Jul 28, 2007

saturday night shuggy snacks...

is on temporary hold for a few weeks. sorry to disappoint. check back soon!!!

Jul 25, 2007

holiday circle journal madness...

so i have procrastinated to the last day on my own circle journal. smart!!! anyway, here it is, without my entry. i just wanted to post it first. there are 5 pictures so i put it in a photobook for easier editing. hope you likey!!!

i mostly used a sweetwater kit with this. additional rubons from different companies and i stamped with stampin' up! alphas and maryse carrier.

Cool Slideshows!

Jul 24, 2007

happy pioneer day...

it's a holiday today in the great state of utah. it's when the pioneers declared utah a state. thanks, brother brigham! read more here if you are really interested. luckily we live in a state called utah, and not deseret, as they wanted it to be originally. mostly it means anyone who works for a utah based company has the day off and those that work for an non-utah based place work. lucky for me, it's a holiday paired with the 4th of july, which i worked, so i have today off. so i'm hosting a bbq with my family. which means i really should start cleaning!

lots of fireworks tonight. we'll see how much more of the state can catch on fire!!

Jul 23, 2007

enabler alert...

big sale over at purple onion designs.  25% off everything!  go check it out.

i love to enable...

shuggy snacks winner...

i totally forgot to pick a winner for the saturday night shuggy snacks on 7-21 yesterday!!  whoopsie!!

anyway, here is the winner...


once again, it's too hard for me to pick one favorite.  i love the bourne identity series, star wars, indiana jones, and on and on...

a little vintage...

so it's circle journal week, meaning all my circle journal entries are due to be mailed this week!! argh!!! anyway, here is my entry for ethel's circle journal. she is totally a vintage kind of gal and i'm am so not. i hope this is ok. we had to use a quote somewhere.

Jul 22, 2007

i'm so nervous/excited...

tomorrow is the day we get to register for the crop around town for scrapfest that is only 45 days away!!  yipee!!  i hope we can all get the one we want!!!

and i can't believe i'm getting up at 5am to do it!!!

Jul 21, 2007

this is a test...

so i saw this link after looking at heather's blog here and thought i'd give it a shot. it is a blog editor called windows live writer, which you can download from microsoft for free. this is just a short test, since it's 1153 pm and i have to get up for work at 530am so i have to run to bed. i'll experiment more later. so far, i'm loving it!!!

new picture...

ok, here's the picture of my new haircut.

3 wishes bella circle journal entry...

here is another entry for the bella circle journal swap. this one we had to list 3 wishes, if money was no object. take a peek.

i have discovered these overlays by making memories. they are so fun and easy to use!!

new bloggers in the neighborhood...

a bunch of new bloggers have emerged! please visit them (they are listed in the blog list with ***new*** by their names!). i'm so excited they have jumped in the blogging world!!!

Jul 20, 2007

saturday night shuggy snacks {7-21}

one more time...another category snacks post.

tell what your favorite action/adventure movie is.

i'll draw a random entry from the comments and you will win a little prize.

as always, here is the fine print: please post a comment with your entry and include an email (or email me your email) link or link to your website where i can email you if you are the winner. if you don't leave a way to contact you, your entry will be tossed. i will pick a winner from the comments on sunday, july 22, around 9pm mst.

rockin' girl blogger...

so my friend sarah was so nice and nominated me as a rockin' girl blogger!! wasn't that sweet!! so now i get to nominate 5 people who i think have rockin' blogs. of course, i love all the blogs i read regularly, so this is a very small list of the blogs i think are rockin'!!!

i was sent the cutest card today...

by my friend erin. she's so nice. she made this cute "congrats" card for me passing my class with 100%. my first 'a'! thanks erin! you can see her original post here.

Jul 19, 2007


i went and got a haircut today. i've needed one for about two months now (i usually go about every three months) and haven't been since the beginning of feb!! it was so long and i had so much regrowth i forgot what color it used to be!! but now it's back to it's blondie shorter length where it will curl a lot easier!! thanks, susan!!!

Jul 18, 2007

fun new things...

so my cute neighbor, stephanie, is a consultant for scentsy candles. see her webpage here. anyway, she had an open house today and i went over and fell in love with the cutest candle warmer!! it's flowers and stripes and so dang adorable i can hardly stand it! i also got some really nummy smelling flavors! i can't wait until it gets here!!

Jul 16, 2007

two things i {heart}...

i borrowed that {heart} idea from someone...i can't remember who!!

anyhoo...two things i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE right this very minute. well a few actually. but i grouped one together. that would be the stampin up in colors for this year. oh my love them!!!

the second is the doodle wheel. could i love a stamp more? i can't stand it!! i heart them so stinkin much!! why oh why did i wait so long to get the new colors???

here are some quick 3x3's i made to try them out...

did i mention that i LOVE THEM!!!

Jul 15, 2007

rubber stamping fun cards...

i finally got a chance to make a couple of cards and review the new stamp set i got from rubber stamping fun. the set i used is new set that has three border stamps and three sentiments that you can mix and match. the stamps are wood mounted and nice quality red rubber. they are very easy to use. the sentiments are best wishes, with thanks, and you're invited.

new stamp company...

so my friend sherry from over at the stamp shack has not only created an amazing on line community, but now is venturing out into the world of stamp making. her store is called inkspirations and she is taking pre-orders for stamps now. so go visit it and see what you think!!

i already pre-ordered both plates!!!

my favorite drama...

and the winner of snss...

so i'm torn. i have so many. i think first off my all time favorite drama would have to be field of dreams. steel magnolias is a close second. i think i saw this movie about 8 times in the theater. then countless on video!!

and the winner is...tami! her favorites were remember the titans and freedom writers.

how fun to see what everyone likes!!

come back next week for more movie fun!

do you ever wonder...

if you are getting left behind? i was doing a fair amount of blog surfing (blurfing, is it?) and i was looking at cards by various different people. then i was thinking about my own cards, which i've decided all look the same. i don't branch out much. do you ever feel like you are getting passed by and left in the dust? i just don't have the time, i guess, to devote to keep up on all the constant "new" techniques or the new trends. like the whole papertrey rage. i mean i LOVE those stamps. but for $24 each (i know, i spend that much on some other stamps...) i just can't keep up! i mean i love all 5 that were released just hours ago. and would buy them all if i could. but i don't even own ONE scalloped punch! yet another trend i haven't kept up with. i've had some wonderful friends send me some scallops they punched and i'm afraid to admit i'm not quite sure how to use them!! anyway, i just feel like i'm being left behind with my old card making ways. the last card i made was the first i've ever made where i only used a single layer. turns out, i had to make another layer to cover up the inside! so i still didn't branch out much!

sorry to ramble. just feeling a little off tonight. maybe sleep will help.

Jul 14, 2007

saturday night shuggy snacks {7-14}

since last week's version of snss was so fun, i thought i would continue it.

tell me what your favorite drama of all time is and why.

i'll draw a random entry from the comments and you will win a little prize.

as always, here is the fine print: please post a comment with your entry and include an email (or email me your email) link or link to your website where i can email you if you are the winner. if you don't leave a way to contact you, your entry will be tossed. i will pick a winner from the comments on sunday, july 15, around 12pm mst.

Jul 13, 2007

don't you hate it...

when you rely on something so much, then it goes away and you feel so lost?? the stamp shack has been down since last night for some reason and i'm going through withdrawals!!

oh well, i guess i'll go get some sleep after working last night. i hope it's fixed when i wake up!

nighty night...

Jul 11, 2007

scared, elated, frustrated...

those are the emotions that my family and i went through today. my brother has been having some health problems lately and last week was told his heart was doing funny things. so today he had to have an angiogram of his heart. he's pretty young (39) to be messing with this sort of thing, so we were all pretty scared about what they would find. luckily, they found that his heart is absolutely healthy and he has nothing wrong with it that they could see. but now it's frustrating because he is so sick, but now he's back to square one not knowing what is wrong.

what a day!

Jul 10, 2007

tag, you're it...

i was tagged by renee. now i am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself that you probably don't know. oh boy...

  1. i am an real world and road rules (from mtv) junkie!! i'm totally addicted and tivo every episode!!!
  2. i am deathly afraid of roaches...of any size
  3. i used to play the drums in high school (in the marching band!)
  4. i love baseball and hockey so much that i have tattoos to represent each.
  5. i won my boyfriend's fantasy football league last year (in an 8 team league of all boys!)
  6. i am afraid of crossing large bridges...i almost died going over the london bridge!!!
  7. i can't think of another!

ok, who will play along?


Jul 8, 2007

the winner of snss...

with her favorite movie being airplane, SUZI!!!

"we have clearance, clarence."

"roger, roger. what's our vector, victor?"

so many great movies listed. next week i'll do the same with drama. so be thinking!!!

look! an actual card...

it's the first card i've made that i simply stamped on the card and didn't use any layers. i just love the little guy floating in the tube!! he is from eat cake graphics and the bubbles are maryse carrier. i even tried the cloud making technique using a scalloped edge. it looks more realistic in real life! inside says "wishing you a sunshiney day!"

Jul 7, 2007

saturday night shuggy snacks {7-7}

so i'm mixing it up a bit today. no trivia question. just a movie question.

tell me what your favorite comedy of all time is and why.

i'll draw a random entry from the comments and you will win an over emphasize umounted stamp set from purple onion.

as always, here is the fine print: please post a comment with your entry and include an email (or email me your email) link or link to your website where i can email you if you are the winner. if you don't leave a way to contact you, your entry will be tossed. i will pick a winner from the correct comments on sunday, july 8, around 12pm mst.

Jul 6, 2007

i'm an idiot...

so i survived the dentist. it was ok. now it's 101 degrees, so what do i decide to do? oh, i think i'll pull some weeds!!

i'm so hot!!

need ez mount and dentist appt...

i'm in dire need of some ez mount. i've got stamps that are dying to be mounted!! new stamps from eat cake graphics and orange bus studios. worse is i have to write a paper tomorrow and can't play!!!

come on people...where can i get some ez mount for a good price? i need like 5 sheets. i've been slacking on the mounting.

why don't they sell this stuff anywhere around here???????????????????????????

this is what happens when i can't sleep...it's 238am...

i have to go to the dentist in 6 hours for a new crown and two cavities. i haven't had to have anything done major in 4 years. i hate having major stuff done! YUCKY!!!

Jul 5, 2007

i missed it...

i guess i forgot to wish you all a happy independence day!! oops. please forgive.

could someone please...


holy smokes.

and 100 and partly cloudy on friday? WHAT????


Jul 3, 2007

tucker, the perfect dog.

i'm sad to report that tucker, the perfect dog, had to go back home. he was afraid of kerry and kerry was allergic to him! so we'll think about finding a dog that kerry can breath around!!

i miss tucker.

Jul 2, 2007

what a surprise...

another post about circle journals!! are you all getting tired of these? i hope not...i just started another one!!

here is the latest entry. it is for kim's journal in ethel's deco cj swap. the theme is life's simple treasures. we had to make a doll using only our face. it was my first try. pretty funny, huh!

Jul 1, 2007

holy batman!!!

that's the answer to this weeks saturday night shuggy snacks.

the winner is allison! hooray!! email me your address and i'll send your prize.

until next week, batfriends...

it's official...

84%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

i'm spinning...

from all my circle journals!! but i'm loving it!! it's making me think WAY outside my comfort zone. i'm liking the things i come up with and hope the recipients will too!!!

here is the latest. this is the friend's circle journal i'm hosting. chelsea's journal is a 4 part journal. first we had to explain how we got into the stamping/papercrafting hobby. then we had to make an atc with a technique we like. we had to make a page with our favorite stamp companies and finally a page about tools we couldn't live without. here is my entry.