Sep 30, 2007

lucky number 5...

is the winner of saturday night shuggy snacks. that would be...


hooray!!! email me your address please!!

thanks everyone for playing this week!!!

Sep 29, 2007

definately not ready...

remember my post (not ready) from a few days ago talking about fall and not being ready for winter? well, mother nature doesn't care. it has been pretty windy all night long and starting raining a little this morning. i just looked out the window and this is what i saw!!! ARGH!!!
and to top it off, our furnace isn't working!!! argh!!! it's 39 degrees outside and 62 degrees in our house!!! the furnace is on, and blowing air, but it's cold air!!! off to turn on the fireplace and try and fix the furnace...

saturday night shuggy snacks {9-29}

it seems that everyone likes to do remakes of tv shows, comics or old movies. for example, spiderman, batman, superman, the bad news bears, king kong, sabrina, the longest yard...the list is endless. so todays questions is this:

if you could remake your favorite old movie, comic or tv show into a movie, what one would you do?

leave a comment and i'll draw a random winner for a little prize.

here is the fine print: please post a comment with your entry and include an email (or email me your email) link or link to your website where i can email you if you are the winner. if you don't leave a way to contact you, your entry will be tossed. i will pick a winner from the comments on sunday, sept 30, around 8pm mst.

Sep 27, 2007

the funniest country song...

so people who know me well, or even not very well, know that i can't stand country music. i hate it. it's torture for me to listen to. the reason i'm telling you this is because i think i heard the funniest country song in my life this morning. i carpool with a few different people to work. it's so nice not having to drive to work every day, and being able to take a cat nap on the way to work. that's what i was doing this morning. it was heather's turn to drive. seeing as how i am definitely not a morning person (apparently you can't talk to me before 10am, right sherri??) and tisha isn't really much of an early morning chatter either, heather stated she was going to turn her country music up for the ride if we weren't going to converse. fine with me...i wanted to snooze anyway. that is, until i heard this song come on the radio. it cracked me up!! it has to be the funniest country song i've ever heard!! i had to share it...needless to say, i didn't get much of a nap!!

click here to listen...

Sep 26, 2007

moa circle journals...

my favorite holiday toy...

in another circle journal entry!! this one is for cindy's holiday circle journal. i have a bad memory. i always have. so trying to think of what my favorite toy that i got for christmas was difficult!! i'm sure i've had so many cool gifts, i just can't remember them all!! anyway, here is my cj entry. i did love this doll!! the only doll i ever liked!

Sep 25, 2007

not ready...

so the past few days it has been very fall like. it's been much cooler with a lot of rain. it also snowed up in the mountains. UGH!! i'm so not ready for winter to be here!!! i will admit it is very pretty, though. the leaves in the mountains are changing, so they are all orange and red with the green still and the white snow at the top of the mountain. so nice.

how's the weather in your neck of the woods??? are the leaves turning colors?

Sep 24, 2007

a big loss...

my dear friend sherri has had a big loss this week with the passing of her friend robin after a battle with breast cancer. please keep her in your thoughts this week.


a day late...

sorry to post this a day late...the shuggy snacks winner from saturday is...

angel wild!!!

email me your address and post a message!

Sep 22, 2007

saturday night shuggy snacks {9-22}

it's that time of the week again!!! time for saturday night shuggy snacks!! here is today's question...

if you could be one character from a movie, who would you be?

one random entry will win a little studio g stamp set.

here is the fine print: please post a comment with your entry and include an email (or email me your email) link or link to your website where i can email you if you are the winner. if you don't leave a way to contact you, your entry will be tossed. i will pick a winner from the comments on sunday, sept 23, around 9pm mst.

Sep 21, 2007

last friends cj entry...

i'm sad. this circle journal is complete. but i'm happy because i recieved mine back today!! it is amazing!! the ladies in this journal have done such a wonderful job!! i'll try and get some pictures of the whole journal scanned tonight or tomorrow.

but here is my last entry for sherri's journal. it will make the trip back to her today (sorry it's a few days late, sherri!). it's sort of a combination of a few of my previous entries for other cj's!!

in the blink of an eye...

omg!! it's amazing how fast life moves by you. i worked monday, tuesday and thursday this week and it's gone by in a flash. i've got to get some crafting done today!!! i haven't posted much this week!!!

Sep 16, 2007

childhood movies...

saturday night shuggy snacks brought back a few memories. i loved escape to witch mountain, the wizard of oz and chitty chitty bang bang!! i never did and still don't like bambi. don't know why. i also loved et.

the winner was teresa!!

go watch a good movie now!!

Sep 15, 2007

saturday night shuggy snacks {9-15)

everyone has a favorite movie from their childhood. mine was the rescuers. i had the book and the record that had a book as part of the record cover. (this was before videos came about!) i must have worn that record out!!!

so tell me what your favorite movie from your childhood was.

a random entry will win a little prize!!

here is the fine print: please post a comment with your entry and include an email (or email me your email) link or link to your website where i can email you if you are the winner. if you don't leave a way to contact you, your entry will be tossed. i will pick a winner from the comments on sunday, sept 16, around 8pm mst.

Sep 14, 2007

a new bella circle journal entry...

this is an entry for another bella circle journal. we had to include one of our favorite quotes. i thought this quote went gerat with these bellas!!!

my public service announcement...

you know, sometimes my job affects me. you may or may not know, i'm a pediatric intensive care nurse. i work with kids from ages 1 day to 18 years (and occasionally older). it's a hard job, but very rewarding. but sometimes, i just have to let off some steam. so here is my soapbox...i've said it before, and i'll probably say it again.


don't hit them. don't shake them. don't put them in a car without a seat belt or car seat. don't be stupid.

according to the national center on shaken baby syndrome ( 25-30% of kids who have been shaken will die from their injuries. many will have complications the rest of their lives. is that worth it? for one moment that you may be pushed to the edge because your baby is crying and you can't console them, is it worth it to risk their lives by hitting them or shaking them? walk away. set the baby down in their crib, swing, whatever. let them cry. they will be ok. crying never killed a baby. shaking them does.

and please put them in a proper car seat or seat belt. you never know what may happen when you are in a car. or if a little one is capable of opening a car door. sure it may take a few extra minutes to properly restrain them. but for their sake, take the extra time. they will thank you when they are an adult and are living a happy and healthy life. i promise. and you will thank yourself when you don't have to wonder if taking a few extra minutes could have saved their life.

thanks for reading.

Sep 11, 2007

a bunch of cards...

i made these all on my trip. i used parts of a simply scrappin kit from stampin' up! and a package of rubons. i only used 3 halves of a 12x12 sheet of pattened paper and 4 sheets of solid cardstock for all 20 cards.

all good things must come to an end...

or that's how the saying goes. i think it sucks. i was so sad to see the wonderful trip at moa-scrapfest come to an end. i can't even begin to say how amazing it was to meet the people who came from all over that i had only known as a cyber friend (with a few transistioning to a telephone friend!) and now i know them as a real live person. it has only solidified my friendships with them (i hope!).

we had a pretty impressive area of north america covered...sherri and ellie are from north carolina; patty is from connecticut; traci drove from ohio; chelsea drove from illinois; joanne is from tennessee; barb drove down from canada; tonii came from california; chris, robin, and debbie drove from michigan; joanie and lesa came from massachusetts; cindy and her friend tracy came from iowa; lidia and renee live in minnesota; and me and my cute mom came from utah. crazy isn't it!!

this is definately going to have to be some sort of annual event, be it with the moa-scrapfest or one we just organize on our own (hurry up, chris!). i never thought i would become such good friends with such an amazing group of people. now i just need to meet more of my shackie friends!!!

Sep 9, 2007

scrapfest day 3 (part 2!)...

i can't believe it was another fantastic day. i think that we are having
such a great time and it can't get any better, then it does!!!

today there was more make-n-taking, more classes to be rushed through, more trips to archiver's (they have so much of our money now!!), and another crafting session at the hotel. barb arranged to reserve a conference room at the hotel so we had our own space to play in. we ended up with about 17 people crafting together. we even had made some new friends (some invited and some not!) that stopped in to see what we were doing. michelle and cheryl, two very nice ladies from illinois, and hopefully soon to be new shackies (wink, wink) poked their heads in early in the night and ended up coming back to check on us a few times. they were so nice to take our group picture about twenty times with everyone's camera!!! the other people were just strangers walking by the room and stopping to look at our stuff. honestly!!! it was funny. we laughed so hard some of us were even crying. joanne read a fabulous poem about friendship, we gave barb a circle journal for arranging things. we took many pictures and laughed some more!! we lined up all our circle journals and showed them off (this is where the strangers came in...i think they thought it was a gallery or something!!)

i'm sad to see this all come to an end. some people are starting to head home tomorrow and the rest will trickle home monday and tuesday. i am going to have to be pretty creative at packing to get all my goodies home!!!

until tomorrow...

scrapfest day 3...

i'm so tired from laughing!! check back later for an update!!!

Sep 8, 2007

scrapfest day 2...

today was an exciting fun filled day!! the day started out this morning with a group of us gathered in the dining room of the hotel for breakfast. my cute mom thought she would let everyone know i'm not a morning person!! i'm really not that grumpy before 10am! after breakfast, we headed over to the mall of america, which is ginourmous, to start the scrapfest affair. some of us had classes and others just wandered the halls doing free make and takes. most of us got a cute free tote bag from some company that i can't recall. but it's super cute!! we eventually all gathered for lunch at the rain forest cafe. it was very loud, but we still had a great time.

we headed to more classes and cruised the halls (and some had naps!) until 6pm . then we gathered once again and caravaned to a local archiver's store for the crop around town sponsored by paper salon. the crop went from 630pm until 1230am. we crafted our little hearts out!!!
we got tons of free goodies from paper salon (i forgot the pad of paper in the picture!) and a huge goodie bag full of stuff from archivers. many prizes were given away. i won a cool christmas stamp set, some bare essentials chip board and some blank cards and envelopes. lidia was one one of the grand prizes that was an ellison big shot. sherri won a gift pack of chipboard and stamps from paper salon. and my cute mom won a very cute pink flowered tote.

we made this project from paper salon which is an altered journal. very cute. i just love the little owl!!

on the way back to the hotel, a deer had decided to stop smack dab in the middle of the freeway. chelsea was driving, with barb following her and traci following her. luckily, chelsea got us out of another huge pickle and swerved to miss the deer and managed to save us and the deer!! thankfully, barb and traci both missed it as well and we all made it safe and sound back to the hotel.

wow...the days are flying by!!

crop around town...

Sep 7, 2007

scrapfest day 1...

omg!! where do i begin? first of all, this is one of the coolest things i have ever done. i have become friends with an amazing group of people over at the shack. and now i am lucky enough to meet some of them in person!! i wish everyone was able to come so we could all experience the fun!! so today as we waited for more people to arrive, a group of us went to a lss called smudges. imagine the surprise of the owner of the store when 10 of us walked in!!! it was a store filled with rubber stamps. i have never seen so many!! it was awesome!! chelsea saved our lives (and got us out of a pickle!) when some maniac driver decided to take an exit from the middle lane of the freeway!!!

after everyone arrived, we headed to lidia's church (thank you SOOO much for arranging that, lidia!!) for a little crafting/stamping time. we had a blast!! we were there for hours!! we made our "got ink?" t-shirts, worked on the moa circle journal, learned how to make a waterfall card from joanne, learned about the bind-it-all machine from chelsea, and had a wonderful time laughing and sharing stories. we had great food, too. we also had a little birthday party for those of us with birthdays in the next little bit. it was amazing!!!

that's it for now...more updates to come!! pictures below...

lunch at rain forest cafe...

crop pictures...

Sep 6, 2007

scrapfest day...

well it has finally arrived. here i sit with my cute mom in a hotel in minnesota. we got in last night kinda late so didn't have time to do anything but grab some dinner and crash after a day of travel!! today will start the festivities when all the shackies meet up. we all trickle in sometime today and have a big bash at lidia's church tonight and we are going to stamp our little hearts out!! a few of us are going to take in a lss (local scrapbook store) this afternoon. then the big scrapfest starts tomorrow. i'll be posting updates of our fun and pictures, too!!!

Sep 5, 2007

moa or bust...

woo hoo!! today is the day! i'm leaving to go to minnesota to hook up with the other 16-17 shackies for scrapfest!! i'm so excited!! i'll leave with this thought..

you can't have everything, where would you put it?

well, i'm sure we'll figure it out!!! don't worry. i won't be without internet, so i'll still be connected!!

ta ta!!

Sep 4, 2007

status symbol or genuine?

so if you are at all familiar with the stamping, scrapping or crafting world, you are familiar with the term design team. if you aren't, here is what a design team does. a company selects of group of individuals from a pool of applicants. then they send these people, now known as a design team, free goodies to play with...stamps, new products, etc. in turn, the design team members create wonderful projects from their stash of goodies. the company then uses these creations to advertise said products.

so what's the reason for this post? well, i have just received my third design team rejection. i'm starting to get a complex here. a few will argue that "being on" a design team is mearly a type social status. kind of like when you were in the "cool group" out on the playground in kindergarten. then there are those that believe it is a wonderful way to display your talent and craft. this is what i believe. of course, me being the kid that was always picked last, maybe i should go with the first opinion. then some people will say that design teams are biased and pre-selected, in a political type of fashion. others will say that they are honest-to-goodness picked based on the talent of the designer. i don't know. maybe i just don't have "the look" the particular company is looking for. maybe there is a company out there just waiting to have me submit my projects and they are going to say "this is the one we've been waiting for...". probably not.

after a few rounds of tears last night, my loving boyfriend told me i was queen of the earth and didn't need a dumb design team to belong to. that they are all just missing out on my creativity. he said if he had a design team, i would be the only one on it. maybe i'll just have him create one, i'll apply, then i'll be satisfied. maybe not.

anyway, i was thinking of giving up the whole idea of being on a design team. i mean do i really have the time to devote to one? of course i can find the time. and no, i don't want to give up the chance to be on a design team. after all...i've only tried three times. a few of my friends over at the shack have told me that i can not stop trying. i will get make the cut eventually. ok, friends. i'm listening. but i'm going to come cry on your shoulder next time i get a big ol' rejection!

ahh...i feel better now.


see the little countdown clock over on the side?? says 1 day and 10 hours. which is when my trip to minnesota to meet all the shackies starts. well, actually, it's starts at 8am when i leave my house. so really, only 19 hours from now. and here i sit. stressing over what i HAVE NOT packed yet. argh!!! so i really need to get off the computer and go do that! only i'm waiting for my final load of laundry to get done. holy crap!! why do i procrastinate so badly??

Sep 3, 2007


here are the winners from saturday night shuggy snacks {9-1} and the 14000 hits contest. i used the trusty number selector.

  • the winner with the answer of dori speaking whale is lucky number 9 was nancy grant. woo hooo!!!
  • the winner for the 14000 hits is number 21, shannon!! hooray!!

both of you please comment and email me your address.

thanks to all of you that made such fabulous comments about my blog. it makes me feel better knowing i'm doing all of this for a reason!!! you are the best!!!


more holiday love...

once again, i have another post featuring a circle journal!!! this one is for terry's holiday circle journal. i loved her theme. it is the 5 senses of christmas. we had to put what our favorite senses of
christmas are.
i really wish i had better hand writing so i could write everything instead of relying on the computer. ok, honestly i don't. because there are so many stinkin' cute fonts!! i'm so addicted to fonts.
supplies used include stamps from stampin up, purple onion, maryse carrier. i also used part of a simply scrappin kit from stampin up.

Sep 2, 2007

random thought of the day {9-2}

today's thought courtesy of my cute boyfriend...

if you choke a smurf, what color will he turn???

Sep 1, 2007

stamp-n-stay goodies...

so last weekend, my amazing stampin' up! upline christy, had a few of us over for a weekend of stamping and fun. these are the projects we made.

first, we made this amazing card holder, complete with index tabs. i absolutely love the way mine turned out. i wasn't sure when i was making it, but i think it's so cute!! all supplies are stampin' up! for a girl who hates to cute out little things, i sure did a lot of it!!

the next project was a business tool that has three sections in it. the first section has several pages of color combos. the next section is for card sketch ideas and the last is for scrapbook layout ideas. such a cool idea.

we also made a mini brag book. the them is supposed to be "10 things". i haven't had a chance to decorate my cover yet. inside are 10 spots with 10 mini pages to add a picture or some cute saying.

and finally, since we were lounging by the pool in the hot st george sun, we all created our own visor. who would have thought you could stamp on a visor!!! such a cute idea!!!
we had such a great time and learned so many new things. i can't even begin to thank her enough for the great time i had!!!
thanks christy!!!

saturday night shuggy snacks {9-1}

i know, you are all holding your breath until i posted today's trivia! well breathe now. here it is.

in the movie finding nemo, what other language can dori speak?

here is the fine print: please post a comment with your entry and include an email (or email me your email) link or link to your website where i can email you if you are the winner. if you don't leave a way to contact you, your entry will be tossed. i will pick a winner from the comments on sunday, sept 2, around 9pm mst.

what's that...another circle journal...

of course!! so the big shackie get together at the mall of america and scrapfest event is this coming thursday-sunday. i can hardly stand it. not only do i get to meet all these cool and wonderful friends i've made over at the stamp shack, i also get to go on a mom-daugther trip for the first time ever!! how fun is that!! woo hoo!! i can't wait.

anyhoo...we are all going to do a circle journal to remember our trip together. here is the cover of mine along with the pages i'll be adding to everyone else's journals. i case'd the idea from a page i saw over at 2peas.
minnesota, here we come!!!