Sep 14, 2007

my public service announcement...

you know, sometimes my job affects me. you may or may not know, i'm a pediatric intensive care nurse. i work with kids from ages 1 day to 18 years (and occasionally older). it's a hard job, but very rewarding. but sometimes, i just have to let off some steam. so here is my soapbox...i've said it before, and i'll probably say it again.


don't hit them. don't shake them. don't put them in a car without a seat belt or car seat. don't be stupid.

according to the national center on shaken baby syndrome ( 25-30% of kids who have been shaken will die from their injuries. many will have complications the rest of their lives. is that worth it? for one moment that you may be pushed to the edge because your baby is crying and you can't console them, is it worth it to risk their lives by hitting them or shaking them? walk away. set the baby down in their crib, swing, whatever. let them cry. they will be ok. crying never killed a baby. shaking them does.

and please put them in a proper car seat or seat belt. you never know what may happen when you are in a car. or if a little one is capable of opening a car door. sure it may take a few extra minutes to properly restrain them. but for their sake, take the extra time. they will thank you when they are an adult and are living a happy and healthy life. i promise. and you will thank yourself when you don't have to wonder if taking a few extra minutes could have saved their life.

thanks for reading.

2 peeps have to say:

Heather Grow said...

Amen Angie. God bless you. I know it must be super tough to do your job when kids are sick for natural reasons but it's got to be awful when you know that they are there because of some grown-ups bad decision. Either way, the kids are lucky to have you to take care of them.

flipflops4sherri said...

I don't know how you do what you do but so glad you do. It takes a special person and that person is YOU :). You're the best!! Sherri