new winner. so if any of you entered the saturday night shuggy snacks trivia last week, stay tuned.

  2. organizing suggestions contest...you have about 32 hours to get your suggestions in and be in the prize drawing. i'm loving them all!! you guys have great ideas!!


Apr 5, 2007

hello?? does anyone know...

Linda Yamakido from this post?

saturday night shuggy snacks {3-31}

she is the winner, but i haven't heard from her and don't know how to contact her. i need her (or you if you are reading this, linda!) to email me asap!! if she doesn't respond by saturday 4-7, i'll pick a new winner!!

Apr 4, 2007

possibly mia...

my cute boyfriend is going to 'fix' the computer so i'll have limited access to the internet, unless i visit my mom's. which i'll probably do! so if you need me...please email me!!


shuggy snacks up for grabs!! {part 2}

ok, so in addition to the post below, here's another question.

if you could redo your craft room, what one major thing would you change?

same prize...the two questions will be combined. so there will be one prize drawn from this post and the previous post.

shuggy snacks up for grabs!!! {part 1}

since i'm going to have an opportunity to redo my craft room when we move, i'm thinking of organization. what do you do with all your stamps and how do you keep them organized?

for instance...stampin up stamps...do you leave them in the boxes they come in or do you move them to different containers. unmounteds...do you mount them and store them a special way? how do you remember what you have?

i need ideas and suggestions!!! please leave me a comment with your version of organizing and storing your stamps. i will take suggestions until midnight on april 8th. i'll draw a random suggestion to win the booty!!! only one entry per person...but if you have multiple suggestions, fire away. one person will be drawn from part 1 and 2 combined.

the booty...

  • 4 sets of chipboard shapes from heidi swapp
  • 1 spring frame kit by heidi swapp
  • 1 set of unmounted stamps from purple onion (but not the sharpie! for size reference only, unless you really need a sharpie!)

Apr 3, 2007

sellabella makes her debut!!!

an update on my rotten belly...

so i finally got to see the gi doctor today. looks like i get to have a scope shoved down my throat next week. i just want this all to be over!!! he's also going to try a new medicine and see if my labs are off. with the results of those two things (the labs and the scope), hopefully it will be solved. if not, it's more tests.

ahem...may i have your attention please?


here is an update for the {what can you make out of this} contest.

the following people need to email me your card by april 15th!

kim (i know, you will be close to the end...)
margo (? did you find it?)

Apr 2, 2007

a few new cards...

my aunt wanted a couple of birthday cards for some friends using the bella stamps. here's what i made...

inside says "for a fabulous friend"

this one says {time to party!!} inside.

new blog in the neighborhood.

my cute mom has joined the blogging scene!! go check out her blog and add her to your links!!! won't you be her neighbor?

sweetpea sentiments

Apr 1, 2007

and the winner is...

linda! you win the saturday night trivia contest!! email me your address!