Mar 29, 2008

shuggy snacks headed your way...

so i'm going to follow in the footsteps of tami, and put some shuggy snacks (or blog candy for you newbies) up for grabs!! all you have to do is check out ethel's baskets for the cure. if you have a blog, it would be great of you to post a little link. and spread the word. post about it on the message boards you visit, email your friends about it. after all, it is for a fabulous cause. and odds are you know someone one affected by breast cancer. i can name two aunts, one great friend (hi lesa!), two great co-workers...the list goes on and on. TOO MANY!!!

so here is my little shuggy snack up for grabs. post a comment telling me you looked at ehtel's blog and linked up to it, or sent email to your friends telling them to check it out, by april 15th @ 6pm. (it will be after my cruise!) i'll pick a random winner and post it then. i might even pick two, depending on the number of comments...yes, if there are more than 50 comments (one per person, please), then i'll give away two sets of prizes. don't forget to leave a way to contact you in your entry (either email address or blog link) or your entry will be tossed.

all right...go check it out!!!

color sense game...

shirley, over at the shack, posted this link to the color sense game. you answer a few questions and it evaluates your color personality. i am water beads...which means a bunch of blues. which is right on. blue is my favorite color.

you should try it's pretty here to play.

Mar 28, 2008

getting to know you arc swap...

so i mentioned the swap i hosted (below). it was an altered rolodex swap. it was great fun! (ok, that sounded lame...) swaps like this challenge my brain. it's hard for me to think outside the box. i got everyone's permission to post all of the arcs so you could see the great group we collected!!! here they are!!!

top row: suzi, joanne
bottom row: sherri, mary

top row: terry, me
bottom row: kelly, gaerria

Mar 27, 2008


ok, seriously. i have had one car accident in the past ten years. one. that was in december of 2006. it literally totalled my car. so now in the past three months...(THREE MONTHS!)...i have been rear-ended TWICE!! dos. two times. what the freak? both times, i've been minding my own business, stopped at a red light, waiting to turn left. both times, WHACK! all of the sudden someone can't see my big blue jeep compass stopped right in front of them.

i got smacked into last night on my way home from work. ahh...nothing better than working a busy 12 hour shift and sitting at a light waiting to go home and someone plows into you. really tops off your day. this lady actually told me that her foot "slipped" off the brake. lucky for me, her house of a car (was like a suburban or something) didn't do anything to mine. both times i've been lucky in the fact that it didn't even leave a scratch on my bumper.

seriously attention!!!

pictures and being sick...

ugh. i woke up this morning and felt like i've been run over by a train. my head is so heavy. my eyes have sprung leaks. my nose is running a race. i have a sore throat. i feel awful!! seriously, my eyes haven't been this annoying in a long time. it looks like i've been crying for days!! i hope this is just a quick spring time cold, because i don't have time to be sick!! i leave for my cruise in a week and i must be well by then!!! i was supposed to work tonight but called in sick. i'd hate to give anyone else this yuck. blech...where are my puffs plus???????????

on a different note, here are a few pictures i took with my new camera. the first is a picture of mount timpanogos. in the second picture, i was experimenting with my zoom and took a picture of a peak on the same mountain. i'm excited to take it on my trip!!!

Mar 25, 2008

another swap complete...

i hosted another swap over at the shack (see the blinkie on the side column!). it was a "getting to know you" altered rolodex card swap. you take a rolodex card, or make one the same size, and add a little info about yourself on it. then we swapped it with 9 other people. well, 8 really, cause one set never came. now that it's been swapped out and they are on their way back to the swappers, i can post it on here!! finally...a craft related post!!! (don't mind the blanked out pertinent info...never can be sure who sees this stuff!)
supplies used are all from stampin up, except the staples!

Mar 23, 2008

happy easter...

baskets for the cure...

my friend, ethel, has started a blog for a good cause, baskets for the cure. she is auctioning off some longaberger baskets to raise money for the susan g. koman foundation for the cure. then she will donate the money from the baskets to teresa, who will be participating in a 3 day walk in september. please take a look at both blogs when you have a minute!!!

Mar 19, 2008


as you may know, i'm a pediatric icu nurse. i love my job. i love helping my patients and their families. having said that, i have decided that i hate being on the flip side of things and i'm a horrible family member/patient. it always makes me a little more conscientious of my interactions with family members of my patients and how i interact with my patients. it also makes me think of the saying "ignorance is bliss" because my mind tends to wander during these times.

my cute neice, sydney, had surgery today. she had to have her gallbladder out at the ripe old age of 13. i can totally feel her pain, as i had to have my gallbladder out 4 years ago. i went with her and her stepmom, and my cute mom, this morning to the hospital to wait with ang (stepmom...i know, funny...we have the same name!) during the surgery. my brother, syd's dad, was out of town for work and couldn't get off work, so we were proxys, if you will. well, we would have gone anyway, i guess. back to my we got to the hospital and got her all checked in. then we had to watch while they tried to draw some blood for labs. they had to stick her 3 times. it was terrible!!! they also had to do an iv, but they were going to let the anesthesiologist start it, especially after having difficulty with the blood draws. i'm glad they did. he gave her some laughing gas to get her all goofy, then tried the iv. he even had a hard time finding a good vein. i'm just glad she doesn't remember it.

while we were out in the waiting room during her surgery, i tried not to think of all the things that i have seen as a result of complications to surgery and think about how well she was doing. after what felt like an eternity (but was really only about an hour), the surgeon came out and told us all went well and that syd was in recovery. i was so relieved. but then again, my mind started to wander as i watched the clock tick by and waited the 40 minutes until we could go back and finally see her. you see, i forget that when i am at work and get a post-op patient, we are the ones doing the recovery and so they skip the whole recovery room. i kind of forgot that and kept thinking of all these things that could be taking so long. and of course, nothing went wrong. they were just doing the normal post-op things. but we finally went back to see her and she was somewhat awake and a little drugged, but doing ok.

after about an hour, they decided she could go home. she was not having any problems with nausea and her pain was not the greatest in control, but she had pain medication on board. well she made it home ok. we sent ang to bed for a nap, since she's been sick with a nasty kidney infection, and my cute mom headed to the store for some prescriptions. so i was in charge of syd for a while. we got her all comfy in the recliner, she had a few crackers and some sprite and was headed to sleep. all of the sudden, she bolts awake, yells for a bowl (which i had no idea where to find one!) and says she not feeling so good. luckily i got her the bowl in time!! i grabbed a cool cloth and went to nurse my cute niece to better comfort. i've decided this sucks. not the taking care of her part...but the part where i can't fix it and make her all better. i've decided i don't like seeing my cute little syd so sick to her stomach and hurting so much. i've been through this surgery and i hate to think that she is feeling as crappy as she is.

now, it's been 15 minutes, i've given her some more phenegran and she is sleeping peacefullly. hopefully she'll stay this way for a while. i just want to scoop her up and make it all go away for her.

update: well it's been 4 hours now and syd hasn't gotten much rest. she's been really sick to her stomach and keeps throwing up. she can't keep anything down, including her pain meds. but ang called the doctor and he assured her that she'll be ok. just try and get her to rest. so hopefully she'll sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow. i'm back to work tomorrow, so i'll be checking in on her during the day. thanks for all your kind words!!!

update #2: well, thursday night i talked to syd and she is doing much better. she sounded better. she got some good sleep, hasn't been as sick to her stomach and has been able to eat! so yeah!!!!

Mar 15, 2008

new colors...

i figured it was time for a change of scenery!! so i've changed my blog colors. whaddaya think? (how's that for a made up word???)

color inspiration was from kristina werner's color challenge on march 11 (see it here!) she does amazing work!!! thanks for the inspiration!!!

saturday night flashback {3-15}

boy we've come a long way....

Mar 14, 2008

a week...

i can't believe i haven't posted anything in a week!!! please forgive me!! i've been consumed with the planning of our cruise. i am so excited, i can't wait!! three weeks from today we leave!! yipee!!!

Mar 8, 2008

Mar 6, 2008

a funny...

margo shared this over at the shack...

A new pastor was visiting in the homes of his parishioners. At one house it
seemed obvious that someone was at home, but no answer came to his repeated
knocks at the door.

Therefore, he took out a business card and wrote 'Revelation 3:20' on the
back of it and stuck it in the door.

When the offering was processed the following Sunday, he found that his
card had been returned. Added to it was this cryptic message, 'Genesis

Reaching for his Bible to check out the citation, he broke up in gales of
laughter. Revelation 3:20 begins 'Behold, I stand at the door and knock.'
Genesis 3:10 reads, ' I heard your voice in the garden and I was afraid for I
was naked.'


final entry...

in the 20 questions circle journal swap i'm hosting. i'm kind of sad that it's over. it's been so much fun!! i can't wait to get mine back. i can't even remember what i did in mine!!! this entry is in thanh's cj. again, sorry for the cruddy photo quality. i'll have a new camera soon!!!

i was rak'd...

you may not know the term rak'd. it means random act of kindness or basically someone did something nice for you for no specific reason (similar to that pay it forward movie!). allilson, over at stampin' when i can, sent me the cutest package of goodies. she said she saw this sheet of stickers and immediately thought of me. so she sent them to me with a bunch of ribbon, some embellishments, a cute balloon stamp, a little altered notebook that is adorable and a card. isn't that the sweetest thing?? here's the other thing. i have never met allison. up until i started blogging, i didn't even know her. but through the wonderful world of blogging and the internet, i have made several friends around the world such as allison.

thanks, allison!!!

Mar 3, 2008

cha, cha, cha, going on a cruise...

well, it's official!!! yesterday we booked our vacation!!! we finally decided on a cruise. we will be going on a 9 day cruise to the southern caribbean! i am SOOOO VERYYYYY EXCITEDDD!!!! i can hardly stand it!!! and best of all, it's only a month away!!!

on another note, i can't believe how expensive it is for airfare! sheesh!!! we've been watching fares for about a month now and it sucks!! we decided to splurge a little and we are going to be flying first class!! all the way to miami! isn't that fun?? with using our sky miles, it ended up only being $50-100 more round trip for first class so we figured what the heck.

here is the itinerary:

Day 1-Leave Miami
Day 2- at sea
Day 3-Samana, Dominican Republic
Day 4- Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Day 5 - St. John's, Antigua
Day 6 -Bridgetown, Barbados
Day 7 - St. Lucia, St. Lucia
Day 8 - at sea
Day 9 - at sea
Day 10 - Arrive Miami

i absolutely can not wait!!! woo hoo!! i've never been on a cruise before and never been to anywhere in the caribbean! so it will be a blast!!!

on another note, we now have a good reason to buy a new camera! our old camera sucks. it takes horrible pictures (as you can see by the post below!). so we'll need a new one!! yipee!!!

stamp club...

yesterday, my friend jami, held a stamp club/party thing at her house. it was great to go. i stopped going to my monthly stamp club last summer after we bought our new house because i didn't really have any extra money for stamp club anymore. and i have missed it deeply. i don't know if i missed the stamping part so much, as the getting together with everyone on a regular basis. so me and my cute mom decided to go yesterday. it was great fun!! we did three projects, 2 cards and 1 scrapbook page. well, i only did the cards because i'm not a huge scrapbooker. they were all great projects, though! jami is great at making up projects (you can see them here on her blog).

well as it turns out, i was making one of the cards and not following my one cardinal rule of stamping things before assembling them, i screwed up my stamped sentiment. so i had to "fix" it. here is what i ended up with. i actually really like it!!!

i then came home and decided i liked the design of the card so well, i wanted to create one similar. so i thought about what i wanted and this is what i came up with. totally case'd from jami's card. but isn't that the best type of flattery?? i think so!!!

supplies used: stampin up and green grass stamps, stanpin up cardstock, ribbon

clean up and progress...

i finally took some time to make some cards over the weekend. i should back up and say that last weekend, i think i figured out my mental block to crafting and my non-interest in card making lately. my craft room was a disaster, to put it mildly. below is what the area looked like.

i spent a few hours tidying up, going through stuff i haven't used in ages, selling a bunch of stamps, and making the place more pleasing to my karmic chi. well, it worked. i was able to produce some decent cards and not want to throw up when i set foot in my craft room!!!

unfortunately, my camera is about a hundred years old and sucks, so the pictures are mediocre at best. but i will be getting a new one soon!!

supplies used include: stampin up and papertrey stamps, stampin up cardstock and patterned paper, ribbon.

can't people just do their job...

i moved into a new house 9 months ago. i swear, since then, it’s like we’ve moved into the money pit (remember that great movie with tom hanks and shelley long?). anyway, we’ve had some issues. some not so big, others big. like now. we have a leaky tub. and they can’t seem to figure out what the hell is wrong. they’ve been over twice to “fix it”. and it’s still leaking. where is it leaking you may ask? down through the floor and it’s coming out of the ceiling in the living room. it is actually coming out through one of the canned lights in the ceiling. so if there isn’t any damage by the water, well let’s just start an electrical fire!! good grief.

now, on to my bitch, and the reason for the post. why can’t people just do their freaking job? so i send the request to get the leak fixed like i’m supposed to, to the builder. the guy from the builder comes over the first time with a plumber and finds a leaking gasket and they think they fixed it. well they didn’t. so i call him back. 3 days later i call back again and ask him when he might be over to look at it. “oh, you need to call and set up an appointment with the plumber.” he tells me. excuse me?? I NEED TO? why in the great grandma do i need to arrange it with the plumber. isn’t that HIS job??? he’s the one that works for the builder. fine, whatever. i call and arrange it. of course the plumber can’t come when i’m home, so i have to arrange for someone to be here. and of course, he can’t find a leak…just some caulking that is cracked and he thinks it is causing the problem. or it could be a leak in the roof, he tells me. now, i’m no plumber, but i can pretty well bet that the cracked caulking isn’t causing inches of water to leak through the ceiling. and it’s pretty sketchy to say it’s the roof when it’s only happened post-tub use and never on a stormy day. call me crazy. so the plumber tells me to call the guy from the builder back and tell them they need to recaulk the tub. oh my! seriously. can these two not talk amongst themselves??

so i call the builder guy last week (tuesday) and tell him what the plumber says. at least he’s in agreement with me and doesn’t think either of those two things are the cause of the problem. so he says he’ll get the plumber and come back over. i’ve heard nothing by friday, so i call him back. voicemail. of course. i leave a message and hear nothing from him. so i call him back today (monday). his reply, “oh, the plumber hasn’t called you?” um, no. why would i be calling you if that had happened, dumbass? i tell him no, i haven’t heard from anyone in over a week (mind you, my tub is ripped apart all this time!). he then tells me to call the plumber and set up a time, then call him back so he can come at the same time. good grief. i’m not your freaking secretary! nor do i work for this stupid builder. that would be his job. but i know if i don’t do it, it won’t happen. so i call the plumber, make an appointment and call the builder guy back and invite him to the party. of course, it isn’t until thursday because i work the next two days! couldn’t have happened the past three business days that i had off. go figure.

i’m about ready to draft a lengthy letter to this builder and tell him exactly what i think of their customer service….which is squat. it took over a month to get a leaky window fixed last fall. and it still continues to leak. what a mess.

Mar 1, 2008

saturday night flashback {3-1}

this week is more of a put your "thinking cap on" flashback. i can't remember where i found the link, but it's a great little quiz!!

80's lyrics quiz: people are what?

post a comment with your score when you are done and see how we all compare!!!