Jun 6, 2016

my first finished quilt...

i know, i know...this isn't really my first quilt.  it's actually my third.  but my first quilt isn't finished yet.  i was afraid of binding it.  so that still needs to happen.  and my second quilt, is only really a quilt top at this point. both of those will be posted later.  but here...this is my first completed quilt.  and i was in kind of a rush to get it completed, for a few different reasons.  one, it's his 70th birthday this year.  second, father's day is coming up.  and third, we have decided as a family to stop my dad's treatment for the brain cancer he has. and life has improved greatly after that. but i wanted to make him a quilt that he could enjoy while he is still able, then pass it on to my mom.

so that's why this is my first complete quilt!!  if you know my cute pop, you know he always has on a pocket tshirt.  always. so i used a bunch of his old tshirts to make this.  this was my first tshirt quilt, and probably my last...it was definitely a test of my patience!  but i'm happy with how it turned out.  a true labor of love!!

ps isn't my dad the cutest???

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