Dec 29, 2007

more great music...

i found another new (to me anyway) person's music that i love. his name is josh kelly. you can listen here...

Dec 24, 2007

twas the night before christmas...

and everyone was hustling and bustling to christmas parties and last minute shopping. may all of you have a very merry and safe christmas eve!!!

Dec 22, 2007

20 questions...

it's been a while since i've worked on a circle journal (there were some technical difficulties getting one here!) so i have a few to work on at the moment. i just finished this entry for mary's 20 questions circle journal.

sign of our times...

ps sherri, i borrowed this from your blog!!

busy, busy, busy...

tis the season to be busy, i guess. maybe someone should make a song about that!! thrown in with all the hub-bub for christmas and the holidays, my brother and his wife moved this week. we went down to visit them yesterday. as we were leaving to come back home, we were stopped at a red light and got rear-ended!! i freaked!! not because i was hurt, but because it's the first time something has happened to my new car!! (i got it a year ago this month...because last december i was in another wreck and totalled my old car!) so i'm not fond of december and car issues now!! luckily, no one got hurt and it didn't seem to do much to my car. one reason i freaked was because i looked in the rear view mirror after they guy hit us and saw his car. the front end was smashed! we later found out his wife had hit a deer not too long ago, so that's why his car was smashed. all that happened yesterday was his license plate got bent. big sigh of relief!!

also fun and exciting was a new addition to the family. not ours!!! we have a new nephew. little ben was born last week. he's so cute! kerry's brother and sister-in-law had a new baby. hopefully we'll get up to idaho to see him next month.

well i'm off to wrap some presents. i haven't wrapped any so i think that's what i'll be doing most of today!!!

Dec 20, 2007

my christmas card to you...

so i made a variety of christmas cards this year. but here is my favorite. so if i neglected to send you a christmas card this year (or more likely, ran out of stamps and didn't have time to go get more...) consider this your christmas card from me to you!!!

Dec 15, 2007


man it's cold. ok, so it's only 24 degrees, but it is freezing!!!

i'm so sad...i have such a great porch on my house and i didn't get outdoor lights put up. i would do it now, but i don't think it's worth it for only a week or so. next year i'll have to do it much earlier!!!

how about another little poll?? this will be a two part poll.

  1. colored lights or a single color on your christmas tree?
  2. colored lights or a single color outside on your house?

Dec 14, 2007

o christmas tree...

so here's a little christmas story for you. i spend a good three hours the other day, by myself, trying to put up our christmas tree. i'm feeling pretty proud about it, since it's a pretty big tree and i managed to drag it upstairs and assemble it alone. i get it all decorated.

a little history...last year was the first year me and kerry had a christmas tree. the first year we lived together, we lived in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment that had no room. so we opted for no tree. then we moved into our townhouse and december came and before we knew it, it was time for christmas but we didn't have a tree. so i bought a little 1 foot tree, added some shiny blue balls and we called it good for that year. then after christmas i hit the post christmas sales and got a really nice tree for cheap.

so last christmas, i start thinking about how to decorate the christmas tree. i ask kerry for his input on what sort of decorations he liked and i got the typical male answer of, "i don't care. you do it." so i did. i went to tai pan trading and bought the cutest decorations. some wire strings with white metal stars, some white strings of jingle bells, some cute yellow wood stars strung on wire, and some old fashioned looking santas, and added a few strips of cloth in colors that matched. so i gather my decorations and start decorating the tree. kerry tells me the santas are a little odd, but whatever. tree is fine. we have a lovely christmas and enjoy the tree.

so back to yesterday. i get the tree all done and am very proud of how cute it looks and kerry gets home from work. he walks in and says, "oh, the tree is done. you know, those santas really creep me out. can we get rid of them?" i'm shocked. i'm speechless. flabbergasted. not, "oh honey, the tree looks so good!" or "wow! you put up the tree!" but "those santas creep me out. i hate them." what a guy thing to do. apparently, he somehow survived last christmas with those awful santas but can't do it another year. so i remind him of my conversation with him asking for input on the decorations. and then like the nice girlfriend, i removed the santas from the tree. probably with a little more energy and force than was necessary, but whatever...the santas are history. and i ask him again, what would he like on the tree. his reply, "shiney balls." did i mention i hate balls on christmas trees???


so here is our tree, sans santa. also thrown in is a picture of above our fireplace with the christmas decor. and of course, the creepy santa!!

another great movie for christmas...

this is one of my favorite sure and turn off the music player at the bottom of the page before pressing play!!

Dec 11, 2007

a must have...

remember the other day (a few posts down) when i mentioned that i needed to go and get the puffs tissue with lotion and vicks? well, since i felt a lot worse today, i went to the store and finally got some. oh why didn't i get these days ago?? they are a definate MUST have if you have a cold or other respiratory ailment. they are a delight. i know, you are saying, "it's a tissue, what's the big deal?" trust me. it's a big deal!!!

i'm going to go snuggle with them right now!!!

Dec 10, 2007

thanks and a winner...

thanks for all the well wishes!! i'm feeling a little better, at least i didn't need three naps today!! i never made it to get those tissues, although my nose is wishing i had!!!

the winner of the christmas song poll is linda peterson! so please email me, linda, with your address and post a comment so i know you know you won!!!

everyone go listen to all the great christmas music out there!!!

Dec 9, 2007

time for a poll...

i think it's time for a poll. and maybe even a little goodie for one of the participants. tell me what your favorite christmas song is. i'll draw a random comment on monday and send you a goodie. but please include your email or a way to contact you!!!

my favorite song is carol of the bells. i love the vienna boy's choir version. it's amazing. i also love o holy night. there are so many good christmas songs!!!!

Dec 8, 2007

pass the tissue...

you have to love the first real illness of winter. i've got it now. on thursday i was feeling a little icky, like feverish and tired. then i woke up yesterday with a horrible sore throat and stuffiness. now it's progressed into a full fledged attack!! i think it must be either a sinus/ear infection plus some throat thing. all i know is that i feel like i've been run over by a truck!!! so my plans for the day consist of laying on the couch all day and watching tv and drinking juice!!! oh, i may have to run out and get some of those new tissues that have lotion and vicks in then. those sound heavenly!!!

Dec 5, 2007

more holiday tv...

since i missed rudolph and the misfit toys last night **sniff, sniff** don't forget that santa claus is coming to town is on tonight, dec 5th, on abc!

Dec 4, 2007

did you watch...

a charlie brown christmas last night??? (EDIT: i guess it wasn't on last was last week!!) me either. but i tivo'd it! so we are going to watch it on christmas eve at our family get together! yipee!!

another great show was "shrek the halls" i haven't laughed so hard in a long time. it will be on again on dec 11. don't miss it!!!