Sep 3, 2007


here are the winners from saturday night shuggy snacks {9-1} and the 14000 hits contest. i used the trusty number selector.

  • the winner with the answer of dori speaking whale is lucky number 9 was nancy grant. woo hooo!!!
  • the winner for the 14000 hits is number 21, shannon!! hooray!!

both of you please comment and email me your address.

thanks to all of you that made such fabulous comments about my blog. it makes me feel better knowing i'm doing all of this for a reason!!! you are the best!!!


3 peeps have to say:

Shannon said...

Thanks so much. Seems the Grant girls won as that is my last name as well - or its my last name for 26 more days!

Nancy Grant said...

Yipee! Congrats Shannon on the big win!

Angie,I hope you received my email with my address.

Smiles & gratitude,

shuggy said...

congrats to the grants!! your prizes are going out tomorrow!!