Jan 31, 2007

guess who...

i've decided to have a contest. the first person that comments to this post with the answer to the following question will win one of these stamps from stampin' up!

which name of the blogs listed to the right, is my favorite???

ok, i'll do two winners. which one is first and which one is second?

the first winner gets to choose stamps first.

entries must be posted by feb 3. i'll post the winners then.
edit: i suppose i should clarify...i love all the blogs listed to the right, but what name do i love the best?

blooming trees


this is a copy of a card we made in stamp club last saturday. i was trying to come up with a color combo for linzy.

hold the phone!!!

thanh! please forgive me!! i swear i linked your blog yesterday. it's there now. go have a look see...off to the right there -------------> and down just a bit...

~time is a black hole~

do you know what sucks??? when you get up early, prepared to dive into your homework (that you absolutely hate!), then give yourself 1 hour. 60 lousy minutes. to check in on the shack...one thing leads to another...yada yada yada...it's 5 (yes FIVE!) hours later and you haven't even looked at your homework. everyone is in on this whole new blog craze. so you have wasted the past five hours making some stupid little card for your new blog on some website that advertises "free business cards". but no, you can't stop there. so then you end up making matching stationary for your cards for your new blog. why? who knows. i never write letters to anyone. i'm a card maker for cripes sakes! because they too are "free"...see what i'm gettting at!! and **poof** before you know it, you have been there for almost 6 hours (that's right...i'm not proud...but i did catch up on the shack *wave* hi everyone!) and you have coming, in just a few short weeks, the following: 250 new business cards (that are so stinkin' cute but who am i going to give 250 business cards to that advertise a freaking crafting blog???); a new customized notepad {will it be used for all those fabulous card ideas?}; a personalized desk calender--complete with photos of your boyfriend *sigh* and birthdates of everyone in your family; a post-it note pad (more paper to clutter up the table!); and 100 customized postcards (what was i thinking??? i don't even know 100 people!)! all for the bargain price of "free" plus $10.95 shipping.

so now you are asking yourself...is my homework done? well the answer to that, mr. bender, is yes. i whipped it out in about 45 minutes!!

sheesh...no wonder i'm tired!!!

Jan 30, 2007


this is one of my favorite cards i've made lately. the stamps come from stampin' up! and purple onion designs. i sent this one to my cute grandma as a thank you card.

sunshiney day

a little card i made using stamps from maryse carrier and the angel company. inside says "wishing you a sunshiney day!"

and many more...

this is a birthday card i made using one of the famous bella stamps!!


i'm so excited...my new order of bella's came today. what's that? you don't know what bellas are??? emily is this really nice canadian who has her own line of stamps...stamping bella...you must see these!! they are so stinkin' cute!! go look NOW!!!

i'm off to create!!

little things make life good...

like diet cherry coke. i don't know what they were thinking when the invented that diet black cherry vanilla coke stuff. blech...

Jan 29, 2007

holy shack, batman!!

oh my!! i have got to stop going to work!! so i work 12-hour shifts and travel about 40 minutes each way to work. so i'm gone from about 615 am to 830 pm on days i work. do you know what that equates to?? well today, it is 97 topic threads at the one and only stamp shack!!! it's not like i can just ignore them! a girl has to stay in touch!!!

Jan 28, 2007

what have i started?!?!?

i love it! could it be considered a revolution? or maybe just a fad? either way, i love that so many people decided to start their own blogs!! yippee!! we'll never be bored from now on!!

if you aren't listed in my blog list, shoot me an email and i'll add you!!!

the stamp shack

what can i say about the stamp shack??? if you aren't a member, WHY NOT?? it is the ultimate in stamping communities on the web. sherry, this canadian wonder, has done an absolutely amazing job at creating such a wonderful community!! check it out here...and visit often. it's amazing. there is so much talent and love there!!

cool chicks!

this is me...made at bless the chick. if you haven't been to this site and wasted an hour or so...i suggest it. it's great fun!!!

Jan 27, 2007

ready, set, blog!

so i did it. i gave in, again, and started a new blog. this blog will be dedicated to my creative inner self (or not so creative, sometimes!) in the past few weeks, i've had a few people ask if i still had my website that i created a year or so ago. i didn't keep that site up, since i didn't have many people visit. so i decided to start a new blog, since i'm now more crafting savvy and have a few more friends in the stamping/scrapping realm. well, here it is!! i'll post stuff here and there...pretty much whenever i have time after work or school (which i'm usually putting off to craft!). feel free to leave comments if you'd like. constructive criticism if necessary. i'll try not to cry!!

happy crafting!