Sep 1, 2007

what's that...another circle journal...

of course!! so the big shackie get together at the mall of america and scrapfest event is this coming thursday-sunday. i can hardly stand it. not only do i get to meet all these cool and wonderful friends i've made over at the stamp shack, i also get to go on a mom-daugther trip for the first time ever!! how fun is that!! woo hoo!! i can't wait.

anyhoo...we are all going to do a circle journal to remember our trip together. here is the cover of mine along with the pages i'll be adding to everyone else's journals. i case'd the idea from a page i saw over at 2peas.
minnesota, here we come!!!

2 peeps have to say:

Suzi said...

LOVE the page!! Wish I were going :( I had NO IDEA you were tatooed!! How can that be? (that I didn't know, not that you have tatoos, although.....) Did you print the journalling on the page. It looks so cool!

shuggy said...

*shrug* i do indeed have 5 tattoos!!

wish you were coming!! just sneak up!!!