Feb 23, 2007

drum roll please....

i want to thank the 24 of you that voted for what will now be forever known on my blog as "blog candy" i've tallied the votes and the winner is shuggy snacks!!! thank you all for your input! so would doverdi please send me an email so i can give you a prize for choosing shuggy snacks!

wanna know the funny thing about the name shuggy snacks? it's the name i use for my fantasy football team!! it's actually shuggy snaxx, but close enough!!

2 peeps have to say:

doverdi said...


Thanks so much for chosing my suggestion of shuggy snacks as your new name for blog candy. How cool is that when your fantasy football team has the same name only spelled different. Thanks for a fun contest. I sent you an email with my info.

Thanh said...

I love shuggy snacks!! Its so cute and so Ang-like. lol