Apr 21, 2016

coffee love...

i participated in an atc swap that was hosted by grumbacher.  it is a one on one swap, meaning you create one atc and send it in and get one in return.  back in the day (like i'm so ancient here!) i was used to swapping atcs as a set of 9.  so it was a little odd just making one.  but this swap definitely had me stretch outside of my comfort zone, because it was a drawing atc.  now i can stamp up and craft an atc with the best of them. but simply using drawing or painting?  yikes!  but i absolutely loved making it.  and i even still used some stamps on it. (tracy's dare2beartzy stamps made perfect coffee rings!) can't wait to see which atc i receive!!  and i hope whoever gets mine likes it!  there were over 100 participants.  you should check them all out over on the grumbacher facebook page.

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