Jul 30, 2008

story of the day...

angie gets a speeding ticket

whatever!!! we had just left the stampin up tour and heading to robert's (provo crafts' local retail store). i had just slowed down to let two dumb girls cross the street and was just starting to go again. and we see the policeman. i look down and i see the speedometer on 41. i'm in a 35 zone. i look in the rear view mirror and see him turn around onto the street. oh great. lights turn on. holy crap!! i'm getting pulled over with my cute mom, traci and mary in the car!!! i was so mad! he gave me a ticket for going 49, which is 14 over the limit. there is no way i could have been going that fast. oh well. it's his word. so i now have to pay a $107 speeding ticket.

what a great experience for the out of towners!!

met the queen...

of papercrafts, that is!!! here's the story...
so we met up with traci and mary yesterday. it was great meeting mary and seeing traci again. we went to go tour the ck media offices that chelsea went to a few months (has it been that long???) ago. i didn't have many expectations other than maybe getting a free magazine or something. well they were totally blown out of the water!!!

we all walked up to the door of the ck media offices and who opens the front door and greets us? non other than lisa bearnson! yes, the queen of paper crafting and founder of creating keepsakes. she welcomed us in and we took pictures. she was so friendly and excited that we were there to go on a tour. also in the lobby was stacy croninger, the editor in chief of paper crafts magazine. we got pictures with her too. then we took a tour of the offices and we were introduced to almost every person that worked there. it was cool. we got a stack of all the new issues of papercrafts, simple scrapbooks, creating keepsakes and more. we also got to pick a few books. and we got two books that lisa autographed and one that stacy autographed. it was so fun! i heard an interview once with lisa and she said, "it's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice." and i think she lives by this.

mary (my cute mom), me, lisa bearnson, mary h, traci

mary h, traci, stacy croninger, me, mary

and let's not forget the cute tour guide, dani, who made it all happen! if you ever want to go visit ck media, she's the one to talk to!

the goodies we got!!

traci and mary gave me and my cute mom the cutest things that they are swapping at the convention. so nice!!

Jul 29, 2008

a little fun...

a few shackies, traci and mary, are coming to town today for the big stampin up convention. don't ask my why i was a dork and decided this wouldn't be an event i should attend!! oh man! anyway, we are going to get together a few times over the next couple of days and have some fun. today we are going to go tour the ck media (think papercrafts mag, creating keepsakes, etc) offices. then we'll just see some sights or go find more stores to visit!!

Jul 26, 2008

a little less cash...

so kerry loves to play poker. he gets together with his friends every few months to play, but that doesn't usually satisfy his jonesing for poker. so every now and then we go out to wendover (think the run down version of vegas on about 1/1000th of the scale). it's about 140 miles from our house and takes a little less than 2 hours to get there. we usually have a coupon for a free hotel room, so besides gas (which is horrendous) it's not too expensive of a little getaway. until you add the money for gambling!! i usually blow about a hundred bucks, then head up to the room for the night and craft the night away while kerry plays poker until the wee hours (or not depending on how he's doing, like last night when he was done at midnight!). that's what we did yesterday. we just got home. i finished two swaps last night and made a few new cards. i have to go take pictures and then i'll post them.

tonight we are going to finish staining the deck. it's going to be so nice when it's all done!!!

Jul 21, 2008

perfectly purple atc...

sarah, over at the shack, is hosting an atc swap. the theme is perfectly purple. we had to make an atc using only shades of purple. it was kind of hard for me. but i finally finished. i used the new doodlebug sugar coating (aka glitter) that i got as a prize for sitting through hellboy 2 last week. (yes, it was so awful, i got to get a prize!) i also used the ready to glitter stickers from making memories. they are fun to use! i still don't love glitter because of the ginourmous mess it makes, but i'm trying!

stamps: basic grey swirlie stamps, purple onion bloom
cardstock: lovely lilac, pale plum, eggplant envy, almost amethyst (all su); two other colors of which brand i'm not sure of (scraps!)
ink: eggplant envy, lovely lilac (both su)
embellishments: doodlebug sugar coating, making memories ready to glitter stickers
tools: su scallop punch, su circle punches, cuttlebug, bloom dots cuttlebug folder

Jul 17, 2008

we have a winner...{wcymoot2}

first of all, thanks to everyone who entered this contest. all the cards were great. it was hard for the judges to narrow down a winner. the card for best overall is....

here is mary's card...

there was a tie in the cutest and creative category with cards by thanh and heather (who also won most creative last year!):

thanh (below)

heather (below)

honorable mention goes to sarah and ramona.



and special thanks to the judges, kim, sherri and my cute mom!!!

Jul 16, 2008

i heart sarah...

let me tell you about my friend sarah (hi lovey!) . she is 24 and 5 weeks ago found out she had a nasty brain tumor and had it removed the next day. now she is doing chemo and radiation every weekday for 6 weeks along with pt/ot. i went to visit her today (i'm such a bad friend, it's only the second time i've seen her since her life was uprooted) and it was so nice. i've missed seeing her at work and chatting with her. we've been emailing and texting back and forth, but it's not the same as a big hug in person. she seems to be doing pretty well (all things considered) and in decent spirits. if you have a spare moment, say a little prayer or for those non pray-ers out there (like me) send her some good karma.


Jul 15, 2008

{what can you make out of this, 2}...the cards

ok, for those following along, i held a little contest and sent participants the following items. each person had to use at least part of each item and had to follow a set of rules and come up with their own card creation.

and here are the cards. they are all so great!! i'll have the judges submit their results and post the winner in a few days. stay tuned!!!

Jul 14, 2008

10 wishes circle journal...

well, here it is. the newest circle journal swap i've been talked into hosting (hehe!). the theme is 10 wishes. i've been working on this for a while. it is nothing like what i had in mind when i started it. i couldn't get the idea from my head to the journal. oh well. i like how it turned out anyway.

10 wishes
stamps: green grass stamps, stampin up
cardstock: stampin up (soft sky, night of navy, purely pomegranate); patterned paper from pebbles inc and heidi grace
ink: white craft ink and night of navy-stampin up; versafine, versamark
embellishments: ribbon from stampin up and pebbles; rubons from lasting impressions, american crafts and bo bunny; ep stampin up; cardstock stickers from american crafts; chipboard, staples
misc tools: bind it all, slot punch (su)

Jul 13, 2008

i love sunday...

don't you love lazy sundays? i love them when i have the day off. i usually have to work 1 or 2 a month. but i'm starting to work a saturday instead of a sundy more often. i slept in till late, checked in at the shack, did a little blog hopping while kerry slept some more. then we decided to go to lunch and a movie. we finished lunch, but decided not to go to a movie and went shopping instead. now i'm just lounging and i'm going to go finish up on my 10 wishes journal. it has to go into the mail on wednesday so i have to finish it tomorrow!!

***oh yeah, sorry about turning on word verification on the comments. but the damn spammers are out in full force. if they'd go away, i'd turn it off. but don't let it stop you from commenting!!!

Jul 10, 2008

baby quilts...

so i spent the afternoon today at my cute mom's house. we had a few baby quilts to make for some new little ones (one is for our nephew ben who will be in school by the time we get it to him!!!) this is the one we made for ben and one my mom made to have on hand. we also made two others, for jami and mandy, but i can't post them because it has to be a surprise!!!

Jul 8, 2008

attention {wcymoot2} partcipants...

the due date for submitting your creation is coming up next week, july 15th. remember you must email me your card by tuesday.


new look...

i've spent a good portion of the morning (without realizing it!) redoing my blog and giving it a makeover. i'm not sure i love it.

***please note: i've moved the blog links section because it was growing so big. so please click on the link where the blog links used to be and it will take you to the place where they are all happily living now.***

what do you think?

Jul 5, 2008

the deck...

holy moley...friday morning at 8am we started with an empty backyard. saturday at 9pm, we have a deck the is 99% completed. the only thing left to do is stain it. and we have to wait a few weeks to do that. this deck is completely amazing. i cannot believe what we have done in two days. eddie is an AMAZING carpenter and designed this deck for us, with the help of my dad. it is a work of art. and to watch him create and craft what he is building is mind boggling. a few things he simply did with little more than a while to think of it and then he just made it. incredible. i've put all the pictures here, so it wouldn't take up so much space and it would be easier to see them. i have to say a humongo thank you to ed & colleen for taking time out of their busy lives to spend so much time and energy it took to build the deck. when they showed up yesterday morning, it was like a tool store had just been delivered! a big thanks to my parents, for everything they did, especially my mom for preparing two days worth of meals, and keeping us well hydrated in the heat. and thanks to my brothers for the little pieces they each helped with. and thanks to shellee for all the railing work and the trip to lowes!!! kerry was amazed at what we have done. it will be such a wonderful place to hang out on!!

Jul 3, 2008

what i did today...

we are building a new deck tomorrow (yes, i know, we picked the hottest freaking weekend to do it!). so the old one had to come down. this is what i did for the majority of today.

this is what i started with...

the "undoing" phase...or what i like to call stress management!!

ended with this...

and now this is what is out our door...

i'll take pictures of the building as we go along too. i think it's fun to see how it comes together!!!

color inspiration #14...

what do you do when you can't sleep?? craft!!! i finally decided to participate in a challenge on kristina werner's blog. i've loved seeing them each time she posts them, but have never done one. so i decided to play along with this one.

stamps: basic grey two scoops, adore by heidi swapp
cardstock: going gray, ruby red, black
ink: going gray, craft white
embellishment: white detail embossing powder, gray american crafts ribbon