Feb 6, 2007

i've been shack'd! (and rak'd)

if you aren't familiar with those two terms, a rak is a random act of kindness (or someone who does something nice for you for no reason). being shack'd is the same as a rak, but it comes from people who hang out on the stamp shack. having said that, sherry is the creator of the stamp shack and a wonderful human being!! i've had a string of yuckiness over the past few months so she thought i needed to be rak'd/shack'd. she sent me the cutest little card set i've ever seen! and the cutest 'thinking of you' card! she is awesome!!

all photos are courtesy of sherry graves

3 peeps have to say:

Suzi said...

Congrats Angie!! I think you really deserved it!! Soooo cute!

Suzi said...
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Debbie Olson said...

Wow, what a cute ensemble--definitely encouraging!