Mar 2, 2015

be yourself...

gee, that title sounds deep.  it isn't really.  just a stamp on this page so i thought i would make it the name!  this is week 4 of inspiration wednesday (orignal was on 2.18.15) but i'm a slow poke.  i've been way under the weather and it took a while to get these pages done and posted.  but better late than never!  at least it's before the next class, right?!?

like all the past weeks, i was watching the class and wondering what on earth i was going to do for this one.  then i just pretty much started going and didn't stress about it. i didn't have any stencils with words, so i made my own with the silhouette.  easy peasy.

be yourself
supplies:  gesso, acrylic paint, archival ink, masking tape, charcoal pencil,
light molding paste, dictionary page, tags
stamps:  unity-susan weckesser and donna downey

Feb 21, 2015

create pt 2.

week three of inspiration wednesday is in the books.  i love (ok, i really don't...but...) how each week i think it can't get any more beyond my comfort zone. wow! this week took the cake. it all felt so like nothing i have ever done before. and after each step i had to just hope it would turn out ok. i kept taking pictures along to way to remind me how after each layer what it looked like.  because i was convinced it was going to turn out awful!  i'm amazed at the final product.  i only wish i would have remembered i used the word "create" on the previous page.  oh well!  it is what it is!  i definitely created!!

supplies:  gesso, acrylic paint, india ink,
alphabet stencils, crafter's workshop tcw-200

Feb 1, 2015


this is week 2 in my inspiration journal.  i haven't done a ton with collage, so this was a big stretch of outside my comfort zone.  i also really don't love butterflies, but i wanted to use the tissue paper i had because it had cool printed images.  and i have to say i love how the butterfly looks on the page!  i also got to use one of the new totally tracy stamps!  there is a lot going on here, but i'm happy with the result.

supplies:  gesso, acrylic paint, distress ink, washi tape,
india inkbubble wrap, tim holtz tissue paper,
dictionary page, alphabet stickers
stamps:  totally tracy

inspiration journal...

i've been fascinated with the concept of mixed media for a couple of years now.  part of the reason i fell in love with it was watching inspiration wednesday by donna downey.  every wednesday she would post a video of her doing a page in her journal.  her process from start to finish.  (see more here) i've learned a lot and have been amazed at what she can create.  this year, she mixed it up a bit and now it's more a class where you make your own inspiration journal and do a page every other week.

i actually braved it and sewed my own journal.  turned out pretty ok, despite some crooked lines of sewing. but i think it gives it a little character!

this is my first page, which i incorporated my one little word of 2015.  i actually used my silhouette to make the stencil for the word "brave" and the little bird.

supplies:  gesso, acrylic paint, distress ink
stamps:  unity-donna downey, melody ross

Jan 27, 2015


look at that.  it's been 10 months since i've done anything on my blog.  but it definately has not been 10 months since i've gotten crafty.  a lot has changed since then.  sold a house, moved in with the parentals for the summer. bought a new house and moved in to probably what is as near to my dream house as is possible at this point in my life.  so i wasn't able to do much craftiness for a while last summer, but i've started up again after getting my new crafty space in a working condition (notice i didn't say "completed condition"!)

anywhoo...a new year brings a new one little word.  and here is my word for twenty*fifteen.  brave.  this is in my mixed media journal.

supplies:  gesso, acrylic paint, charcoal pencil,
bubble wrap, chipboard letters, distress ink

so happy new year, happy crafting and maybe i'll brush the dust off the old blog more often now!!

Mar 9, 2014

great cape escape...

so maybe i've mentioned before that i {love} mixed media mondays.  it's a great escape every week. well, tracy found this cape one day. and it turned into the great cape escape which involves a cape, a journal, and traveling around the country.  it is awesome!  the cape and journal found its way to me last week.  and it couldn't have come on a better day.  thank you, tracy, for this amazing jourey!!

Feb 28, 2014


i haven't posted a card for a while. and i can play along with friends with flair this week! i have loved this huge poppy stamp since the first time i saw it on the unity website.  but i didn't get it because i had no idea what i would do with it.  i finally gave in and got it.  i made a set of cards like this one in four different colors. so simple!

stamps:  unity, donna downey
cardstock:  tangerine tango, white
ink: tangerine tango, onyx black

Feb 17, 2014


this was kind of an uphill battle for me!  i loved what sandee from frosted designs did and thought i would try it out.  little did i know i actually had pipettes to work with!  the technique was a little frustrating for me but i did like the finished project.  it's fun experimenting (and a little aggravating!) with new techniques to see what you do and don't like! thanks for the push, again!!

supplies:  water colors, india ink, black pen, white pen