Sep 11, 2007

all good things must come to an end...

or that's how the saying goes. i think it sucks. i was so sad to see the wonderful trip at moa-scrapfest come to an end. i can't even begin to say how amazing it was to meet the people who came from all over that i had only known as a cyber friend (with a few transistioning to a telephone friend!) and now i know them as a real live person. it has only solidified my friendships with them (i hope!).

we had a pretty impressive area of north america covered...sherri and ellie are from north carolina; patty is from connecticut; traci drove from ohio; chelsea drove from illinois; joanne is from tennessee; barb drove down from canada; tonii came from california; chris, robin, and debbie drove from michigan; joanie and lesa came from massachusetts; cindy and her friend tracy came from iowa; lidia and renee live in minnesota; and me and my cute mom came from utah. crazy isn't it!!

this is definately going to have to be some sort of annual event, be it with the moa-scrapfest or one we just organize on our own (hurry up, chris!). i never thought i would become such good friends with such an amazing group of people. now i just need to meet more of my shackie friends!!!

3 peeps have to say:

GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

yes, i'm happy to be your friend in person, cyberland and telephone, too. i loved meeting you and your cute mom. mary is a joy and so loving and caring. i'm so glad you were able to convince her to join the shack and attend moa! it would not have been the same without either of you.

Lesa said...

I am so happy too. I feel blessed to know you all and to have had the chance to meet up in person. You and your cute mom just rock Angie!! Can't wait to meet up again.

spredbirds said...


I had a blast as well .. it was so good meeting everyone in person although I feel we've know each other forever. We must do this again!