Feb 27, 2007

a quick update...

so i was having a brain cramp with what to put in the 'kit' for the contest, so i will be mailing them all out this weekend!!!


Feb 26, 2007

can't i just...

...fine look at these cute stamps then anyway...oh my...

be infinately wealthy, not have to work, stamp all day and be able to order any (and all, seriously!) stamp that i want, whenever i want? IS THAT ASKING TOO MUCH??? ...look at these {my favorite things} and then tell me you don't want any!!! i love the dogs with the party hats!

Feb 25, 2007

new baby announcements

this is a little card i made for demo meeting. i finally put together a project to take. all stamps and paper are from stampin' up! i used the new tab punch on the side of the card.

monthly kit revisited

iposted a little bit ago asking for opinions about which monthly kit club to join. i finally decided to join the 6x6 from self-addressed and the scrap jr from club scrap. well, last night while doing my ususal nightly net surf, i discovered three more sites that are amazing. i'm going to the do the two i already joined, then when those are done, start one of these three.
i highly recommend looking into these three companies if you are thinking about joining a monthly kit club. if anyone already recieves these kits, please share your thoughts on them!

she's gonna blow...

warning: this post contains a vivid description of being sick...don't continue reading if you are sensitive to that sort of thing...

there are few things i hate worse in this world than being sick. and of the common illnesses that happen throughout the year (cold, cough, fever, vomiting, etc.) the one i hate the worst is puking. here is how my day started...

so i was supposed to work today. my alarm went off around 530am this morning. i got up and felt a little queasy. i shook it off and hopped in the shower. i was standing in the shower and thought to myself that i really wasn't feeling good. my stomach was turning flip flops. i made it through the shower, stepped out and this tidal wave rushed over me. before i knew it, i was praying to the porcelain god and he was saying, "dude, you don't look so good." well, he was right. shortly there after, i gave him a little deposit for his comment. honestly, i gave him a few. so i stood up, dried myself off, and proceeded to get dressed. whatever...my body was obviously having a different plan for me today. so i again made a quick deposit to the lovely white basin (by the way, you don't realize how dirty your toilet is until you are face to face with it!). my favorite part (that was purely sarcastic!) is that now i have nothing left in my stomach except a drop or two of stomach acid. so now it's on to the dry heaves!!

now, i am a nurse and work in an icu. for those of you not familiar with how it works when you need to call in sick, you are supposed to do it by 4:00 or it is considered a no show. this allows plenty of time for them to find a replacement. well, it was now 6:00. i knew that if i went to work, i didn't know that i could make it all the way without either a-puking in my car (which is brand new and i really don't want to do that) or b-pulling over to puke on the side of the road, especially since i have a 40 minute commute. not really my idea of fun. then what good would i be once i got to work? hi, my name is angie, i'm your nurse today...excuse me while i go yak in the garbage can. so i called my beloved charge nurse (hi lori, if you are reading this...) and discussed my options with her. now just a little back ground here...previous to me becoming a nurse, i worked as a stafffer in the staffing office. why is that important here you may ask? cause these are the people you call when you call in sick that find you a replacement. so i know what a pain in the butt it is to have someone call in an hour before their shift is supposed to start. back to lori. so i told her what was going on and asked her what i should do. should i try and come to work or stay home and take up residence on the bathroom floor (which also needs to be cleaned, apparently!) she was very kind and concerned and explained that i just wouldn't be that great of a nurse if i was puking on my patient (of course, she expressed this more eloquently than me). then i commented that it was 6am and that i was concerned about the whole no show rule. and her response is why i love the place i work as much as i do. she said something to the effect of rules are rules, but your body sometimes doesn't understand the concept of time and it doesn't matter if it is 4 am or 6am, it makes you puke when it needs to. and if it's after the 4am golden hour then sometimes we have to not worry about the rules and tells me to go and try feel better and stop throwing up. (again, she probably phrased it better than that...after all, it was 6am and i had just been yaking and now i was crying so i don't remember her exact words!) the message i'm trying to get across here is that she is awesome and i love her!

so back to my story... i hang up the phone, proceed back into the bathroom and heave some more. well by this time, i've made quite a racket, what with me trying to expel the lining of my stomach out and me sobbing cause i'm feeling so perky, that i have woken up my boyfriend. i decide it would be best to maybe get something in me that might help with all the retching (even though the thought of this made me retch even more), so i grab the bottle of pink stuff and take a big ole chug. oh my...it was like waiting for mt vesuvius to blow. i somehow managed to keep it down and dragged my butt back to bed, with a garbage can at the ready. my loving boyfriend asked if i was going to live or did he need to take me to the hospital. i heaved a bit more, then between sobs, told him no i didn't need to go to the hospital cause i'm puking. i managed to roll over, along with the wave of pink stuff in my gut, to see if i could maybe get back to sleep and sleep away the retching in my tummy. well, long story short (oops, too late), here i am, after an hour and a half of laying in bed not sleeping. thankfully, i haven't lost my cookies (or pink stuff, rather), but still have this ongoing cycle of waves of nausea, enough that a fine surfer could probably ride out for the rest of the day. aren't you jealous??

i'm sure that was probably a little more detail and insight into my gi tract than you wanted to know, but if you made it this far after my warning, than i don't feel so bad for you!!!i'm off to find some crackers...and perhaps cozy up to a nice cold basin again.

Feb 24, 2007

uh oh...i'm in trouble...

you know, i need to just stop surfing the 'net. do you know why? cause i keep finding stuff like this...lizzie anne designs and this...simply cardstock. seriously!

stick a fork in me...

Feb 23, 2007

drum roll please....

i want to thank the 24 of you that voted for what will now be forever known on my blog as "blog candy" i've tallied the votes and the winner is shuggy snacks!!! thank you all for your input! so would doverdi please send me an email so i can give you a prize for choosing shuggy snacks!

wanna know the funny thing about the name shuggy snacks? it's the name i use for my fantasy football team!! it's actually shuggy snaxx, but close enough!!

isn't the internet amazing?

so i love the internet. yes, you could say i'm an internet junkie. you can find anything you can think of somewhere on the internet. today, i got an email from crafttvweekly.com. i posted a little diddy about this website a few weeks ago. at that time, i was learning how to make a maze book. see that post here (that's the contest NO one entered...but i'm okay, do worry about my, it didn't hurt my feel bads or anything *sniff, sniff*) anyway, i kind of forgot about the craft tv website until i got the email this morning. they have some great ideas over there. it's nifty because you watch a little video demonstrating how to do the new projects. i figure if i'm going to be doing this blogging thing, i might as well throw out some new techniques for you all!!

so go learn how to do something new!!!

Feb 22, 2007

comments, schmomments...

there seems to be a comment war going on. the funny thing...i leave these comments that i think are hilarious. is it only me that thinks that? do people get my humor?

one of those things that make you go hmmmm....

if you haven't already, go vote for my new name for "blog candy" i hate to be like everyone else!!! NOW!!!!

ok, i've narrowed it down...

the new blog candy name on my blog will be

shuggy snacks

place your vote now over on the sidebar!!

what's a name?

i don't like to be like everyone else. i like to be different. whenever we have stamp club or i go to some stamping event, i can never do the cards or projects like the examples. i have to have something, big or little, different. so i'm not digging the name "blog candy" because everyone calls it that. so, i need to figure out something else to call it. i'm open to suggestions. throw your thoughts at me. if i pick your idea, i'll send you a goodie (of the crafting variety!) in the meantime, here is what the winner of my {what can you make out of this?} contest will win:

it's a little collection of scrapworks goodies that includes: 4 packages of tailored tabs, 1 package of hugz & dotz and 1 package of colorrubz florals rubons.

Feb 21, 2007

{what can you make out of this?} or blog candy, part two...

so this challenge i'm hosting (details below) is going to be so fun!! more than 10 people signed up but that's fine. if you signed up all ready, please check the comments below for instructions!

i'll post the prize a little later tonight!

let the card making begin!!!

(btw...how cool is this? you can make your own catalog card thingie here! i found the link on justjohnanna's blog....her stamps are the bomb! i must get some...)

are your creative juices flowing?

yep, it's contest time again. so i loved the idea behind pam's one on one swap. so i'm going to tweak it a little. i will make up a 'kit' so to speak, with materials to make a card. anyone who wants to join in on the fun can. i'll send a kit to each person, they will then make a card out of the materials provided. then i'll post the cards on my blog. then we will have a vote and the one chosen as the winner will win a little prize pack from me. i'll get the items together for the prize pack and post them here. i will limit this to 10 people, unless there is a crazy mad rush...them i'll think about adding more. so post here if you want to participate. even if you don't win, you are getting freebies to make a card with!! i'll take sign ups until saturday (or whenever 10 people sign up), then i'll mail you all your little kit.

got questions? email me!

Feb 20, 2007

aloha! whatever...

so most of my family is in hawaii at this very moment. i woke up to 6 inches of snow yesterday and they sat on the beach in 80 degree weather. that blows. here they are when they went to visit the volcanos the other day. aren't they cute???

i did it...

i took the plunge. not only did i join one monthly scrap club, i joined two!! but i got the smaller one at each, so it's like joining two for the price of one!! the one's i choose are self-addressed (and now erin joined too! woohoo!), where i'll be getting the 6x6 kit. i also joined club scrap. i'm going to be getting the club scrap jr kit. i'm so excited!!!

Feb 18, 2007

happy hour?

here's a little bella creation for happy hour!! i used a template for the background that the lovely sherry from the stamp shack created.


the latest from the stamping bella world!


inside reads:

stamps: $6457.33
supplies: $7872.59
handmade card: priceless

Feb 17, 2007

enquiring minds...

how many people belong to a monthly scrap/card making kit?? i've wanted to do this, but didn't know if it was worth it or not. if you do receive a monthly kit, where do you get it from and why?

holy sale, batman!

i'm not sure why i'm stuck on this batman theme, but i've used it twice now!! anyhooo...i went to robert's today (local craft store...off shoot of provo craft) and all their christmas scrap stuff was 50% off. so i picked up some more of my favorite sei christmas paper, epoxy stickers, chipboard stickers and some very cute doodlebugs stuff (same...stickers, tags, etc). i went to check out and it was all really 75% off! what a bonus!! so i went back and got more! the amount you saved is printed on the bottom of the reciept and it was like $85 or something!! it was crazy!!! i got so much cute stuff!!

Feb 15, 2007

ho hum...

do you ever have those just blah days? maybe it's the icky weather today. or maybe it's that most of my family is sunning it up on a beach in hawaii...and i'm stuck in the utah snow.

julie, i fixed your link! sorry!

Feb 13, 2007




this is my virtual valentine to all you, my friends!!!

are you a horder??


1. a vast multitude
ref: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/horde


a supply or accumulation that is hidden or carefully guarded for preservation, future use, etc.
ref: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/hoard
(someone left a note that they thought this should be the definition...leave your name next time...)

what do you horde? i am a horder of ribbon. i'm not really sure why i have this issue. i have so much freakin' ribbon it's funny. i went to michael's yesterday. have you seen the new ribbon they have? oh my cuteness!! it is so unbelievably cute i can't stand it! and this week, it's all on sale!! so i went there yesterday and spent a bit on ribbon. and i didn't even get all the ones i wanted!!! what is wrong with me!! but look at it all. then you will understand. then you will run to your nearest michael's and pick up your own truckload of ribbon. now here is the real kicker...i use ribbon on maybe, maybe 5% of my cards. yet it is one thing i can't pass up!! it's a sickness, i'm sure. oh yeah, i also got a few cute dollar stamps.

new creations...

this is a new bella card in the gallery above. it's for a swap with erin. she organized a HUGE bella image swap and we had to make a card using the image we sent in. the background stamp is from stampin' up!

this is a card i made for a flood swap that was also started by erin. (isn't she creative!) each week a new person is choosen and that person recieves cards from a bunch of people "flooding" her with greetings. it's great fun! wonder who is getting this one!!!

Feb 12, 2007

who does this?!?!?

first off...i got a new car in december because i got in a wreck and my old car was no good. a brand spanking new car~2007~never had a new car in my life. needless to say, i love it! anyway...

so i tweaked my back on saturday. i had to call in sick at work sunday and monday because i couldn't move without being in pain. so i've been home for the past two days...haven't gone anywhere in my car, it's been sitting in my garage. so i head out today cause i had to go get some groceries and more ibuprofen (who runs out when they need it most????) i'm minding my own business and i look in the side mirror so i can change lanes. then i see it...all nasty and disgusting...along the whole passenger side of my BRAND NEW jeep...some little punk decided they needed to egg my car. so i pull over (how handy that there are 4 car washes on this particular street i'm on) into a car wash. i get out to look and the grossness of it all. whoever did it, either knew the right place to make the biggest mess or they got pretty damn lucky. they hit right where the window meets the metal of the door above the door handle. so the nasty, has to be at least two days old, dry crusty egg is encrusted in the rubber between the window and the door and the moulding on the door. this is the yolk. it's very yellow and very vile. i wanted to puke. then all down the door is the rest of the egg. you can see the path that it ran as it was dripping. i was so grossed out. so i figure i'm at the car wash, i'll just wash my car and get rid of it. so i go through the automatic wash and drive away. when i get to the grocery store, i see that the car wash didn't even touch the nasty dry mess. it's still on there. even worse, there is some shell stuck to my car! ARGH!!! so then i had to go back to the car wash and wash it by hand and use the power sprayer to try and get that crap off the mounding and out of the cracks.

i just don't get it. why do people have to do crap like that???

Feb 11, 2007

fishy, fishy, fishy, fish

another little 3x3 card

i have to figure out where i can find either white envelopes to fit or a nice envelope template. since suzi keeps asking me what i'm going to put them in!!! if anyone has a good source for envelopes, give it up!!

how did i get here?

{talking heads stuck in your head now??}

do you ever have this happen to you? you go to visit a blog from a link on someone's blog -----> then you follow a different link on that person's blog -----> then you see another cool link from that other person's
blog ----> again, following a new link, you end up at a new person's blog -----> then, as luck would have it, you are on another great blog 'cause you followed a link -----> blog, link ---> blog, link -----> blog, link----> log, blink----> log, blink----> (oops, sidetracked!) do you see where this is headed?? pretty soon, you have visited 15 different blogs, it's four hours later (see post: time is a black hole) and you have to get back to the first blog you went to, because there was the cutest card or the best explanation of a technique and you have no friggin' clue who's blog it was because you've been to so many!!!

what's a girl to do??

what happens when...

you do something bizarre to make your back freak out and it hurts to do anything except breathe? apparently you stay up until 426am because you know you won't sleep well cause you can't find a comfy way to sleep!!!

hey, do me a favor...sign up in the box on the side of the page (that says "your email address")and you'll get a little email when i update my page. plus, some random person to sign up will get a little (but cool!) prize from me!!


Feb 10, 2007

one on one swap

so pam has this project over on her blog. i think it's a great idea. check it out here. it's a one on one swap. and this is what is the card she came up with. maybe we should do these more often!! any takers?

the maze book challenge

so kerry over at the stamp shack posted a link to craft tv weekly. i guess they have a different project that the demonstrate each week. i'm totally in love with this project called "the maze book". you take a 12x12 piece of paper and turn it into a little book. i'm going to try and make one of these today. anyone out there want to do this challenge with me??? watch the video here, then email me your design (either a link or a photo) and i'll post it here. let's have the challenge deadline be by tomorrow (sunday 2/11) night!

as a little bonus, some random entry will win a prize!!!

Feb 7, 2007

the hearty tree

another 3x3 card.
tree is from stamping bella.
girl is from maryse carrier.

{quick and easy}

3x3 cards are so fun to make. they are just simple and little and you can whip them out in no time. here are two i made some shackies! it's a mystery as to who...until they get them in the mail of course!!

what the great grandma???

i have a friend who says that all the time!!! cracks me up. anyway, what is up with this freaky weather? last week it's in the teens and today it's 60??? it was chilly this morning, then i leave work with my fleece on and was ready to have heat stroke! ok, so maybe i'm being a little dramatic, but seriously.

Feb 6, 2007

free stuff!!

so if you saw my previous post about black holes, you'll remember that i ordered about a billion things from vistaprint. they came today!! once again, what am i going to do with 100 postcards? they are stinkin' cute, i have to admit. but 100?? crazy. so if any of you want a free postcard from me to come in the mail, feel free to drop me your address here. i'll send one straight away!!!

i've been shack'd! (and rak'd)

if you aren't familiar with those two terms, a rak is a random act of kindness (or someone who does something nice for you for no reason). being shack'd is the same as a rak, but it comes from people who hang out on the stamp shack. having said that, sherry is the creator of the stamp shack and a wonderful human being!! i've had a string of yuckiness over the past few months so she thought i needed to be rak'd/shack'd. she sent me the cutest little card set i've ever seen! and the cutest 'thinking of you' card! she is awesome!!

all photos are courtesy of sherry graves

Feb 4, 2007

and the winner is....

drum roll please...

no one guessed my favorite blog name. now what do i do? i guess i'll let the first two who guessed win a prize...

pam and thahn! you win!! email me and tell me which one you want. pam gets first pick!

as for the answer to the question...my favorite blog name is stinkydogdesigns!!! my second favorite is welcome to the shoe closet (have you seen my closet!!!)

thanks for playing!

the big game...

how do you choose between to teams you don't care about??

blah blah blah....

and what is with this pre-game show? are we in vegas?


the hearty tree...

Feb 2, 2007


one entry???? i post an easy contest for free stamps and only one person responds?? (thanks pam!)

i see how you are...

Feb 1, 2007