Mar 31, 2007

saturday night shuggy snacks {3-31}

this one is for the commander...

what 80's group sang the theme song to "square pegs"?

if you don't know what "square pegs" is, then you probably are too young!!!

this week's shuggy snacks:

another unmounted stamp set from purple onion designs.

this week, i'll take answers until midnight sunday 4/1. i'll draw a winner from all that get the question correct.

pull out your legwarmers!!!

EDIT: sorry, my dates were off!! they are fixed now.

Mar 30, 2007

inchies...the latest craze...

here are some little tiny cards that are starting to float around. they are one inch by one inch!!! so cute!

and here is a card i made tonight to send to a few people. i seem to be addicted to this color combo lately!!


i don't want to jinx it or anything, but i think we may have sold our house!! woo hoo!!!

here are pictures of the new one...

Mar 29, 2007


oh was i naughty yesterday. so i had demo meeting last night and jami, kamille and brianna (note to the girls: your totes retail for $119!!!) decide we should go to the making memories warehouse sale on the way. now i live in the scrapbook/craft mecca. i'm an hour away from MANY major companies in the craft industry. while this is very convenient at times, it's also very SPENDY when they have their sales!! i can't even tell you how (well i could, but i will get in trouble!) how much we spent last night!! let's just say that brianna's trunk could fit a few bodies in it and it was packed with all our bags!! but seriously, how can you pass up a 12x12 linen album for $8? yes, that's eight dollars! holy cow!!!

Mar 28, 2007

apparently i'm quite crafty...

when i feel like hud. nice. at least it takes my mind off of the rolling waves of nausea! check these out...

i love this card!! stamps are from my favorite things. you can find the link on the side of my blog. these dogs just kill me!!

here is another one i made. i used papers from the spring stack by dcwv. stamp is the now famous pregnant lady from michael's!

oh my cute new stamps...

seriously people! quit telling me about these cute new stamps!! no really, don't. i love them.

here is a new stamp place to get cute stamps from. spunky stamps and right now there are two sets on sale for 50% off!! can't beat that!! they are too cute! as soon as i get the ones i ordered, i'll post a card.

woo hoo!!! new toys!!!

Mar 27, 2007

i wanna be like erin...

because she is so cool. i've realized i can't take as good of pictures as her...her stuff just looks so natural with all the crafy items in the pictures!! so i want all your links, too! if you want to be added to my blog list, email me. i make a daily run of all the blogs linked from here.

and i really need to figure out that stupid watermark thing. i know, i'm supposedly the computer savy one, but i don't have a paint program or photo editing program (besides microsoft photo editor, which won't do it)!

i know, boo hoo.

the infamous scallop...

here it is. thanks to sherri for shak'ing me some scallop shapes. here's the card i made (last night) but couldn't find ribbon's in a box in my i colored my own. i'm crafting sans embellishments (excpet for a few my kind mom left out when she was packing my stuff) the paper looks a bit odd, since the flowers are on with pop dots, so forgive the scan.

shaving cream...

oh my gosh. like totally! sorry, that first comment brought about the second. so at stamp club on saturday, jami showed us how to do the shaving cream technique. WHERE HAVE I BEEN??? i know, some of the shackies (or was it that other site) tried to explain this, but i didn't listen. WOW. me and my mom played with it yesterday and made some of the coolest backgrounds. who would have thunk it!?!

of course, i left the examples at my mom's, so i'll post one tomorrow. and i know, sherri, you are waiting for your scalloped card. hold your llamas, sister.

EDIT: here is the picture of a few of the backgrounds we made.

Mar 26, 2007

new cards...

hung out at my mom's today. hi mom! mostly cause it's nicer hanging out with someone when you are miserable so you can forget about feeling so crummy. and who doesn't want to be with their mom when they are sick? we made some cards for our card get together on thursday.

this one i used paper from, can you guess?? of course a self-addressed kit. the stamps are heidi swapp (thanks) and sassafrass lass (brackets). of course kerry asked if it was for tom hanks!

here's another bella card. used javabellas. i just love this stamp! they are so carefree and just enjoying their cappuccino! more bellas to come...the cutest one, jammybella is on the way, hopefully!!! treat yourself is from purple onion (again, from a sa kit!!) swirlies are autumn leaves.

why is it so difficult??

to figure out why i'm constantly sick? is it too much to ask what the cause is and how to make it stop? cause i'm seriously tired of it.


Mar 25, 2007

{what can you make out of this?} - update

hello fine contestants. how are the cards coming along? i need the following people to check in please:

kim r

you are the only three i haven't heard from that you received your kits. please contact me either by email or leave a comment.

the following i have received cards from. if you are not on this list, but emailed me your card, please contact me by email.

heather (keltie)
julie (jdpieces)
julie (lost luggage)
kim h
mary r
mary r (mom!)

remember, cards need to be submitted by april 15th. if they are all in early, i'll post them early. the lovely barb, aka grammastamper, will be holder of the master list, so there will be no collusion!

judges, get ready for some tough competition!!

more bella cards

i made some cards tonight. haven't done that in a while (besides the other night)'s very good for my psyche. i used the javabellas for these cards.

Mar 24, 2007

saturday night shuggy snacks {3-24}

if you don't know what shuggy snacks means, read back a ways in my blog and you'll find out...

i think i'm going to do a weekly trivia question for free shuggy snacks. me being a dork and not realizing that i have bought multiples of a few items ~~i get this trait from my mom. don't i, mom??~~means you lucky people will benefit.

here's the skinny. (or come no one ever says that? maybe i'll start...hmm...) the first one to answer the trivia question correctly will win. if you have previously won a shuggy snack (or any contest in the past week from me), you aren't eligible.

on laverne and shirley, what was laverne's favorite drink?

ready, set, fire away...

i'll accept answers until either some one gets it right or in 24 hours. if no one answers it correctly, i'll draw from all the incorrect answers.

this is the shuggy snacks up for grabs:

a new unmounted stamp set from purple onion designs.

shug out.

Mar 23, 2007

hello, hello, we're at a place called...

first person to name the song and who sings it gets a prize...

so has anyone had vertigo? apparently that's one reason i could be feeling the way i do. i don't like it. not a bit. this whole spinnie thing has got to go. bending over and almost tipping over. it doesn't work for me. the whole thing where you lay down to feel better and the whole room is twirling...definitely not for me. not when i haven't been partaking of beverage anyway. and it takes like a month to get over? what the crap? i don't want to feel like this for another month. seriously.



here are my creations from last night. they are for a 3x3 card swap hosted by sherry. i used supplies from a 6x6 kit from self-addressed. i don't remember which kit. the pig stamp is from stampin up and the laugh stamp is from michaels.

i tried erin's cute layout for the picture. she is much better at it than me!!

Mar 22, 2007

i'm terrible...

i just looked back and i haven't posted a new card in almost a month. A MONTH??? what the freak is up with that? oh yeah, school (sucks), being sick (sucks), work (i love, but sucks), getting a house ready to sell (sucks big time). seriously. i won't even go into how far behind i am watching grey's anatomy. meliss needs to get her butt over to my house so we can have a marathon. HEAR THAT MELISSA??? you know who you are...

i am going to craft right this minute (well, maybe five minutes...i have to go take some more medicine so i don't feel like i'm going to hurl...)



ho hum...

so i don't have much to say right now.

Mar 20, 2007

sick sucks

i hate being sick. it blows. literally sometimes. not now, in my case. i'm constantly nauseated. for days. and NO, for the millionth time, i'm not having a baby!!!

why does it take 4 weeks to get a doctors appointment? odds are if i stay this sick for four weeks, i'll have gone to the emergency room first cause i'm not sitting around feeling like this for the next freaking month...

Mar 17, 2007

Mar 15, 2007

almost friday!

hooray!! it's almost friday!! i can't wait!!!
so my cute mom that i've mentioned over and over...she is fantastic. me and kerry both worked yesterday but she came over for like 7 hours and worked her little guts out. she completely cleaned and packed my craft room (the site of the meltdown...). it is amazing. she also cleaned out the tv room.

i couldn't ask for a better mamma.

i my mom!!

Mar 13, 2007

i've come to a conclusion...

i'm officially overwhelmed. i realized this tonight as i had a total meltdown. our realtor, sara, came over to do some paperwork. she told us on saturday that she needed us to "declutter" a bit so it would be appeasing to future buyers. we knew this and my mom (who i adore) came over to help me clean a bit today.

while we were at lunch (after the shopping spree at all my memories) we got a call from sara, telling us there was a guy who stopped as she was putting up the sign in our yard, who wanted to take a look. well, i informed her it was quite a mess, since me and kerry started the decluttering process last night. so we rushed home, he looked through and they were gone. then we really started cleaning. my craft room was the biggest thing we needed to tackle. so we did. we got a bunch done, but barely a dent...

so sara came back over tonight and we get the paperwork out of the way. then she says we need to take pictures to list it. well before i could say boo, this place was whipped into shape. we had one of the couches and the treadmill in the garage, the kitchen was removed of anything personal. the place looks totally different. then i go up and start helping my mom again with my craft room and i just stop in the middle of it and i freak out!! the tears just start pouring out. i have no idea why...i just started crying and i could not stop. so sara comes up, my mom comes in and everyone just sits there wondering why i've turned into mt vesuvius!!!! they try to help me stop crying and let me know that we don't need to get this all done tonight. then we all decided to call it a night, and i still can't stop crying. so kerry takes me and sits me down and tells me all the nice things a boyfriend tries to tell you when you are hysterically crying!!! that's one of the many reasons why i love him. he knows how to calm me down.

the whole time, i'm trying to figure out when in the next three days i'm going to get so much crap done. i have a ton of homework to do, i have to finish cleaning/packing part of my house. i have to have the cleaners come do a spring cleaning so it the house can be nice to look at. plus, i have to work the next two days. ARGH!!! not to mention this is going to be the start of what stands to be a stressfull 6-8 weeks.

so i figure out that i'm not super woman. i know, shocking...i have to give up some stuff...temporarily. what makes me sad is that it is going to have to be my sanity relief....crafting. one, because some think school is more important. whatever...and two, because it's all going to be sitting in boxes in my garage!! but not this blog...i'll be worries. and the contest is on in full swing. these cards coming in are so fab!! i can't wait to show them all!!

thanks for making it to the end of this rambling post...until next time.


EDIT: this is why i adore my mom...she just sent me this email:

"I love you. Please don't stress out so much over this. It will all happen and it will all be good.
Rome wasn't built in a day."

isn't she great?

Mar 10, 2007

and the oscar goes to...

oh, wrong judges. so after a very technical and sophisticated way of selecting who the three judges will be to judge the {what can you make out of this?} contest (which consisted of me printing the comments, cutting them apart, and having kerry pick 3), the judges will be:

ethel (ethen amutan)
chelsey (trulycanadian girl)
sarah (lobbylou)

wow...this is an international panel of judges!!!

so there you have it!! i'll email the three of you with your new and exciting position!!!


i need a favor...

from someone who is in the {what can you make out of this?} contest but has not made their card. like a dork, i did 2 dumb things. first, i forgot to make a kit for me, so i won't be making a card. second, i forgot to take a picture of the ingredients, so we can have a before and after photo. so would one of you that hasn't made your card take a quick picture with all the parts laid out and email it to me? i would be uber grateful.

on a similar note, you are all going to freak when you see how cute these cards are!! i've gotten about 5 so far and they are all amazing!! i'm so glad i'm not going to do the judging!!!

shug out.


seriously. so tonii calls the last bingo word (for which there is a 1 million way tie...we all have the same last word...) and then the shack goes down for maintenance. are you kidding me???

i guess i'll see who wins in a few hours...

i'm off to a basketball game...

brad, where are you?? (or i'm a dork!)

so there's this guy named brad. he likes to play tricks on people. like sometimes he multiplies and then sometimes he disappears. 4 brads were sent in the kit for the {what can you make out of this} contest. my bad for not putting them in a bag that closes. so you could have gotten 3 or maybe 4. no only have to use 1 technically. so if you received a different number than 4 that, it's ok!

i love learning lessons by trial and error!!

Mar 8, 2007

oh my cuteness!!!

so i've already had two people submit their cards already!!! how fun is that!! the very first cards turned in was from my cute mom!! isn't she the coolest?? i'm not going to say who was next, cause that may give things away! but i will say this...there is going to be some very stiff competition!!

let's go ladies!!! i'm so excited!!

***attention contestants***

this message is for the contestents of the {what can you make out of this} contest. please reply to the post (click here) when you recieve your kit and not to this post. otherwise it's too hard to track on all the comments.

***please note...if you are not listed below, you are not in this contest...this contest is closed***

sleep? who needs sleep?

so i wonder, how long can people go with out sleep? i got up yestderday morning aroun 9am. did some homework, went to lunch with my cute mom (hi mom!), putzed around, didn't take a nap, worked from 7pm last night to 730am this morning, went to breakfast with my lovely friends (and coworkers...hi jami, mandy and cindy!), came home, started working on the homework i procrastinated on, and now here i am going on 29 hours of no sleep. wow, what a run on sentance!!! so now, it's like do i go nap for an hour or two and risk crashing for hours then not sleep tonight?


Mar 7, 2007

trend babble...

what makes a trend a trend? who decides that this is going to be the next best thing? do you know what i mean? for instance...this whole blogging craze. i started a blog probably two years ago. it was even a blogger blog. at the time, there was almost no interest. a few people who were computer savy had websites, but blogging wasn't huge. now, you can find a blog almost anywhere you go. it's all the rage. another example would be the whole cuttlebug craze. i mean we've had die-cut machines forever! but now, the world can't seem to get enough of the cb!!

i won't even mention the bellas! those are the most addicting things i've ever seen!!!

Mar 5, 2007

on your mark, get set...

for those of you in the {what can you make out of this?} contest, i sent out all the envelopes full of card guts today!!! you should all start recieving them by the end of the week!!! do you want a sneak peak??

yoo hoo...denise...i don't have your your's didn't get sent...please email me...i've sent you email but haven't heard from you!!!

oh and one small particular ingredient i sent...i ran 6 people will have a slightly different piece of material. not to worry...equally as good!!

i can't wait!!!

{new doo}

what do you think of the new doo??? i'm still tweaking things a bit, like colors of links and such. i absolutely love the banner. i'm usually not totally excited about something i create, but i love this!!!

{what can you make out of this?} or the contest for shuggys snacks

(that's code for blog candy, in case you've forgotten!)

here are the rules to the contest:

1-you must use the materials in the kit you will recieve. you don't need to use all of it, but you must use at least part of each piece.

2-you can also use the following but nothing more:

  • one additional embellishment
  • one additional stamped image
  • any saying/words to the front (this may be stamped)
  • finished size must be 5 1/2 x 4 1/4
  • can distressed in any way
  • can use any stamp pads, markers or colored pencils
  • can only use items in our current inventory - you can't go buy anything new
3-please comment to this post when you recieve your kit (book mark this page) if you don't comment and check in, you won't be allowed to participate or be judged for the prize. if you don't get your kit in a reasonable amount of time (1 week or so for us and 2 weeks for those up north) please let me know!

4-all entries must be emailed to me so i can post them for judging by april 15th. it's like the tax deadline...if it's not to me by the 15th, you will be dq'd (that sounds so harsh!!)
if you are one that uses a watermark on your image, please make it small so it won't get in the way of judging!!!

judging will be done by a panel of three volunteer judges. cards will be posted by number, so the creator will remain annonymous to the judges as well as the participants. i will also submit an entry, but if on the chance of hell freezing over and i win, i will not collect a prize. cause frankly, if i'm giving away the prize, it's something i want to share! i've decided that their will be prizes for the top three cards in the categories of: cutseyiest (yes, a new word i'm creating for this contest!), most creative, and most traditional.

whew...get those creative juices flowing!

please note: this contest is closed. no more enteries are accepted!!!

update***comments are open***reply here when kit is recieved!!

Mar 4, 2007

new love...

i love to go online shopping. maybe a little too much, if you ask my debit card. he sometimes likes to take the day off, but i usually run him ragged! ho latest purchase i am absolutely in love with. it is the glitter stack from die cuts with a view. this paper is so freakin' cute!! it's right up there with the pocketfull of posies stack. love that too...

i'm going to go make something right back later...

what is wrong???

with the stamp shack??
it's been down since last night.

judging call...

doesn't that sound all official? it's not really. i just need a few volunteers to help with the judging of the {what can you make out of this?} contest that i'm holding for some shuggys snacks (or blog candy, if you have forgotten already!).

there are a few stipulations...

  • you can't be one of the 23 participants (see below)

  • you have to have made at least 1 card in the past 6 months

  • you must comment to this post telling me why you would be a good judge

  • i will randomly draw three names for the guest panel of judges from the entries i receive. i will accept entries until saturday march 10th. each judge will get a small token of appreciation from me.

    if you have any questions, please email me.

    thanks and have a lovely day!

    ps. if you name is listed on the card below, you are in the contest! kits are going in the mail tomorrow!

    ~movie review and a good cry~

    ***this may be considered a spoiler, even though i don't really give much away~~just be warned***

    if you haven't had a good cry lately, and i'm talking a full on sobfest, go to see the movie "bridge to terabithia." my mom and sister-in-law wanted to go see this and called me to go with them. i had never even heard of it before. it's a kid movie. apparently it was also a book. who knew? i decided to go along. my brother and boyfriend were not about to sit through this, so they went to a more "manly" movie, 23. i wished that 300 had come out this week because there is no way in h-e double hockey sticks (who remember alice???) that i'm going to go see that with him. what's with all the numbered movies? anyway, so the boys went to the psycho movie and the girls went to the kid movie.

    now don't get me wrong. this was a fabulous movie. i loved it. in fact, i would probably even go see it again tomorrow. it was that good. the kids in this movie were so cute. the little sister was the cutest thing i've ever seen (well, after my cute neices and nephew!). i didn't really know what to expect, and the WHACK! right out of the blue...the tears start flowing. i lean over to my mom about 5 minutes into the waterworks and say, "gee mom, thanks for bringing me to such an uplifting show!"

    honestly, you should go see this movie. but be warned...take some tissue or maybe even a towel!!

    you are what???

    so tonight, i was sitting at home doing some homework. my boyfriend decides we should order a pizza for dinner. ok, i'm fine with that. there is a new pizza hut just down the street. so i pull up their number and give them a call. after the standard 2-3 minute wait on hold (why does every pizza joint do this?), i ask the nice person who answered what their specials are. they have this cheesybite pizza, that has cheese sticks built in to the pizza. interesting. i say ok, we'll have one of those. this was his reply..."um, we are out of large pizzas." i said, "excuse me?" silence. then, "yeah, we don't have any large pizzas." so i'm thinking ok, we don't need a large. there are only two of us. a medium will be fine. i said, "ok, we'll take a medium cheesybite pizza." again silence. "um, the cheesybite pizza's only come in large." well isn't that just looking up your old address? who runs out of pizza at 830 on a saturday night?

    wierd. godfather's wasn't out of any pizza! it was delish.

    Mar 2, 2007

    do you know...

    ...what's better than having dinner with good friends you haven't seen for a while...

    what i love? spending time with good friends. a few of my good friends, wendy, steph, karen and leeann, that i don't get to hang out with that often are coming over for dinner tonight. that's the best...hanging out with old friends and catching up. we all worked together about 4 years ago for probably about 5-6 years. then we all sort of went different ways, some with new careers, others because their boss was a jerk. so last fall, we all got together for dinner one night because we hadn't seen each other for a long time. since then, we've tried to do it at least every few months. it's been so great! so tonight, we are gathering at my house (hence the do you know what i hate post below!!!) the best part is i'm not doing the cooking!! my friend wendy is bringing her famous chicken enchiladas. yummy!!!

    Mar 1, 2007

    do you know...

    ...who wants to clean when there is blogging to be done...

    what i hate? cleaning. it's a pain in the butt. i guess it wouldn't be such a pain, perhaps, if i did it more often than i do. but who wants to clean when there is blogging to be done? if i had 10% of the time i spent on blogs and put it into cleaning each week, my house would be immaculate!! maybe i should work on that. then there is the other issue that pulls me away from cleaning...crafting!! come on, with a show of hands, who would rather make cards than clean? i know, i see all those hands out there!!

    ok, fine...i'll go finish. of course i had to take a break to come and blog for a minute!! and check on my shackies!!