May 31, 2007

i've been tagged!!

ok, here is a little game of tag requiring only one word answers. it should be fun...

Yourself: happy
Your Partner: funny
Your Hair: brownish blonde
Your Mother: cute
Your Father: grumpy
Your Favorite Item: chocolate
Your Dream Last Night: grandma
Your Favorite Drink: cherry coke zero
Your Dream Car:
Dream Home: in it!!!
The Room You Are In: office
Where You Want to be in Ten Years: healthy and happy
Who You Hung Out With Last Night: kerry
You’re Not: fake
One of Your Wish List Items: travel
The Last Thing You Did: slept
You Are Wearing: pj’s
Your Favorite Weather: cool summer nights
Last Thing You Ate: peanut butter brownie
Your Life: content
Your Mood: sleepy
Your Best Friend: kerry
What Are You Thinking About Right Now: nothing (just woke up!)
Your Car: jeep compass
What Are You Doing At The Moment: answering this
Relationship Status: cohabitating
What Is On Your TV: nothing
What Is The Weather Like: sunny
When Is The Last Time You Laughed: last night

that's it!

so now, these people get to play along...

May 30, 2007

stamping top 50

i'm so stamping top 50 account was deleted so now i have to start from the bottom again. i was up to like 140 or something.

Stampingtop50 Counter

**insert sad face here**

wow, what good ideas!!!

you all had such good ideas for the paper situation (see tuesday may 29). thanks for sharing all of them!! the winner of the prize is kayellwy. please email me with your address!

i'm hopefully going to get some cards done in the next day or two...depending on how much of my house i get cleaned!!! i'll post pics of the craft room when i get it staightened out.

tata for now...

May 29, 2007

i'm in a giving mood today...

so let's have another little contest.

i need ideas on how to store my paper. do you sort your paper by brand, color, pattern, theme or what?? so let me hear the way you store your paper and how you keep it sorted.

i'll take suggestions until tomorrow night (wednesday). winner will get a little collection of goodies.

let 'em rip!!!

today's the day, hopefully!!

that i get my craft room put together. my cute mom is coming over and we are going to work on that and hopefully some cards she has to make for an order. so i'll try and post pictures later of our progress.

wish me luck!!!

and congrats to rebecca, winner of the saturday night shuggy snacks {5-26} trivia question. it was a toss up between the quote i used and the one shannon mentioned. more trivia next saturday!!

May 26, 2007

saturday night shuggy snacks {5-26}

sorry, i'm a little delinquent today. it's been a very busy week compounded by my dear boyfriend's need to buy a 57 inch projection tv and stand today that we just finished putting together. the thing is ginourmous!!!

anyway, here's this weeks edition of the trivia question...

what movie is the following line from?

"gee, i’m real sorry your mom blew up, ricky."

i'll draw the winner from all correct entries recieved by monday may 28 at 9pm mst. please email your email address if it isn't in your profile so i can contact you if you win.

thanks, and enjoy the ride.

May 23, 2007

this and that...

hooray!! ikea opened today! of course, i'm not going to go there for a few weeks because i don't want to fight my way through, but it is open!! it looked like a zoo today.

so our main freeway system has these overhead electric signs where they can post messages such as "crash ahead, road closed" or amber alerts and such. well, the past few days they've had one up that just cracks me up. it said "seat belt law enforced" well duh! isn't it always enforced? there was another one last labor day weekend. it read "dui laws enforced" so great...every other weekend of the year you can get away with driving while intoxicated but not that one???


May 20, 2007

do you have astroids?

no, but my dad has....

and the winner of last nights saturday night shuggy snacks is...


please email me your address and i'll send you your prize!!

thanks for playing everyone!

my advice for the day...

never leave a hammer on the floor. especially in your unpacked cluttered craft room where you have to stratigecally walk to avoid tripping on things.

those sharp pointy ends you use to take out old nails really hurt when you step on it and it jams itself up into your foot.


May 19, 2007

saturday night shuggy snacks {5-19}

the return!!!

here it is, kids. the night you've all be waiting for i'm sure!!! in case this is the first time you've seen this feature, i have a little trivia contest each saturday for prizes. so get ready to pull that useless knowledge from the gray matter.

tonight's question:
what is the name on the dog from the movie vacation and what does aunt edna call clark after the mishap with the dog??

post your guesses here. i'll draw a winner from the correct entries tomorrow at 8pm (5-20).

have fun and see you at wallyworld!!!

May 17, 2007

to my friend sherri...

i'm sorry you are having a rough week.


honey, i'm home!!!!


we got all moved in. most of the stuff is unpacked (minus my craft room, but that will be the project for this weekend!). and today we finally got our phone and internet!

oh finally...i'm home!!!

so watch out...the blogger returns.

and aslo, saturday night shuggy snacks contest will return this saturday so remember to check back then!!!

plus i'll have a few other surprises up my sleeve!!!

May 12, 2007

the houdini mouse story...

i promise, once i get unpacked, i'll get back to crafting...for now, this is the "ramblings of life in general" part of my blog!!!

so this mouse. the first night at my new house, my cute mom stayed over. we were talking on the couch and i thought i saw something run across the kitchen. it was dark, about midnight and i didn't know if i saw something or not. so i kept watching and saw it again. i told her that i thought i saw a mouse! of course, she wasn't happy since she was sleeping on the couch next to the kitchen!! so we continue talking and i see it again. this time it stops right by where the dishwasher comes out of the counter. it stops and stares. yep. a mouse all right. and it sits there and stares at me. it was like we are in a stare down! so i tell my mom to get up slow and turn on the kitchen light. she turns on the wrong one, but i can clearly see him now. plain as day giving me the stink eye. probably wondering why we invaded his space. and he just stays and stares. she turns on the right light in the kitchen and he stares for a few seconds then scurries under the dishwasher. well, by now she's freaked!! i had seen a bunch of mouse poop, so i got a bunch of glue traps early in the day. so we set some out all over the kitchen.

well, we are exhausted, so we go to bed. she's all tucked in on the couch and i go up to the bedroom. well, about a half hour later, i see a light turn on and my mom is whispering my name. i get up and meet her on the stairs. she said there is this mouse dancing across the kitchen. i thought she meant that he was running back and forth. oh no! he was stuck to the glue board and was frantically trying to get off. in the process, dragging it across the floor! well i didn't want to wake up kerry, so i was brave and found a plastic bag to put him in. i dropped the bag (on accident) in the garage, and thought he was dead. i kind of squished the glue board onto him so i knew he would be stuck. he wasn't moving. we left the bag there and went to bed.

the next day, i was telling my brother the story. i pointed to the bag sitting there and said that was the mouse. he went over and picked it up to look at the mouse (why must boys look at all things weird?). and do you now what? yep, he was gone!!! and there was a whole in the plastic bag where he had nibbled his way to freedom!!! i have no idea how got off the glue board!!!

houdini mouse. we live in his house!!!

the new digs...

so here are some pictures of my new house. be warned that they were taken this afternoon, so everything is a mess (especially the unmade bed!)!! nothing is really where it will end up. i thought i'd post before the move (which is here), after the move (which are the pictures below) and i'll post unpacked and settled when we get there!!

ahhhh...home sweet home.

the new digs!

May 11, 2007

the move...

oh my, can i tell you how much i hate moving? no, hate isn't a good word. i loathe moving. i hate every aspect of the whole "move" process. first you have to start the process of changing your address...EVERYWHERE! do you realize just
how many places have your address? oh my lordy!! then there is dealing with the utility people. have to shut off here, have to start here, have to have a gazillion dollars in transfer/shut off/start fees!! holy schniickies. (it's my
word, but i don't know how to spell it!!) then you are consumed with finding boxes. and more boxes. and then more boxes. you need big ones for blankets and clothes. medium ones for more than i want to list. small ones for little things. then you need some plastic containers for stuff you don't want ruined (like crafty stuff...i own stock in rubbermaid now...)

so back to finding boxes. you look everywhere and every box you see you are thinking what you can pack in it. i have to say that stampin up boxes are the best. unfortunately, i had MANY in a variety of sizes!! i also snagged a bunch
from work (they were all syringe boxes!) so anyone walking by thinks all i do is stamp and shoot up! not true!! so after the boxes are collected, you still need more. so what the freak...i went to lowe's and bought a grundle cause i thought we didn't have enough. do you know how many boxes were left in my garage after everything was moved? oh, maybe 30!!! so then i had to get rid of them all.
then you pack. and pack. and it's all you do. pack. did i mention you pack? this is the worst. you have that heart wrenching debate of "should i keep this little trinket i got a bazillion years ago that i forgot i had?" with more things than you imagine. so you end up purging. or packing and then purging when you unpack. that's brilliant!! and no matter how much packing you do and how much you think you are done, you are never done!!! the movers show up and you look around as they are asking you what goes (um, all of it?? i'm moving,
duh!) and they say "what about those clothes on the floor" or "what about those whatevers on the floor". packing is never done.
then the movers come. i mentioned when they pulled up, "um, your truck is too small." i was assured that it was fine and they can make it all fit. "um, no, your truck is too small." "no mam, we know what we are doing, we'll get it in."
so three hours later, the truck is full and there is still a ton of stuff not on. like big stuff that can't go in a car. like a tv and dining room table and chairs. lamps, lawn movers. you know, easy stuff to transport for a little
girl and her cute mom (yes, she worked her little patootie off...more on that in a minute!). so i say "um, your truck's too small." "yep, i guess you were right." really, genius? arghhhhh!!!!!!!! so now what? um, we make 4 more trips in trucks. and my boyfriend's parents who are not spring chickens anymore (and i thank them for all they did!) have to come with their truck. whatever. oh, and they can't get a couch out of the room. so they killed the door frame in the process. fine. just get a move on!!

anyway, we made it to the new house. the movers did a good job of getting all the boxes in mostly the right place. then head on their way. so then it's me and my cute mom in a sea of boxes. oh, and the mouse. and more boxes. you get the picture.
so after about 4 hours of cleaning up after the movers, our old house is clean. the new house is a mess, but we are all in. now it just comes the part of unpacking. forever.
the good thing out of all this? i absolutely ADORE my new house! i love it!! it is so fun and cute and wonderful! (despite the houdini mouse!!).
pictures will be posted when i can find the camera in a box.

May 9, 2007

one more...

ok, i must take a deep breath. today i was supposed to work, but my lame body had other ideas. so here i sit, feeling awful, figuring out what i can do to get ready for tomorrow which is MOVING DAY!!!

i can't beleive it is finally here!! YEAH!! i will be able to craft soon!!! isn't that exciting!!

May 3, 2007