Sep 4, 2007

status symbol or genuine?

so if you are at all familiar with the stamping, scrapping or crafting world, you are familiar with the term design team. if you aren't, here is what a design team does. a company selects of group of individuals from a pool of applicants. then they send these people, now known as a design team, free goodies to play with...stamps, new products, etc. in turn, the design team members create wonderful projects from their stash of goodies. the company then uses these creations to advertise said products.

so what's the reason for this post? well, i have just received my third design team rejection. i'm starting to get a complex here. a few will argue that "being on" a design team is mearly a type social status. kind of like when you were in the "cool group" out on the playground in kindergarten. then there are those that believe it is a wonderful way to display your talent and craft. this is what i believe. of course, me being the kid that was always picked last, maybe i should go with the first opinion. then some people will say that design teams are biased and pre-selected, in a political type of fashion. others will say that they are honest-to-goodness picked based on the talent of the designer. i don't know. maybe i just don't have "the look" the particular company is looking for. maybe there is a company out there just waiting to have me submit my projects and they are going to say "this is the one we've been waiting for...". probably not.

after a few rounds of tears last night, my loving boyfriend told me i was queen of the earth and didn't need a dumb design team to belong to. that they are all just missing out on my creativity. he said if he had a design team, i would be the only one on it. maybe i'll just have him create one, i'll apply, then i'll be satisfied. maybe not.

anyway, i was thinking of giving up the whole idea of being on a design team. i mean do i really have the time to devote to one? of course i can find the time. and no, i don't want to give up the chance to be on a design team. after all...i've only tried three times. a few of my friends over at the shack have told me that i can not stop trying. i will get make the cut eventually. ok, friends. i'm listening. but i'm going to come cry on your shoulder next time i get a big ol' rejection!

ahh...i feel better now.

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Nancy said...

Ya, what you said.... same feelings went though my head and heart yesterday when I too was rejected.... sigh

Melissa Norris said...

I feel the same way. But think of it this way, it may take 10 times or more, but when you get that yes...its gonna feel AWESOME!
~Melissa (still lookin for that yes too)

Well Said Cards said...

I hear what you're saying, I got the rejection email too. I guess you just have to put yourself in the owner's shoes - they have a lot riding on the members of their teams. They will be representing their products.

Your time will come and so will mine. If we really want it we'll keep trying. I know I'll keep trying because with every card I make I can only get better and so do you!


Shannon said...

I got the email too - so you aren't alone. Seems there must of been a lot of us that applied.

Wife2TJ said...


I am so sorry. If it makes you feel better at least you have put forth the effort to try to get one one, I'm haven't even done that yet. lol!

Your day will come and whoever does chose you will be very lucky to have you on there team, I am sure of it!

Keep on trying, it will happen for you. In the meantime good for you for trying, I need to get off my lazy butt and at least get to trying. lol!

Love ya girl! -Samantha

Rebecca said...

I have been reading your blog for a couple of months and you are a very talented artist. Your day will come!

Pat S. said...

I just read this over at Lisa Strahl's blog...hope what she says about rejects will help:

Pam Speidel said...

Oh dear Angie...YOU GO GIRL! and don't you ever forget it! YOU are one of the very first stampers that I idolized when I joined PCMB! Your talent is amazing, but you know there are LOTS of very creative women applying to these design teams and like you said, each company is looking for a certain style. I know you've had a LOT on your agenda lately so maybe now isn't a good time anyway. Don't you fret, your day will come! I guarantee it! :) Smiles 2 U, Pam :)

Nancy Grant said...

I so know what you mean. Here's a portion of a post that made me feel lots better. I hope it does you too. It's from

"My hope is, none of these great stampers will feel disheartened. They shouldn't. The numbers made the competition fierce! Almost every applicant had "worthy" work. Many candidates, some highly published, and/or already serving on other popular design teams were eliminated.

In essence, the process had/has nothing to do do with "acceptance and rejection." It had/has to do with finding the very best fit for smARTworks at this time... Kind of like some of the talent-type TV shows that are so popular right now... When the best are compared with the best, the only way for someone to move on, is for someone else to be eliminated... Even those who "lose" are really winners."