Feb 23, 2007

isn't the internet amazing?

so i love the internet. yes, you could say i'm an internet junkie. you can find anything you can think of somewhere on the internet. today, i got an email from crafttvweekly.com. i posted a little diddy about this website a few weeks ago. at that time, i was learning how to make a maze book. see that post here (that's the contest NO one entered...but i'm okay, do worry about my, it didn't hurt my feel bads or anything *sniff, sniff*) anyway, i kind of forgot about the craft tv website until i got the email this morning. they have some great ideas over there. it's nifty because you watch a little video demonstrating how to do the new projects. i figure if i'm going to be doing this blogging thing, i might as well throw out some new techniques for you all!!

so go learn how to do something new!!!

5 peeps have to say:

Ethel Amutan said...

Hey! That's cool to know! I didn't even know about that website! I'm going to have to check it out! I am very much a visual learner, so having videos is a plus! TFS!

Julie said...

I LOVE that site. Futhermore, the maze books I made the 'grandmothers' were huge hits! The videos over there are great!

Mary said...

Hey AngieR. Sorry I missed naming your blog candy! Bummer. Is there a comment war going on? Hmmm. Um, well, I'm leaving you a comment anyway. Oh and I do love your sense of humor.

Mary (toao)

shuggy said...

not a bad comment war...just a lot of commenting going on. i love it!!!

Suzi said...

I wanted to do the maze book but I still don't have the time to try. Dh thinks I have to clean off the stamp table. His priorities are SOOOOO SCREWED UP!!!