Feb 27, 2008


was that spring that i saw peeking down on us today??? the sun was shining, it was 50 degrees, the snow is melting, the birds were chirping...

could it be???

Feb 25, 2008

thoughts, please...

i don't usually use my blog as a place for requests, but i feel like i need to today. i have a good friend at work that really could use some good thoughts/prayers/karma, whatever you believe in. i won't go into many details, but last night her husband died. so if you could take just a moment and think of her, it would be much appreciated.

thanks for your help.

Feb 23, 2008


so i don't usually follow medical stories on the internet or in people's blogs because i get enough of that at work. but teresa posted a link a while back on her blog about this family going through an amazing time in their lives. nathan's wife, tricia, has cystic fibrosis. in january, they had a little baby. this is their story. their blog is here, confessions of a cf husband. i've been following it for more than a month at least. it's a very moving story.

anyway, the point of this post was really to point out a song that nathan used on one of his videos about his daughter. if you listen to the words, it's like it was made just for them!! normally i hate the foo fighters, but this song is amazing. take a listen...it's called miracle.

saturday night flashback {2-23}

who didn't want a cereal bowl on their head???

note: for some reason it takes forever to load...so wait for it!!

Feb 22, 2008

random thoughts...

blah, blah, blah...sometimes do you ever feel like that's all people say? people just talk and talk, but don't really say anything at all? i feel like that sometimes.


do you ever wonder why some people bother with diet soda? i mean you order a meal from a fast food place, super size it, then get a diet coke as the beverage. i'm totally guilty of this. i mean why stop there? you are already eating a bazillion calories in fries...is the extra million you are saving from the regular coke really worth it??? might as well enjoy the straight grain coke.


the days are finally getting longer. it's starting to get a little lighter as i drive to work in the mornings. i can't wait until spring. i'm so sick of the snow and dreary weather. it's been raining/snowing most of today. blech...

Feb 19, 2008

a new entry...

in the 20 questions circle journal swap. this is for chris's journal, who found the most ginormous flower i've ever seen and put it on her cover!! it's so cool!!! anyway, here is my contribution to her journal. paper, stamps and rub-ons are from stampin up.

i'm sad because this is the second to last journal in this swap. which means one more and we are done!!! i'm excited to get mine back!

Feb 14, 2008

happy valentine's day...

a funny blog and a new title...

i have been deemed a bitch. but in a nice way. i'm usual not shy to share my opinion. so i did. and it got me this title! if you feel like venting, or laughing a bit, check out a bitchin' escape!

for the love...

no, unfortunately this isn't a post about valentine's day. it's a post about the awful freaky weather we've been having this year. yesterday, specifically. so watching the news, they were saying a small storm was coming between 1-3pm. well the storm came with a vengeance. my mom called me at work (i was working 7a-7p) around 630pm to tell me to be careful going home because the roads were horrible. great...after a horrible and exhausting day at work, i get to deal with getting home in horrible weather, adding probably an hour or so to my commute.

so i get off work and head out to my car. on the way to the parking lot, my boyfriend calls. he asks me if i've left work yet. i told him i was just getting to my car and he tells me i need to just go to my parents house. why, i ask? apparently the storm is worse in the south part of the valley (salt lake valley) which is where i need to drive through to get home. he left work at 530pm, starting his usual 30 minute commute, and he isn't even half way home yet...after 2 1/2 hours. he was currently stopped on the freeway. visibility around the point of the mountain (between the two counties-salt lake and utah-we have what's called the point of the mountain) is almost zero. the roads are covered in snow and ice. the freeway exit to our house and all roads to the entire community we live in have been closed. so even after we get through all the traffic, we can't even get up to our house! so he's already past the point of return to come back to my parents, so he decides to try and make it to his parents house.

so i start my travels to my parents house. the roads are bad, but not the worst i've seen. it took me about an hour (usually takes about 20 minutes) to get to my parents house. i stop at walmart and get some pj's and a toothbrush and head to their house. by this time, kerry has been stuck in his car on the freeway for 3 1/2 hours. he's about 1 mile until the end of the traffic that will allow him to get off the freeway to his parents home. so we both spent the night at our parents houses!!!

what a mess!! since this storm hit in the afternoon and had such high winds reducing visibility and creating blizzard conditions, there were several school buses that couldn't get kids home, so they had to go back to the schools were at least 60 kids had to spend the night because they couldn't get home! there were also a few buses that had to be abandoned because they were stuck and they had to move all the kids to other vehicles!

here is a link to the news story from last night about the mess...

so this morning (it's 1030am as i type) i'm still at my parent's, kerry's still at his parent's, and the road to our house is still closed!! happy valentine's day to us!!! so who knows how long we'll be stranded!! once i get home, i can't wait to see how we get to our house since we live on a hill. i'll have to take pictures as i'm sure there will be a ton of snow!!

Feb 11, 2008

the slice...

ok, so crafting trends, fads and gizmos come and go. every year we see so many cool products and we all have to have them or we simply can not craft without them. i mean the world will stop if we don't get one. i usually can avoid some of this must haves. i didn't avoid the bind it all...i got one and i think i've used it 3 time. i did avoid the cricut. it does cool stuff, but not really worth it to me. but i think i've found something i am going to have to have!

it's the new slice from making memories. this is what it looks like:

(photo from making memories)

from the mm blog:

"Making Memories' new patent-pending Slice is a portable digital cutting machine that measures less than five inches square and weighs less than two pounds. Its iPod-simple interface and easy to read graphics window enables users to select from thousands of high-style images and instantly convert them into die-cuts ranging between ½" and 4" tall. The robin's-egg blue Slice, now available through Making Memories (MSRP: $149.99) comes with an exclusive design card loaded with numerous upper and lower case alphabet fonts, plus loads of shapes that can be cut into vellum, textured cardstock, and other media of any size. The battery operated device is further packaged with AC/DC adapter, a 6" x 6" glass cutting mat, five cutting blades and a light repositionable adhesive that secures paper to the mat, enabling users to create crisp, clean cuts every time."

i know i am going to have to have one of these...watch a demo here.


so my loving boyfriend got me this little gem for christmas:

i absolutely adore it. it is great. it holds 8 gigs, which i'll NEVER fill up. it plays videos, music, audiobooks, and pictures. the thing i love about the music it holds is that you can sort it by a variety of methods. by song type, artist, year, whatever your little heart desires. so as i was getting settled into my 40 minute drive to work yesterday morning, i was filling a little nostalgic (some may laugh at that) and so i sorted the tunes in my player by artist and had a lovely concert of oingo boingo. i changed my music on my blog (if you didn't notice) because i haven't heard enough of their music for a while and the other stuff was getting old!!!

so enjoy the danny elfman and co!

ps i changed my music player from auto start to manual so you have to push play on the player at the bottom of the page to play the music.

rockband part two...

omg!! you have to get this game!! it is the funnest, most addicting game i've ever played in my life!!! not to mention it's hilarious to watch two adult people (one with a little rhythm, one whose a little rhythmically challenged!) try to figure out!! i love it!! we even started our own band and are now on tour (so to speak!!)

it is so entertaining!! i think we played it for about 6 hours on saturday!! we simply could not stop!!! it was like "ok, one more song"...then 2 hours later we actually stopped playing!!! however, i don't think i can stand here creep by radiohead one more time!!!

Feb 10, 2008

flood cards...

here are a few new cards i made for the flood swap over at the shack. i'll explain the flood later... they really are the same color, but for some reason, the scan didn't come out so well. the stamps are stampin up. colors are gable green from stampin up and some brown from bazill. i colored the stamped image with prismacolor markers. oh how i love those!! i wish i had more than the few colors i have!!

Feb 8, 2008


i can't believe i'm even posting about this...who out there has ever heard of rockband, the video game (we have it on ps3, but it comes for xbox, too)? ok, now who has ever played it? if you aren't familiar with it, it's a video game that comes with a guitar, drum kit and microphone. what you do is learn how to play along with different songs. the whole thing is pretty pricey, about $180, so when kerry told me he wanted to get it, i wasn't too thrilled. he said we could get it for valentine's day. gee honey, just what i wanted! but i guess the thought was there because it is something we can play together...unlike madden! anyway, i didn't think much of it.

i worked a night shift last night (my fave...NOT) and came home this morning and went to bed around 10am. kerry called me about 5pm and told me he was on his way home and that he went and picked up rockband on his lunch hour. wasn't i excited? not really...i was still asleep!
so he gets home, we have dinner and he brings in the box. he's all excited. i'm not so much, but i guess i'll play along. we get the guitar out, then the drum kit and get them all set up. we've already decided he gets the guitar and i get the drums because he has no rhythm! we start going through the tutorials and i'll have to admit that it is pretty fun!!! it's a lot harder than i thought it was going to be. the real test will be later (we had to pause so he could watch the jazz game!) on when we start playing songs together!! i'll keep you all posted!!

Feb 7, 2008


i was all excited to post a video of the snow today, because go figure...it's snowing AGAIN! so i went and took a video with our ancient digital camera. i got back to the computer and the settings were off or something because you could barely see the snow. so now i have to figure out how to make it work right. maybe i'll post it later if i do figure it out. in the meantime, send warm thoughts of spring!!!

Feb 3, 2008

oh for the love...

remember my post last week about how much i'm done with snow? well, apparently, my vote doesn't count. i woke up to this today...

and just for reference sake...below is a picture of my porch with no snow. so you can see how deep it is. it's snowed at least a foot. if we had to go anywhere today (luckily we don't!) there is no way we would even get out of our driveway or circle!!!

here's another view. when i walked out to take this picture, the snow was almost up to my knees. notice where the brick ends by the garage door and how tall the snow hits it!!! and there is still a heavy snow warning in effect until tomorrow morning. should make for another fabulous monday morning commute...i'm seeing a pattern here...

on a somewhat related note, my parent's, grandma and aunt's and uncle's all left this morning to go on a carribbean cruise. they had to leave around 430am, so i hope they made it before all of this hit. the bad thing is they had to fly into denver before houston, so hopefully this storm didn't head that way.
this winter sucks!!!

it's been so long...

since i've made any cards, i think i forgot how. i sat in my craft room for hours tonight and this is what i came up with. i've forgotten how to make a decent card!!!! don't get me wrong, i think they are cute, but they are kinda boring!! i have to thank sherri for the elzybells images. she sent them long ago and i finally made something with them!!! the sentiment stamp is stampin up.