Jan 29, 2013

hi there...

the title of this reminds me of the song "big time" by peter gabriel.  if you are under 30 you may not know it, so here's a refresher!  for those of us older, totally reminds me of high school!!  anyway, here's a set of atcs i made for a swap. theme was anything using unity stamps.  i think i have a few of those!

hi there
stamps:  unity
cardstock: white, bermuda bay
ink: bermuda bay, onyx black
embellishments:  washi tape
other: prismacolor markers

Jan 26, 2013

believe v.2013...

here it is, the 26th of january.  i mention the date because i have been meaning to get my january creative dare done since, oh, the day tracy threw it out there.  i can't believe it was january 9th, which was more than just a few days ago!  the dare is to make a piece of art using our "word" for 2013. i haven't necessarily been putting it off, i've had the canvas sitting on my desk since the dare was announced.  i just haven't been inspired to make it yet.  then, while doing my sketch book a few weeks ago, i did a page that has to be my favorite page, maybe ever?!?  and i wanted to do something similar.  and i think the size difference made this a little more of a challenge but i'm happy with the result. now to start living it!!  done with 5 days to spare!

stamps:  stampin up
materials: acrylic paint, gesso, india ink, mod podge
embellishments:  drywall tape, cardboard, white gel pen

Jan 21, 2013

sketchbook part 2...

sketchbook part 2.  i didn't want to post a ton of pictures on one blog post, so i made a video.  hope you like it!

Jan 16, 2013

sketchbook project 2013...

two years ago, i stumbled upon a cool project.  the sketchbook project 2012. simple concept.  you buy a blank sketchbook, put whatever your little heart desires in it, mail it back, and it joins a traveling exhibit across the u.s., then becomes part of the permanent collection at the brooklyn art library.  i signed up, had grand plans, then watched the due date come and go.  with my sketchbook remaining empty.  i was sad and disappointed that i didn't finish this cool project i had signed up (and paid!) for.  so when the sign ups came to do the sketchbook project 2013, i was initially all gung ho to sign up.  but then i waited.  as doubt crept in and i wondered if i would procrastinate and do the same thing...not finish.  then i decided i needed to buck up and do it.  just get it done.  so i signed up.  paid my money.  and vowed to start the moment my sketchbook arrived.

well...fast forward about 7 months.  good old procrastination creeped up again. and now i was looking at another blank sketchbook the WEEKEND(!) before the project had to be postmarked.  awesome crap. some say that you find inspiration when you most need it.  well, i think i did just that.  i was wandering around the internet after coming home from a visit to instacare (love bronchitis...NOT) and stumbled upon this cool art journal page and i loved the colors, the simplicity, everything.  and that was my inspiration for this year's sketchbook.  i busted it out in about 4 days.  i can't believe it.  i'll be posting the rest of it over the next few days, but here's the front and back cover, which is heavily inspired from mixed media mondays with tracy!!

Jan 12, 2013

truth cards...

have you ever heard of the brave girls club?  well if you haven't, you should check it out.  i first stumbled upon it a few years ago when i was looking around the web one night.  i visited some pages, read some things, thought it was "cutesy" and kind of moved past it, not thinking much of it.  then one day a few months later, i was having a sort of rotten day (was probably after a crappy day at work...) and i stumbled across one of the brave girl pictures.  you know the ones...super soul lifting inspiration?  and i decided i should check it out again.  i signed up for the "little bird told me..." daily truth emails and i've been addicted ever since.  it would be a dream to go to brave girls camp sometime, but don't know if i can justify the expense.  maybe one day...

so the brave girls are at it again.  with this campaign of helping brave girls in need from all over the globe.  and they are giving anyone who wants to help out the chance to make brave girl truth cards.  i can't explain it very well, so please just check it out here...  i grabbed a few supplies the other night and got busy creating.  this is what i ended up with.  i only did a few, but i think it's going to be just the beginning.  i'm challenging myself to make a small set each week.  part of my one little word for 2013.  believe i can make a small difference.

truth cards
materials: acrylic paint, gesso, chipboard
embellishments:  washi tape, cardboard, bubble wrap
words:  truth card kit

Jan 11, 2013


wow.  can't believe it's the eleventh of january already and i'm barely posting my calender!!  a bunch of us are making mixed media calendars for the year (at least, that's the goal...the whole year!) and this is mine for january! i've definitely filled in the boxes, just took this picture right after it was done so they were all blank at the time.  this is one of the creative challenges for myself for 2013.  i added my one little word for the year too.  i have so much to believe in.

stamps: unity (smak kit)
cardstock: my mind's eye pp, fancy pants pp
ink: faded jeans, broken china, midnight muse, island indigo
embellishments:  washi tape, grungeboard letters, rub ons
other: acrylic paint, gesso, bubble wrap, mixed media journal

and i figure i might as well throw it on to friends with flair by the unity peeps, right?  don't forget their awesome sale for angela's 40th birthday!!  shop, shop, shop!!