Feb 22, 2007

what's a name?

i don't like to be like everyone else. i like to be different. whenever we have stamp club or i go to some stamping event, i can never do the cards or projects like the examples. i have to have something, big or little, different. so i'm not digging the name "blog candy" because everyone calls it that. so, i need to figure out something else to call it. i'm open to suggestions. throw your thoughts at me. if i pick your idea, i'll send you a goodie (of the crafting variety!) in the meantime, here is what the winner of my {what can you make out of this?} contest will win:

it's a little collection of scrapworks goodies that includes: 4 packages of tailored tabs, 1 package of hugz & dotz and 1 package of colorrubz florals rubons.

14 peeps have to say:

hbpuppy said...

How about:

A little Shug-a
gimme some shug-a
A spoonfull of shug-a?

Tee hee.

Ethel Amutan said...

Here are my suggestions:




doverdi said...

How about blog prize (simple enough) or blog shug? Even a shuggy snack which could be exclusive to you, or shuggy treat. shuggy shug attack
shuggy's (or shugs)treat or (sweet treat)
shuggy's (or shugs)snack attack
shuggy's (or shugs)sweet giveaway
shug (or shuggy's) sweets
how about
Win some shug? lol
ok, that's it for me. Not to creative at this hour. lol But I do like a couple of these as they are kind of catchy. lol

Suzi said...

I don't think there is anything better than Shuggy Snack. I LOVE that one!!!

Lois said...

Packets of Shuggy's

Michelle said...

I was gonna say Blog Bling also.

quickcurl said...

Cute idea! How about..............
Shug-a-licious Stuff! or Sweet Funky Stuff (can you tell I just heard a certain song? gonna get ya some sweet funky stuff! can you name that tune? lol) or Shuga- love, or Shuga-Hug. Ok I have to go to work! Thanks for sharing! Christine

Dawn Mercedes said...

shrug's bribes

I figure, everyone out there posting Blog Candy is doing it as a bribe!

mustangsarah said...

shuggy's (shugs)sugar treats
Blogs treats
blogs sweets
shugs(shuggy's) little sweets

tyrymom29 said...

HOw about SHUGS BONBONS!!!!!!! or SHUGGYS bonbons.........Im french so it sounds yummy!!!!LOL I cant wait to see whats it gonna b ...........So cute!! Great idea!!

Jen del Muro (scs: genie1314) said...

here are a few of my ideas...
blog tarts
goodie give-aways
sweet surprises

Julie said...

I don't even know where "blog candy" is or came from.. lol That's quits a prize there!

Kelly Sampson AKA Emmiestamps said...

How about Bloggers Bling or Bling For Bloggers!

shuggy said...

ok, poll is closed!! vote away!

the top two are:

shuggy snacks