May 26, 2016

string blocks...

so about that swap i was mentioning in the previous post.  here are the blocks i made.  i haven't gotten the knack of measuring properly yet, so i had to get more material. ended up with three different blocks.  gotta admit, i love them all!

May 15, 2016

oh no...a new hobby...

so i've taken up a new hobby.  and it's terrible.  not terrible in the sense that it's an awful hobby. terrible in the sense that a-i don't need another hobby, b-i don't need another EXPENSIVE hobby, and even worse c-another hobby that takes up a lot of space!  but seeing as how i can't ever really just ease in to things, i've jumped in full speed ahead!

it's quilting.  and i have my two friends, nancy and traci to thank.  or blame.  see, nancy was wanting to host a quilt block swap.  and traci was going to join.  and they both pretty much talked me into doing it, too.  now mind you, i have never quilted a thing in my life!!  i have sewn a few things here and there, but a quilt?  get out! but they both assured me it would be simple and that if i could sew a moderately straight line, i could do it.

i gave in and joined the swap.  and then i went to the fabric store to get fabric for my blocks. and it was pretty much history from there.  i knew i was in deep trouble.  the swap was a string block swap, and in theory you use your fabric scraps to make the block. since i didn't really have fabric scraps to use, i had to buy some.  and once i realized all the amazingly cute fabric that is out there, i was hooked!  i picked some fabric and went home.  then decided that maybe i should make some more.  so i went back to the fabric store.  then ventured to one (or several) of the grundle of stores located near me.  now i have a nice little stash of fabric!

so now here it is, probably 6 weeks later and i'm on my third quilt.  haven't finished any of them yet, but my mind is wild with ideas!  so my stamping/crafting blog may now have a little quilting mixed in!  and don't worry...i'm NOT giving up card making or mixed media.  i love them too much!  just adding another addiction to the mix!!!

here's the first quilt block i made.  it's terrible and uneven but i love it because it's what got me hooked.  and of course it involves cute birds!!!

Apr 21, 2016

coffee love...

i participated in an atc swap that was hosted by grumbacher.  it is a one on one swap, meaning you create one atc and send it in and get one in return.  back in the day (like i'm so ancient here!) i was used to swapping atcs as a set of 9.  so it was a little odd just making one.  but this swap definitely had me stretch outside of my comfort zone, because it was a drawing atc.  now i can stamp up and craft an atc with the best of them. but simply using drawing or painting?  yikes!  but i absolutely loved making it.  and i even still used some stamps on it. (tracy's dare2beartzy stamps made perfect coffee rings!) can't wait to see which atc i receive!!  and i hope whoever gets mine likes it!  there were over 100 participants.  you should check them all out over on the grumbacher facebook page.

Apr 17, 2016


i've shown a glimpse here and there of this card. but here it is in all it's glory. these owls. i seriously don't know how the designers at unity continue to make stamps that i simply can't refuse to buy! smart cookies, they are!!

stamps: unity
cardstock: mme patterned paper, crumb cake, white
ink: fossilized amber, hello honey, walnut stain, jet black
embellishments:  twine
other:  prismacolor markers