Jan 31, 2007

~time is a black hole~

do you know what sucks??? when you get up early, prepared to dive into your homework (that you absolutely hate!), then give yourself 1 hour. 60 lousy minutes. to check in on the shack...one thing leads to another...yada yada yada...it's 5 (yes FIVE!) hours later and you haven't even looked at your homework. everyone is in on this whole new blog craze. so you have wasted the past five hours making some stupid little card for your new blog on some website that advertises "free business cards". but no, you can't stop there. so then you end up making matching stationary for your cards for your new blog. why? who knows. i never write letters to anyone. i'm a card maker for cripes sakes! because they too are "free"...see what i'm gettting at!! and **poof** before you know it, you have been there for almost 6 hours (that's right...i'm not proud...but i did catch up on the shack *wave* hi everyone!) and you have coming, in just a few short weeks, the following: 250 new business cards (that are so stinkin' cute but who am i going to give 250 business cards to that advertise a freaking crafting blog???); a new customized notepad {will it be used for all those fabulous card ideas?}; a personalized desk calender--complete with photos of your boyfriend *sigh* and birthdates of everyone in your family; a post-it note pad (more paper to clutter up the table!); and 100 customized postcards (what was i thinking??? i don't even know 100 people!)! all for the bargain price of "free" plus $10.95 shipping.

so now you are asking yourself...is my homework done? well the answer to that, mr. bender, is yes. i whipped it out in about 45 minutes!!

sheesh...no wonder i'm tired!!!

2 peeps have to say:

LinzyD said...

Heee heee...you are too funny! You can send me a postcard! And a business card too! I love getting mail, plus...well...let's face it, I'm a packrat! Enjoying your blog!

Pam said...

ROFLOL! I'm glad I went back and read this. You're hilarious!
Glad you sent me one of your blogcards and you can send me a postcard anytime....smiles, Pam :)