Oct 18, 2007

busy week...

sorry this week been a little lite on the postings. i worked an extra shift and ended up working 4 days in a row (which nearly killed me!) so i haven't done much besides go to work, come home, and sleep. no crafting what-so-ever. work has been so busy with such sick patients (i know, it's an icu, aren't they all sick?), and it's very hard on the mental status! especially when things happen and you don't know what to say or do to help comfort patient's and their families. i wonder if that ever gets any easier.

anyway, tonight i'm going to help my mom with a card party, so i'll have new cards to post after that. it should be a fun time. we are also doing another party with different cards on saturday. so more then, too. and i'll need to get a circle journal done between now and then, so hopefully there will be lots of crafty posts within the next few days.

one another circle journal note, i received my bella circle journal back. how fun to see all the different entries and what everyone created!! i'll see if i can get some of it scanned and posted.

as always, thanks for visiting!!!


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Lesa said...

Angie, don't be so hard on yourself. You have an emotionaly tough job which you take personally. You need lots of rest to regroup. Crafting will come in it's own time. Take care of you first. Hugs