Jan 27, 2007

ready, set, blog!

so i did it. i gave in, again, and started a new blog. this blog will be dedicated to my creative inner self (or not so creative, sometimes!) in the past few weeks, i've had a few people ask if i still had my website that i created a year or so ago. i didn't keep that site up, since i didn't have many people visit. so i decided to start a new blog, since i'm now more crafting savvy and have a few more friends in the stamping/scrapping realm. well, here it is!! i'll post stuff here and there...pretty much whenever i have time after work or school (which i'm usually putting off to craft!). feel free to leave comments if you'd like. constructive criticism if necessary. i'll try not to cry!!

happy crafting!

4 peeps have to say:

Julie said...

Hey, Angie! What a cool new Blog that you have going on here! I love your picture too! I may have to update mine myself or start a new one... :)


PS....Looks like I am the first person to post a comment ! Woo Hoo! :)

Sherri said...

This is the perfect blog. Now I think I need a blog but who would read it? I tell you all everything at the Shack and then you wouldn't come and read my blog. HA HA I love the photo, love the layout - its great!!


PS And I am #2 to leave a comment. Woo hoo for me!!

Erin said...

Hi Angie! Love the new blog. :)

Pam said...

Hey Angie! Just heard about your new blog and had to check it out! COOL! Love your photo and you're creative word wit too! LOL
Smiles, Pam :)