Aug 30, 2016

life is a beautiful ride...

i couldn't wait to finish this project.  it was my first commissioned project and i was totally nervous.  i made it for a friend of mine who loves biking, obviously!  i saw this material and immediately thought of her. the back fabric couldn't have been any better!  the pattern is chain link by amy smart.

Jul 18, 2016

darth tyrinis...

what can i say?  i let my husband name this quilt.  it is, however, his!  he needed a replacement (desperately) for the blanket he sleeps with at night.  he has used the same ratty blanket for probably 25 years.  it's nasty polyester and itchy.  the new one had to have specific requirements.  couldn't be too hot, couldn't be too short, had to be big enough...he sleeps really hot, so i had to figure out what i could use to not keep him too warm.  at someone's suggestion (can't remember who!), i used a piece of flannel instead of traditional quilt batting.  i wanted to make more of a quilt type creation that just a blanket, so this is what i chose!  good news is he loves it.  it has great weight to it, but isn't too hot.

Jun 28, 2016

the first...

finally!  i started this quilt in april.  it was my first quilt top ever.  i probably bit off a little more than i could chew, but i'm glad i did.  i learned a ton from this quilt!!  it's been sitting in my craft room, starting at me for a couple of months.  mostly because i fell out of love with the colors, and didn't know what to bind it with.  finally i got some fabric and finished it.  i like the colors again, now, which is a bonus!

Jun 9, 2016

the sweetpea...

i wasn't really quite sure what i had gotten myself into when i started these quilting shenanigans...four quilt tops (more posts to come!) and two completed quilts later, i'm still not quite sure.  all i know is that right now i am loving it so much!!  it's a combination of finding the right combos of colors, a big puzzle of  block making, and therapy as i sew, sew, sew.  

this was my mother's day present to my cute mom.  i didn't get it finished quite in time for mother's day, but i think she forgives me!  with this quilt, i went a little bit more than just straight lines on the machine quilting.  i also quilted around certain blocks.  i love the pattern it ended up making.  random but cool!

Jun 6, 2016

my first finished quilt...

i know, i know...this isn't really my first quilt.  it's actually my third.  but my first quilt isn't finished yet.  i was afraid of binding it.  so that still needs to happen.  and my second quilt, is only really a quilt top at this point. both of those will be posted later.  but here...this is my first completed quilt.  and i was in kind of a rush to get it completed, for a few different reasons.  one, it's his 70th birthday this year.  second, father's day is coming up.  and third, we have decided as a family to stop my dad's treatment for the brain cancer he has. and life has improved greatly after that. but i wanted to make him a quilt that he could enjoy while he is still able, then pass it on to my mom.

so that's why this is my first complete quilt!!  if you know my cute pop, you know he always has on a pocket tshirt.  always. so i used a bunch of his old tshirts to make this.  this was my first tshirt quilt, and probably my was definitely a test of my patience!  but i'm happy with how it turned out.  a true labor of love!!

ps isn't my dad the cutest???

my quilt journal...

i have never been a real journal keeper.  i've tried many times throughout my life, but never lasted more than a week or so. i do kind of look at my blog as a sort of journal...although not completely. when i started quilting,  my aunt jill told me that i should keep a quilt journal.  i had no idea what that was or what i should write in it, but i gave it a shot.  and i'm so glad i did.  i'm keeping notes about the particular project and adding little scraps of fabric.  i love it.  and so far, so good!!  here's the first page about my string quilt blocks.

May 26, 2016

string blocks...

so about that swap i was mentioning in the previous post.  here are the blocks i made.  i haven't gotten the knack of measuring properly yet, so i had to get more material. ended up with three different blocks.  gotta admit, i love them all!

May 15, 2016

oh no...a new hobby...

so i've taken up a new hobby.  and it's terrible.  not terrible in the sense that it's an awful hobby. terrible in the sense that a-i don't need another hobby, b-i don't need another EXPENSIVE hobby, and even worse c-another hobby that takes up a lot of space!  but seeing as how i can't ever really just ease in to things, i've jumped in full speed ahead!

it's quilting.  and i have my two friends, nancy and traci to thank.  or blame.  see, nancy was wanting to host a quilt block swap.  and traci was going to join.  and they both pretty much talked me into doing it, too.  now mind you, i have never quilted a thing in my life!!  i have sewn a few things here and there, but a quilt?  get out! but they both assured me it would be simple and that if i could sew a moderately straight line, i could do it.

i gave in and joined the swap.  and then i went to the fabric store to get fabric for my blocks. and it was pretty much history from there.  i knew i was in deep trouble.  the swap was a string block swap, and in theory you use your fabric scraps to make the block. since i didn't really have fabric scraps to use, i had to buy some.  and once i realized all the amazingly cute fabric that is out there, i was hooked!  i picked some fabric and went home.  then decided that maybe i should make some more.  so i went back to the fabric store.  then ventured to one (or several) of the grundle of stores located near me.  now i have a nice little stash of fabric!

so now here it is, probably 6 weeks later and i'm on my third quilt.  haven't finished any of them yet, but my mind is wild with ideas!  so my stamping/crafting blog may now have a little quilting mixed in!  and don't worry...i'm NOT giving up card making or mixed media.  i love them too much!  just adding another addiction to the mix!!!

here's the first quilt block i made.  it's terrible and uneven but i love it because it's what got me hooked.  and of course it involves cute birds!!!

Apr 21, 2016

coffee love...

i participated in an atc swap that was hosted by grumbacher.  it is a one on one swap, meaning you create one atc and send it in and get one in return.  back in the day (like i'm so ancient here!) i was used to swapping atcs as a set of 9.  so it was a little odd just making one.  but this swap definitely had me stretch outside of my comfort zone, because it was a drawing atc.  now i can stamp up and craft an atc with the best of them. but simply using drawing or painting?  yikes!  but i absolutely loved making it.  and i even still used some stamps on it. (tracy's dare2beartzy stamps made perfect coffee rings!) can't wait to see which atc i receive!!  and i hope whoever gets mine likes it!  there were over 100 participants.  you should check them all out over on the grumbacher facebook page.

Apr 17, 2016


i've shown a glimpse here and there of this card. but here it is in all it's glory. these owls. i seriously don't know how the designers at unity continue to make stamps that i simply can't refuse to buy! smart cookies, they are!!

stamps: unity
cardstock: mme patterned paper, crumb cake, white
ink: fossilized amber, hello honey, walnut stain, jet black
embellishments:  twine
other:  prismacolor markers

Apr 6, 2016


how can this little dude not make you smile? he cracks me up!!  thanks to sherri for letting me borrow the stamp.

stamps: unity, alley way stamps
cardstock: pool party, white, stampin up patterned paper
ink: coastal cabana, ripe persimmon
embellishments:  ribbon, staples
other: prismacolor markers

Mar 27, 2016

imagine, dream, create...

another mixed media project in the books.  this one is for the "we dare you to create" challenge with tracy winezapfel and andy skinner.  it's so fun thinking outside the comfort zone and merging two styles together.  i used colors i usually don't (except the blue, tracy!).  it was fun to make!

imagine, dream, create
supplies:  gesso, acrylic paint, archival ink, modeling paste, drywall tape
stencils:  andy skinner, fabscraps

Mar 23, 2016

hope blooms...

started this canvas on monday night, as i was watching along with tracy weinzapfel and mixed media monday.  i didn't get a chance to finish it until the end of the week.  by then it took on a completely different feeling for me.  had a rough patch lately, so this is a reminder to see past the not so good and see the better.  i usually put more of a twist on the project that tracy does, but i loved so much how hers turned out. 

hope blooms
supplies:  gesso, acrylic paint, archival ink, crackle paste
font:  kg pdx bridgetown

Mar 18, 2016


some stamps are made for water coloring.  these flowers are.  such a simple card.  makes me happy.

stamps: unity
cardstock: island indigo, calypso coral, watercolor paper
ink: jet black
other:  water colors

Mar 16, 2016

you rock...

i love pun stamps! this one is perfect!  and washi tape.  oh how i love you.  i shouldn't hoard it...

you rock
stamps: unity
cardstock: blackberry bliss, white
ink: coastal cabana, blackberry bliss
embellishments:  washi tape

Mar 14, 2016

thinking of you...

this stamp has been sitting on my craft table for a while, waiting for me to ink it up. i finally did yesterday.  went with a monochrome theme again.

thinking of you
stamps: stampin up
cardstock: strawberry slush, pink pirouette, apricot appeal, tangerine tango, white
ink: strawberry slush, tangerine tango
embellishments:  candy dots
other:  lawn fawn rectangle die

Mar 11, 2016

making it up...

ever have those days where this couldnt feel more true??

making it up
stamps: unity
cardstock: crumb cake, white

Mar 10, 2016

choose happy...

yep. another bird. they are so cute i can't resist.  made this for a friend who was WAY overdue to get a cheery card in the mail.

choose happy
stamps: unity
cardstock: lost lagoon, island indigo, white
ink: lost lagoon, island indigo
other:  corner rounder, project life card

Mar 8, 2016


this is another one of those stamps that just makes me smile.  i mean the glasses??  get out!!

good friends
stamps: the alley way, altenew
cardstock: coastal cabana, white
ink: jet black
other:  prismacolor markers, glossy accents

Mar 6, 2016

a good life...

i love this stamp.  it's so cute and simple.  and great for water coloring!!  and i dug out the distressed dots background.  one of my favorites!!

good life
stamps: unity
cardstock: blushing bride, crisp cantaloupe, watercolor paper
ink: blushing bride, crisp cantaloupe, jet black
other:  watercolors

Mar 5, 2016

love you...

sometimes a challenge is in order to get the mind going. i felt good enough to get a little crafty last night, so i played along with this week's unity sketch challenge.  been dying to ink up this cute little owl (but haven't for some silly reason...)  he's adorable.  i used some project life cards from stampin up.  makes it so easy to make a card...

love you
stamps: unity
cardstock: raspberry ripple, crumb cake
ink: raspberry ripple, crumb cake, jet black
other:  prismacolor markers, chalk marker, banner punch, project life cards

Mar 3, 2016

little note...

who doesn't love a hedgie?  or a little note?  i recently discovered masking fluid. i'm pretty sure it's been around forever, but i just learned of it. talk about an awesome thing! makes things so much easier than making a paper mask or something.

little note
stamps: unity
cardstock: white, craft
ink: tumbled glass, shabby shutters, jet black
other:  prismacolor markers, masking fluid

Mar 2, 2016

good friends...

good friends
stamps: unity
cardstock: mme patterned paper, crumb cake, lost lagoon, white
ink: smokey slate, early espresso

be strong...

i've been under the weather the past few weeks (and it's getting really tiresome...).  so i figured it's a good time to catch up on some cards that haven't been blogged about.  so sorry for the potential overload!

i love this stamp.  the girl just makes me smile.  we all have those moments where we just need to hang in there and be strong.  unfortunately.  but we get through them.  hopefully.

be strong
stamps: unity
cardstock: coastal cabana, crumb cake, white
ink: early espresso, coastal cabana, crumb cake
other:  corner rounder

Jan 3, 2016


so i always have a hard time picking my one little word for the year.  last year, i was going through a rough patch and my #olw came to me in a flash.  i had no idea when i picked brave as my word for 2015 exactly how brave i was going to have to be during the year.  more than i have ever had to in my life.  maybe the words pick us.  for a reason?  this year, i'm facing the beginning of the year with an uphill battle.  so my word came to me pretty easily again this year...  i just hope i can live up to it.