Aug 31, 2008

a crazy storm...

so we just had a Storm blow through our little town. it was crazy!! now it's just raining, but here is a video during the hailing part of it!! it's still raining and super windy.

sorry about the shaky video job. i'm not used to doing the video part!!

happy mini notebook...

i made another mini notebook. the front piece i created from i was experimenting when i was making the journal for my niece, madi. i wanted to see if i could protect the ink from the inkjet printer in case it got wet or something. so i embossed it with clear embossing powder. it worked great and i love how it turned out. i also ventured to office depot and had them cut a ream of cardstock for these so i didn't have to do it on my little trimmer. best investment ever!!!

happy mini notebook
supplies: stampin up designer paper and ribbon, chipboard coasters, bind it all, embossing powder, versamark ink

Aug 30, 2008

a note about the shack...

once again, if you are a member of the stamp shack and in the unfortunate circumstance the site goes down, remember that there is a yahoo group set up so we can still get our shack fix. visit the link below...

Aug 28, 2008

blogger spam trolls...

it appears the trolls are out, so the word verification (pain in the ass that it is) is going back on. sorry. i'll try and turn it off in a while.

meanwhile a note to the spammers...


(you have to yell it in the voice of the crazy ghost on the train in the movie ghost!)


i'm hosting a swap over at the shack (i know, shocker!) that is an altered rolodex card swap. the them is 2009. 12 participants each took a month and we made 12 arcs of our month. after they are swapped out, we'll each have a complete year. i can't wait till everyone gets them back. it was a great project!! this is my month. i love the little owl!!!

june arc
stamps: odd bird planet
cardstock: bazill (i think...came in a kit), patterned paper-love, elsie
embellishments: cardstock stickers-love, elsie
other: bic markers

Aug 27, 2008

mini notebooks...

i've decided i get in ruts. not bad ruts, mind you, but ruts where i find a pattern or group of paper that i like and then i run with it. with scissors, mind you (hehe). the latest rut i'm in is with this fabulous paper from my mind's eye. i love it!! i think it was really for babies, since they make the same paper in boy shades with boy words, but that's not how i'm using it!! below are two mini notebooks i've made. one to sell on etsy in my shop and the other for one of my friends (who shall remain nameless until she receives it!) that is amazing. i'm planning on making more. i just need to find an easier way to get the "guts" of the notebook. i've been cutting paper to size. i think i need to go to office max or somewhere and have them do the cutting for me. it's much easier with their big machine. oh well... thanks to my friend patty from the shack for sending me the princess images.

(this is the inside of the notebooks)

Aug 23, 2008


my two nieces, madison and sydney, just had a special event in their lives. i won't go into details, but it was a celebratory event and i made them each a journal for them to use however they wish. they are about the two cutest girls in the world, with my other niece, breanna, being the third! anyway, these are the little journals i made for madi and syd. on madi's journal i created the front with

madi's journal

syd's journal

Aug 22, 2008

memories, like the corners of my mind...

(sang like josh baskin in big!)
a fun little memory game...please play along!

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

Aug 20, 2008

thinking of you...

lately, i have loved making my atcs into cards. i've done it a few times now. i don't know if it's because i love the idea or if it's because the atc just screams it needs to be a card too. anyway, i made made some cards to send to my friend lesa, who i posted about earlier, so she can send them on to people for encouragement. i used the atc i made as a template. i hope she likes them!!

thinking of you

cardstock and ink: tangerine tango, riding hood red
patterned paper: my minds eye
stamps: stampin up
embellishments: staples, ribbon-making memories

atc for a friend...

this is an atc i made for a friend who is very deserving!!! she has done amazing things and we are doing a little something to surprise her. that's all i'm saying...

a little note of thanks
cardstock and ink: tangerine tango, riding hood red
patterned paper: my minds eye
stamps: stampin up

little life preservers...

my friend lesa is amazing. she has been battling breast cancer for over a year. recently, she has launched a new website to help in her own little way with other women going through the scary battle she is going through. it is awesome what she is doing. please take a minute to check it out.

Aug 17, 2008

more wishing (the same ones)...

here it is. another entry for the 10 wishes circle journal swap i'm hosting. this is for joanne's cj. and i'm so proud of myself. this isn't due to be mailed until august 26!! that's 10 days from now!! usually i'm stumped and put it off until the last minute. not this time!!! this is my entry for joanne's cj. i used the new in colors from su. i am really starting to like them more and more. i need to figure out how to take better pictures of my stuff. it is always so dark. maybe i need to do it during the daylight only. i don't know!

on a's amazing what i can accomplish, crafting wise, when i'm putting off writing a paper!!!

i wish
stamps: stampin up
cardstock: riding hood red, kiwi kiss, pirouette pink, buckaroo blue, designer paper (all su)
ink: riding hood red, kiwi kiss, pirouette pink, buckaroo blue
other: scrapworks rubons
fonts: ck genial, db journal doodles

Aug 16, 2008

got cakes...

ok, i admit it. i'm addicted to atcs. but how can you not be? they are so fun to make?? i'm in so many swaps over at the shack and 90% of them are atc swaps!!! so that's what you'll see for a while. i love how this one turned out. it is for sherri's let them eat cake swap. we just had to have any version of some sort of cake. so i love this stamp and decided to use it!!!

got cakes
stamps: stamping bella, stampin up
cardstock: wild wasabi, purely pomegranate, su designer paper
ink: onyx black versafine, cool caribbean, tempting turquoise
other: crystal effects, bic markers

on another note, my finger is doing MUCH better. it's now almost completely better and only hurts when i smack it on something. the swelling is gone and i can bend it now. the streak was gone after a day of antibiotics. it's almost back to normal. except it itches like nothing i've ever had itch before! and as my very sweet friend, jen, pointed out, i did indeed go to the doctor for a hangnail!! but it was definitely a hangnail from hell!!!

Aug 15, 2008

oh my stampin up goodness...

so i didn't make a big deal of the new stampin up catty that just came out 4 days ago. i didn't make a huge fuss when my friends traci and mary were here for the su convention and let me and my cute mom gush over the new catalog before it was released to all the non convention goers. i didn't rave about all the cute new things in it, especially the new designer paper. *drool* i did briefly mention (i think), a while back, the new in colors and how while i didn't {love} them, i figured they would grow on me. which most of them have (have you seen the tangerine??? omg!) so now, i must make an official stand. and unfortunately the rest of the non su world will have to wait a teensy bit longer until the new holiday mini is officially released (because it was only released on the demo site)...but...

...oh heaven's to betsy...

it has got to be one of my all time favorite mini catalogs E-V-E-R!!!

there are soooo many cute stamp sets in it!! and the designer paper? am i going to have to work an extra shift just to order one of almost everything? oh i think so.

one little thing i don't get, however, and this really has nothing to do with su, just a question in general. why is a cardinal such a big christmas icon?

anyway, thanks for listening. here's a link to the new catalog, if you want to take a peek. and if you want me to send you a holiday mini (or a new catalog) when they come out, shoot me an email.


ok...i'm off to go look at it again.

Aug 13, 2008

always a bridesmaid...

i had to make an atc (what's an atc?) for a swap my friend sherri is hosting. the theme was pretty paisleys. i've been putting this off for a while, because i couldn't think of what to do. this was one of those swaps i signed up for without really thinking of the swap. i mean paisley? i'm not a paisley girl. but none the less, i had commited, so i had to make it. i got this paper a few months ago and tonight it finally hit me. this is the perfect stamp for what i was thinking of!!!

always a bridesmaid...
stamps: stamping bella
cardstock: lovely lilac
other: bic markers

on a side note...i used the new markers i got last week thanks to a lot of enablers over at the shack. they are the bic marks a lot markers. i really like them. the colors are very bold and they color well. a much cheaper alternative to prismacolor markers!!!

Aug 11, 2008

no crafting...

i have some how gotten the hangnail from hell. it was an innocent little hangnail last week when i ripped it off. over the last four days, it's turned into a vicious nasty beast. i ended up going to the doctor today because i can't even bend my finger because it's so swollen and there's a nice read streak starting up my hand. nice. i have never felt something so painful from such a little thing!! oh my! and it's on my right hand on the index finger. it sucks!! so hopefully in a few days, after a course of antibiotics and pain pills so i can sleep at night (yes, it hurt so bad i couldn't sleep last night) i'll be able to craft!!!

and i start a new class tomorrow for school. that's always five weeks of bliss, i tell you.


Aug 6, 2008


so the thing we did yesterday was so fun. it was centered around a book called stargirl by jerry spinelli, which is apparently one of lisa bearnson's favorite books. we each received the book prior to the adventure and had to read it before we come. it was a cute story with a lot of great lessons in life. the bulk of the day was spent going to 4 different places, seeing how things work and doing a little (or a lot, depending on who you were!!) of shopping. we got to tour ck media (i know, we did this last week!), go visit scenic route paper company, making memories, and rusty pickle. each place was fun to see and of course, fun to shop at.

ck media:
we toured the offices, met the big wigs, did a cute 6x6 page make and take, got to shop, shop, shop!!!

scenic route:
toured the warehouse, met sarah milne, the creater and owner, did a cute card make and take, and shopped.

making memories:
shopped some more. got to have a demo of the slice (i still want one!) while we did a make and take card. we got a cute slice apron from them!

rusty pickle:
toured the warehouse, did a 6x6 page make and take, met lance anderson, and had treats from a chocolate fountain (yep, he knows how to make friends!). we also got a huge bag of goodies filled with rusty pickle paper and embellishments.

after all the tours, we had a quick break for dinner, then headed to a keynote and crop with lisa, themed ala stargirl. it was a great time and we met a few "stargirls" and "starboys" in lisa's life. after the keynote address, we made 3 cards and had a great time. we met a bunch of fun people and got to know a few new friends.

click here to see the pictures from the day!

Aug 5, 2008


that's all i can say about today. and that's all i can say right now because i'm so tired!! so tomorrow after some sleep, i'll post pictures and details of the lisa bearnson adventure that me and my cute mom went on today. and to the two new friends we made, if your reading, your picture will be here tomorrow!!

stay tuned...

oh yeah, it will have to wait until i get the speeding ticket thing figured out, too!!

Aug 4, 2008

how not to start your monday...

get pulled over for speeding at 630am going to work and get your second ticket in 7 days.


ps i haven't been pulled over in 8 years!!!

Aug 3, 2008

stampin up tour...

when traci and mary h were here for the stampin up convention this week, me and my cute mom met them at the stampin up headquarters for a tour. i thought i took more pictures, but i gues i only have a few. anyway, it was cool to walk through and see everything. oh yeah, and on the way from stampin up to roberts, i got a speeding ticket!

Aug 2, 2008

a few atcs...

i made a few things last week and haven't had time to post them until now!!! i am in about 15 swaps over at the shack and they all seem to be atcs for some reason!!! oh well, i love them. i recently organized all the ones i've been collecting and they are so fun to look at. one atc swap fills an 8 1/2 x 11 page (i use page protectors that are made for baseball cards). then i put them
in a binder. are some atcs i made. and i loved the summer atc so much i made a card very similar. i got the inspiration for the "spot" atc from a card i made at stamp club.

summer hula
paper: imaginisce
stamps: imaginisce
embellishments: stickles
other: prismacolor markers

paper: imaginisce
stamps: imaginisce
embellishments: crystal effects
other: prismacolor markers

cardstock: marigold morning, chocolate chip
ink:chocolate chip
stamps: imaginisce
other: cuttlebug spots and dots folder, prismacolor markers