Feb 17, 2007

holy sale, batman!

i'm not sure why i'm stuck on this batman theme, but i've used it twice now!! anyhooo...i went to robert's today (local craft store...off shoot of provo craft) and all their christmas scrap stuff was 50% off. so i picked up some more of my favorite sei christmas paper, epoxy stickers, chipboard stickers and some very cute doodlebugs stuff (same...stickers, tags, etc). i went to check out and it was all really 75% off! what a bonus!! so i went back and got more! the amount you saved is printed on the bottom of the reciept and it was like $85 or something!! it was crazy!!! i got so much cute stuff!!

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Michelle said...

WOW! What a bargain! I love it when I get surprised at the cash register!