Jan 12, 2013

truth cards...

have you ever heard of the brave girls club?  well if you haven't, you should check it out.  i first stumbled upon it a few years ago when i was looking around the web one night.  i visited some pages, read some things, thought it was "cutesy" and kind of moved past it, not thinking much of it.  then one day a few months later, i was having a sort of rotten day (was probably after a crappy day at work...) and i stumbled across one of the brave girl pictures.  you know the ones...super soul lifting inspiration?  and i decided i should check it out again.  i signed up for the "little bird told me..." daily truth emails and i've been addicted ever since.  it would be a dream to go to brave girls camp sometime, but don't know if i can justify the expense.  maybe one day...

so the brave girls are at it again.  with this campaign of helping brave girls in need from all over the globe.  and they are giving anyone who wants to help out the chance to make brave girl truth cards.  i can't explain it very well, so please just check it out here...  i grabbed a few supplies the other night and got busy creating.  this is what i ended up with.  i only did a few, but i think it's going to be just the beginning.  i'm challenging myself to make a small set each week.  part of my one little word for 2013.  believe i can make a small difference.

truth cards
materials: acrylic paint, gesso, chipboard
embellishments:  washi tape, cardboard, bubble wrap
words:  truth card kit

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