Sep 9, 2007

scrapfest day 3 (part 2!)...

i can't believe it was another fantastic day. i think that we are having
such a great time and it can't get any better, then it does!!!

today there was more make-n-taking, more classes to be rushed through, more trips to archiver's (they have so much of our money now!!), and another crafting session at the hotel. barb arranged to reserve a conference room at the hotel so we had our own space to play in. we ended up with about 17 people crafting together. we even had made some new friends (some invited and some not!) that stopped in to see what we were doing. michelle and cheryl, two very nice ladies from illinois, and hopefully soon to be new shackies (wink, wink) poked their heads in early in the night and ended up coming back to check on us a few times. they were so nice to take our group picture about twenty times with everyone's camera!!! the other people were just strangers walking by the room and stopping to look at our stuff. honestly!!! it was funny. we laughed so hard some of us were even crying. joanne read a fabulous poem about friendship, we gave barb a circle journal for arranging things. we took many pictures and laughed some more!! we lined up all our circle journals and showed them off (this is where the strangers came in...i think they thought it was a gallery or something!!)

i'm sad to see this all come to an end. some people are starting to head home tomorrow and the rest will trickle home monday and tuesday. i am going to have to be pretty creative at packing to get all my goodies home!!!

until tomorrow...

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GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

angie, you have a wonderful record here of what happened at MOA. i can't tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you, your cute mom and all the other shackies. I just loved my roommate and hopefully we can room again some time when more events happen. thanks so much for the circle journal, i will treasure it always.