Sep 30, 2008

christmas in july...

so whadda ya know...another swap hosted by my friend sherri over at the shack. i guess she has an annual christmas tag swap and i was lucky enough to get in it this year. my theme was rudolph or other reindeer. so i mixed the two together. i made these tags for the swap. 16 of them. i really love the way they turned out. i must also give credit to my cute mom for helping me assemble them!!! thanks mom!



christmas tags
stamps: hero arts, purple onion
cardstock: wild wasabi, patterned paper by sweetwater
ink: riding hood red
other: red stickles, twine, bic mark it markers

yadda, yadda, yadda...

again, another atc for a swap!!! this is one of my favorite ones so far!! it's for thanh's odd bird planet atc. the 'yadda, yadda, yadda' stamp is another one i got from viva las vegas stamps.

yadda, yadda, yadda
stamps: odd bird planet, uptown rubber stamps
cardstock: close to cocoa, basic gray
ink: close to cocoa
other: bic mark it markers
oh yeah, this will end up a card for sure!!

Sep 29, 2008

all dressed up...

all dressed up
stamps: stamping bella
cardstock: riding hood red, pink pirouette
ink: riding hood red
embellishments: silver stickles, silver embossing powder

another swap atc. i have about 15 swaps due in the next three weeks, i swear!! okay, maybe not that many, but it feels like it!! this is for awna (who recently had a ton of work published, congrats!) is hosting that is all about bling. i had a really hard time coming up with an idea for this atc, so this is what i came up with. i embossed the dress in silver, then added glitter to each flower and the buttons to give it more bling. i hope it's bling-y enough!!!

hey pumpkin...

i absolutely love this stamp. i think it was a $1 stamp somewhere, since it's a studio g stamp, but i paid $2 for it at viva las vegas stamps while i was there two weeks ago. i knew it would be perfect for the perfectly plump pumpkin atc swap i'm in hosted by my friend sherri. i also found some orange liquid applique that worked well for the pumpkin!! my cute mom helped me assemble them on saturday.

hey pumpkin
stamps: studio g
cardstock: pumpkin pie, apricot appeal, su designer paper
ink: tangerine tango
embellishments: liquid applique

Sep 28, 2008

more 10 wishes...

it's been a bit since i posted a circle journal entry. i made this a little while ago, but never got a chance to post it. this is for sherri's 10 wishes cj. i used my new curly box punch from stampin up and one of the stamps that came with it. i love it! i also used my new scallop edge punch on the "ten wishes" part.

Sep 27, 2008

my cute niece, the vollyball star...

so my cute niece, sydney, is a freshman this year. i can't believe that she is already that old. time flies by. anyway, she started at a new public charter school this year and tried out and made the volleyball team. she's had a few games already, but i was able to go to her game last night. they played two different schools and won both games. the first game the won both sets, the second they won 2 sets to 1. here are a few pictures from it. isn't she the cutest?

Sep 21, 2008

i love your blog...

my friend sherri put this thing on her blog and she says that she loves my blog. so i thought i'd share the love. here are 7 blogs that i love.



lesa (she has two...i love them both and this one is a fantastic cause!)


kristina werner

kim hughes

and so many others that i haven't mentioned!!

here are the instructions for award recipients:

  • pick 7 of your favorite blogs.
  • winners can put the logo on their blog
  • link the person who gave your award to your blog.
  • name the 7 that you are giving the award to with their links.
  • leave a message on their blogs so that they know they've won!

vegas ramblings...

we had a great time in vegas. it was too short of a trip, though. needed a few more days. we got back home thursday night and then i had to work friday and saturday. i'm off work today, then work the next three days. ick. but the vaca was great. penn and teller was actually a lot better than i thought it would be. it was a great show. there weren't very many people there, either. maybe because it was a tuesday night. i'd say the theater was about a third of the way full. i spent way to much money on the slot machines but kerry won about $500 playing poker so that was nice. our room was great. it was big and comfy. i can't wait till our next vacation which will be in january when we go to mexico.

some random observations/rants from my trip:

  • airport bathrooms…when 150 people just got off a plane and they all need to use the facilities, don’t stand in front of the only 4 sinks to put on your freaking lipstick! there are 10 other mirrors NOT in front of a sink. use one of those.
  • when you are using the facilities (and i mean in the stall here...) don't talk on your freaking cell phone. it's disgusting. i'm sure the people you are calling could wait 5 minutes until you aren't doing your business. trust me, they will appreciate it.
  • if you are in the last row on the plane, don’t bolt up as soon as we pull up to the jetway. SIT YOUR ASS DOWN! you are going to have to wait your turn like everyone else. if you wanted to get off the plane first, sit on the first row.
  • carry ons. do people still not get the fact that if your bag can hold a small child, IT’S TOO BIG???
  • and what’s that rule about one appropriate sized carry on and a personal item? you mean the medium sized piece of luggage that will hold two people, your backpack that is stuffed beyond the max AND your oversized laptop bag is too much? YES! other people need room in the undersized overhead compartment, you jerk!
  • the las vegas airport is disgusting. enough said.
here is something i saw in the airport that made me take a double take. seriously...a proactiv vending machine? is jessica simpson in there too?? what will they think of next...

well, back to life as we know is football day for kerry and craft day for me, since i'm done with school until january. i have a bunch of swaps to get done.

have a great sunday!!

Sep 16, 2008

vegas, baby!!

hello from the heat of las vegas!! holy cow...mid september and it's 100 degrees! taking a little break from doing the normal vegas-y things while kerry is playing some poker. i've decided i'm not good with vegas slots. i've lost my share of earnings already!!! earlier we stopped and watched the lions at the mgm (where we are staying) play for a minute. here's a little video. it's not the greatest, since it's from my blackberry.

tonight we are going to see penn & teller. it should be interesting and funny.

and just a random thing, does anyone else think that the guy from fox news, shepard smith, needs to stay away from the plastic surgeon? he looks totally fake!! can you tell there isn't much on hotel tv???

Sep 12, 2008


at the end of the tunnel!! so the next three days aren't going to be fun. today, i have to write my last paper for this lame class that ends on monday (thank the lord!). then i work tomorrow and sunday. but the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to shine. on monday morning i get to go on a mini-vacation. going to the city of sin for four days. YIPEEE!!! so no crafting (unless i get this darn paper done early) until next week. i plan on taking a few projects to get caught up on while in vegas for those times when kerry is gambling the night away in the poker room!!!

Sep 9, 2008

good birthday...

yes, today is my birthday. i want to say thank you to all of my friends at the shack that helped make this such a good birthday!! i've been celebrating via mail for almost a week and a half in the form of wonderful birthday cards and goodies. you ladies are the best!! and my parents gave us some awesome deck chairs to go on our new deck!

kerry took me out to dinner tonight to one of my favorite places, market street grill, that we rarely go to because it's quite pricey. it was such treat and so good!! then we went to roberts to get my present, some organizer cubes, and they were all out. i couldn't believe it. i have never seen them out of the item i was looking for!! i even went to joanns, who i found out, stopped selling it about 6 months ago! argh!! so no present for me today. but i'm going to see if i can get him to order some things from my stampin up wish list to make up for it!!

now i'm trying to work on an atc swap (instead of homework!) but my heat tool just died! argh!!! it's not a good craft birthday!! oh well.

good night!

Sep 7, 2008

hope for hooters...

these are the atcs i made for christie's breast cancer awareness swap over at the shack. i loved the sentiment (and then realized i'm not as original as i thought when i saw it everywhere!) and knew it would go perfect for this swap with my new stamps (find obp stamps here). i just can't get enough of these little owls!!! i used a background that sherry (creator of the shack) made. i also used one of the new fonts i'm addicted to, ck hand. i feel some cards created out of atcs coming on!!!

hope for hooters
stamps: odd bird planet
cardtock: pink passion, pink pirouette
ink: pink passion
other: bic markers

ahh...the sounds of sunday...

so as i sit upstairs in the computer room writing (or trying) to do my homework, i notice the sounds of sunday are back.

sounds that ringout out from downstairs:






"GO, GO, GO!!!"




yep, fall is in the air.

sunday football is back!

Sep 4, 2008

arc calendar swap...

here is the completed swap for the 2009 altered rolodex calendar swap i hosted. it turned out great!!

**please note: i have no idea why there are a few letters missing causing misspelled words on the credits title in the's a bug or something...***

Sep 3, 2008

addicted, like many of you...

to this.

how does this writer captivate the reader like she does? holy cow. i don't think i've ever been as enchanted by a series of books like this before. it's the hopeless romantic in my, i guess. in fact, i don't know why i'm posting this instead of finishing the book!! i have maybe 1/4 of it left.


are you serious???