Oct 28, 2007

ding, ding, ding...

that's what i heard this weekend. i live120 minutes away (give or take) from wendover, nevada. if you don't know what's the big deal about wendover, it's the poor man's version of vegas. it's a utahan's quick drive to casinos and gambling. and my boyfriend LOVES to go there. he calls it going to "the city". we decided to go out there this weekend for a quick overnighter. we went with my parents. most people would think of a hundred things they'd rather do than go get their gambling fix on an overnighter with their parents. i'm lucky. i don't mind hanging out with them. so we got up at 830 on a saturday morning (when i usually sleep in until 11!) to go out to wendover. it was great.

we got there about 11am and of course check in isn't until about 3pm. so we stopped at the cheesiest, most divey casino in wendover (the red garter!) because apparently they have really good breakfast that is like $3. we go eat and decide to head to the more classy, although not high class by any means, hotel/casino we are staying at. on the way out the door, kerry decides to drop a couple of dollars in the megabucks dollar slot. wouldn't you know, he who never plays slots, gets a $240 jackpot. what a lucky duck. of course we were all kind of playing scattered about and while he was winning his jackpot, my cute mom was winning one of her own. she scored $130 on a quarter slot. i dropped the usual $20 in about 10 minutes and had nothing to show for it.

we made our way to the nugget and played a little more here and there. by the time we checked in, went our seperate ways--me to the slots, my parents to the blackjack tables and kerry to the poker room-and met up for dinner later, i had lost about $60. all i had to spend was $100, so i knew my night was going to be an early one and i could get my book started...eclipse-the third in that vampire series that is all the rage. well anyway, after dinner, kerry headed back to the poker room and i went to play blackjack with my parents. i didn't even do too bad, considering. i played off of $20 for about an hour and a half. it was fun. but i was out of money, so i headed up to the room with my mom. she went to her room to make some cards and i stayed to keep her company while watching the red sox sweep another game from under the rockies. GO SOX!!

anyway, the game ended, kerry got beat out his tournament on the last hand (which, incidentally, he folded an ace/six then was horrified as he watched the flop show an ace and two sixes) and came up to the room. we were tired so we headed to our room to go to bed. but it was only 1130pm and we were in wendover, for pete's sake, so we headed back down to do some more gambling. i had $20 left to play, so we found a few slot machines and played for a minute. the next thing i know i had hit a $300 jackpot on the quarter machine!! woo hoo!!! 3 out of 4 of us had hit a pretty decent score!! i figured i shouldn't press it and we headed back to bed after playing another 20 minutes or so.

this afternoon right as we were about to head home, my dad decides to drop his last 2 bucks in a slot. wouldn't you know it, he hit a $200 pot!! unbelievable!! usually when i go out to wendover, i come home about $200 in the hole. but this time, all of us heard the lovely sounds of the ding, ding, ding of the slots!!

we'll be going back in a few months. i think my parents are good luck!

Oct 26, 2007

a blast from the past...

renu over at the shack posted a link to this blog post today. if you were a child or teen or simply alive during the 70's, please go visit this. it takes you down memory lane via the jc penny catalog. i warn you that you should not have to use the bathroom or drink anything while reading it or you will pee your pants or have coke/coffee spray out your nose.

no go look...

Strap in, shut up and hold on. We're going back.

that guy is hilarious.

a nice award...

one of my shack friends, heather, has nominated me for the "you make me smile" award. how nice is she? i feel so honored!! it is so cool. thanks, heather. go visit her blog. she has some really neat stuff over there.
there are so many blogs i read that it is difficult to single out one or two that make me smile. so if you read my blog, consider yourself nominated. because if you are taking a moment out of your busy day to see what i may be posting about at the moment, then that makes me smile!!


i've lost my muse...so therefore you get more cartoons.

Oct 22, 2007


well you are all winners in my book, but the real winner of saturday night shuggy snacks is....


please email me your address and post a comment here.

everyone else, go watch "it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown" next tuesday, october 30!!!

Oct 20, 2007

goodbye, little one...

today is a very sad day as one of my little friends has passed away. i wish his family comfort and peace at this difficult time.

saturday night shuggy snacks {10-20}

ok friends and neighbors (or bloggers, rather)...it's time again for saturday night shuggy snacks. for those of you new to this section of my blog, i do ask a little bit of movie trivia (or some movie type question) and pick a random winner from all those that comment. the prize is some stamp/craft related prize. this week will be a couple of studio g clear stamp sets. so put on your thinking caps....everyone can play along with this one!!! even those of you that don't have a blog...just read the fine print below to enter.

this weeks question:

what is your favorite halloween themed movie or tv show?

mine is a toss up between "it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown" and "nightmare before christmas" LOVE them both!!!

here is the fine print: please post a comment with your entry and include an email (or email me your email) link or link to your website where i can email you if you are the winner. if you don't leave a way to contact you, your entry will be tossed. i will pick a winner from the comments on sunday, oct 21, around 9pm mst.

Oct 18, 2007

busy week...

sorry this week been a little lite on the postings. i worked an extra shift and ended up working 4 days in a row (which nearly killed me!) so i haven't done much besides go to work, come home, and sleep. no crafting what-so-ever. work has been so busy with such sick patients (i know, it's an icu, aren't they all sick?), and it's very hard on the mental status! especially when things happen and you don't know what to say or do to help comfort patient's and their families. i wonder if that ever gets any easier.

anyway, tonight i'm going to help my mom with a card party, so i'll have new cards to post after that. it should be a fun time. we are also doing another party with different cards on saturday. so more then, too. and i'll need to get a circle journal done between now and then, so hopefully there will be lots of crafty posts within the next few days.

one another circle journal note, i received my bella circle journal back. how fun to see all the different entries and what everyone created!! i'll see if i can get some of it scanned and posted.

as always, thanks for visiting!!!


Oct 15, 2007

a little humor...

i got this off of lesa's blog, who was sent it from pam!!! (round and round and round it goes!!)

"Some days you're the dog and some days you're the hydrant!" -- Unknown

Oct 13, 2007

something fun to try...

so the next time you are bored, (who has time right???) anyway, the next time you have a few minutes to kill, try this fun game. pick a blog, any blog. then visit all the blog links that the person's blog you are visiting lists. for instance, on my sidebar, i list {blogs to peruse}. of course, it would take you days to visit all of those...ok, not days...i do it almost every day.

so pick a random blog from my links, then follow that person's blog links. it's interesting to see where you visit. you will get so many cool new blogs to keep up on!!!


i completely forgot about saturday night shuggy snacks!!! so tune in next week and i'll make it an extra good one!!!

a little christmas decor...

so as you've read before, i'm in a holiday circle journal swap with some friends from over at the shack. well, the themes are getting hard to figure out what to do for a layout!! this is for sherri's journal. she wanted to know what our favorite christmas ornament is. so here is my version. i'm trying to find a picture of the tree when it was all decorated, but i don't remember if i ever took one!!!
stamps used : maryse carrier-tree with star, star; green grass stamps-the red tree on the background, that you can't see well; memory box-christmas tree scene.

edit: don't you hate it when you make a typo and don't find it until your project is complete?? argh!!! how to fix it...

Oct 12, 2007

music player added...

i know, i know, some of you hate music players on blogs. and there is some controversy to having music on blogs. some people refuse to visit a blog if there is a music player. but i wanted to add some of my current favorite songs. so if you are one that hates it, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and turn it off!!! and please continue to visit anyway. for the rest of you, please enjoy!!! if you have a request, let me know!!

watch out...

i'm doing nothing but crafting and laundry today. i know, wierd combo, but what can i say...i've been at work 9 out of the past 11 days so there were mountains of laundry to be done!! and i'm giving myself (and actually kerry told me to spend the day crafting) a free day so i'm going in to work on some circle journals. hopefully i'll have lots to post later!!!

oh, and sorry about the post from wednesday...i wasn't looking for a pitty party!!! just felt real quiet lately!!! so thanks to all those lurkers. you should all speak up more often!!!


Oct 10, 2007


do you ever feel like sometimes you are just talking to yourself???

on a good note, i was able to get the rock chip in my window fixed. i don't know how long it will last. it was a pretty good chunk.


Oct 9, 2007

windshield karma part 2...

so remember way back in april, when i posted about windshield karma? well, i finally got a new windshield in june. yep. a new windshield on my brand new car that was 6 months old at the time. so i get it replaced in june. that was five months ago. FIVE! so i'm going to work today and one minute after i get on the freeway, BAM. another huge rock kills my window. you should see the size of the chip. it's huge. with little cracks coming out of all sides of it. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! i'm a windshield replacement company's dream! maybe they send people out secretly and pull in front of people and throw rocks at the cars!! it's not like i tailgate big trucks or anything. there wasn't even a big diesel or dump truck in front of me this time. just a regular truck. holy freak!!!

i'm jinxed...

christmas card workshop...

i'm having a christmas card workshop next month were we will make 20 cards. these are a few of the cards we'll be making. we will be using the winter bright simply scrappin' kit from stampin' up! and various stamps. the happy holidays and the trees stamps are maryse carrier, the peace stamp is stampin' up! and the penguin is memory box (if i remember right...).

Oct 8, 2007

drumroll please...

ok, there were so many to choose from!! thanks everyone for participating!! the big winner of the world card making day prize is...

(insert big fanfare here...)


woo hoo!!! check out her card here (it's the tuesday sept 27th post). it's a beautiful card!!

thanks again everyone!!!

a chuckle for today...

Oct 6, 2007

happy world card making day...

today is world card making day. 5 years ago, i had no idea such a day even existed!!! can you believe that? look how far i've come!! now i've turned into a crafting/stamping/card making monster!!! with a blog to prove it!!

if you don't know what world card making day is, here's a little history: (taken from world card making day)
World Card Making Day began in 2006 as National Card Making Day. Founded by
Paper Crafts magazine in an effort to bring card makers together at the busiest
card-making season of the year, it was first held on October 7, 2006. The
initial celebration involved the Paper Crafts magazine audience only; however,
due to the positive response it received and the worldwide popularity of card
making, Paper Crafts recognized the need to expand, and the holiday transformed
into World Card Making Day.Now in its second year, World Card Making Day has
been expanded to include a dedicated web site; a wider, more inclusive level of
sponsorship; and a marketing campaign designed to get the word out at the
grassroots level. These steps were taken in hopes of uniting the card-making
community (hobbyists, retailers, manufacturers, and more) and celebrating the
connection and creativity that is at the heart of card making.

so, what does all this card making day business mean to you?? well, would a saturday be complete without a prize from shuggy?? heck no! (oh my...my utah heritage just popped out there for a minute...) so in lieu of saturday night shuggy snacks, there will be a world card making day contest!! i have a fantastic prize picked out for the winner. it is a set of unmounted rubber stamps from the wonderful creator of the stamp shack and owner of her own rubber stamp line, sherry, over at inkspirations. to see the set that is the prize, click here.

so what is it you need to do to win the fantastic prize?? well, if you are already participating in some sort of world card making day celebration, it will be easy. if you aren't participating, it will still be easy!! simply make a card with a holiday theme. it can be any fall/winter holiday, halloween, christmas, new year's, thanksgiving...what ever you would like. if you have a favorite card you have all ready made, that works too!! just post a comment with a link to your card so everyone can see your creation. also include your email so you can be contacted if you are the winner. i will have a judge review all the cards and select a winner. you will have until monday october 8 at 6pm mst to submit your card. you can submit as many cards as you like, the more you submit, the more chances you have to win!!!

so go get crafting and enjoy world card making day!!!

Oct 5, 2007


so bet you couldn't tell i've been working the past three days...no posts of any kind!! i'll try and remedy that this weekend!!

Oct 2, 2007

think pink...

so many lives are touched by breast cancer. i was just thinking how many people i know that have been touched by this disease. i have two aunts, a good friend (hi lesa!), plus more friends and acquaintances who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. so i thought i would change my blog to pink for october, since it is breast cancer awareness month...yes, even though it's mostly a crafty blog...for a good cause. i got the idea from amy over at prairie paper and ink. it's a great idea. lookey at badges, banners and buttons for the pink for october campaign and consider doing the same by adding a badge, banner or button to your blog and changing it pink for october! this banner is courtesy of kim.

circle journal madness...

i've been creating this weekend. i'm hosting a new swap over at the shack. it's a 20 questions circle journal (of course it's a circle journal...my current addiction...). each participant makes up their own 20 questions and everyone one else in the swap has to make up a page or two answering those questions. when i first thought up this swap (it was inspired from some cj's over at two peas), i thought it would be a fairly simply journal to make. boy was i wrong. i think this was my hardest one yet. i'm not completely thrilled with the way my cover turned out, but here it is anyway. i forgot to scan my own layout answering my own questions, so that will have to wait until i get the completed journal back. anyway, here it is...the cover, the intro page, the sign in page, and the first of the two pages asking the 20 questions.

the stamps are stampin' up!, sassafrass lass and autumn leaves. the paper is we r memory keepers precious metal vintage brass line.