Jul 18, 2016

darth tyrinis...

what can i say?  i let my husband name this quilt.  it is, however, his!  he needed a replacement (desperately) for the blanket he sleeps with at night.  he has used the same ratty blanket for probably 25 years.  it's nasty polyester and itchy.  the new one had to have specific requirements.  couldn't be too hot, couldn't be too short, had to be big enough...he sleeps really hot, so i had to figure out what i could use to not keep him too warm.  at someone's suggestion (can't remember who!), i used a piece of flannel instead of traditional quilt batting.  i wanted to make more of a quilt type creation that just a blanket, so this is what i chose!  good news is he loves it.  it has great weight to it, but isn't too hot.

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