Apr 28, 2008

and here's the barnyard...

another set of atcs for a swap at the shack. this one was a barnyard theme. i used liquid applique on the sheep to make them look fuzzy.

supplies used: stamp and cardstock-stampin up, colored with prismacolor pencils, ribbon.

penguin atcs...

i'm in a few swaps over at the shack, hosted by sherri. one is themed for penguins. atcs are artist trading cards, which are a small version of a card. they are the size of trading cards, 3 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches. i have a few penguin stamps, so i figured this would be fun. i hope everyone is ok with the christmas theme in april!!!
supplies used: stamp-memory box, patterned paper-sweetwater, cardstock-stampin up.
ps. for those who won the shuggy snacks below, i haven't forgotten. i should get to the post office this week!

Apr 20, 2008

missing the shack???

those of you that are shackies may have noticed that the shack as been down for two days. did you know there is a yahoo group that is set up for such tragedies?? there is!! click the button below and you can sign up. that way, you can still chat (via email) with all your shack sistas when the shack is otherwise unavailable!!!

Click here to join shackieupdates
Click to join shackieupdates

how are we going to break it to sherry that she can't ever leave us again??? (kidding, sherry!)

i must apologize...

i totally forgot to draw the winner for the shuggy snacks in this post!! i was supposed to do it on april 15th. i guess i was still in vacation mode and spaced it. anywhoo...since there was such an overwhemling response (insert slight sarcasm there...), i'm not going to draw a winner. all five people that commented and entered will win a prize. so will the following people please email me your address so i can send you a prize and add a comment to this post.

  • christie
  • jan (logcabincreations)
  • jp in england
  • little one
  • kimmy (kimmyqtgirl)

thanks for entering. even if it was only 5 people that spread the word, it was five more people than before.

Apr 16, 2008


well, i've started a new blog for my vacations!! here it is...

it's all about vacations...

it has details and some pictures of our cruise from last week. i still don't have it totally done, but feel free to check it out so far!!

Apr 14, 2008

i'm back...

whew!! what a trip. probably the most amazing vacation i've been on!!! i will post more when i have a chance to recover from the hellish travel day yesterday! in the meantime, enjoy this video i took off the balcony of our ship, somewhere in the middle of the atlantic ocean!

Apr 3, 2008

outta here...

well the time has finally come!!! time for me to leave on my cruise! yippee!!!! so i'll post lots of pictures and adventures (i'm sure!) when i get home...unless i can sneak them in somehow while i'm gone. so have fun, miss me, and don't forget to enter in the shuggy snacks give-away below. i've got a great prize ready!!! and if you want to see where i am each day, click on the picture above and it will show take you to the web cam on the ship!!! i'll have an umbrella drink on the beach for you!!!
bye, bye!!

Apr 1, 2008


ok, i finally broke down and did it. i've wanted one of these suckers for so long. so i had 24 hours until my $100 credit ran out, so i bit the bullet and got a blackberry pearl. so far i think it's pretty cool. i'm still just trying to figure it out, but it's pretty nifty!!!

oh, and only 3 days until i leave!! woo hoo!!!