Oct 6, 2007

happy world card making day...

today is world card making day. 5 years ago, i had no idea such a day even existed!!! can you believe that? look how far i've come!! now i've turned into a crafting/stamping/card making monster!!! with a blog to prove it!!

if you don't know what world card making day is, here's a little history: (taken from world card making day)
World Card Making Day began in 2006 as National Card Making Day. Founded by
Paper Crafts magazine in an effort to bring card makers together at the busiest
card-making season of the year, it was first held on October 7, 2006. The
initial celebration involved the Paper Crafts magazine audience only; however,
due to the positive response it received and the worldwide popularity of card
making, Paper Crafts recognized the need to expand, and the holiday transformed
into World Card Making Day.Now in its second year, World Card Making Day has
been expanded to include a dedicated web site; a wider, more inclusive level of
sponsorship; and a marketing campaign designed to get the word out at the
grassroots level. These steps were taken in hopes of uniting the card-making
community (hobbyists, retailers, manufacturers, and more) and celebrating the
connection and creativity that is at the heart of card making.

so, what does all this card making day business mean to you?? well, would a saturday be complete without a prize from shuggy?? heck no! (oh my...my utah heritage just popped out there for a minute...) so in lieu of saturday night shuggy snacks, there will be a world card making day contest!! i have a fantastic prize picked out for the winner. it is a set of unmounted rubber stamps from the wonderful creator of the stamp shack and owner of her own rubber stamp line, sherry, over at inkspirations. to see the set that is the prize, click here.

so what is it you need to do to win the fantastic prize?? well, if you are already participating in some sort of world card making day celebration, it will be easy. if you aren't participating, it will still be easy!! simply make a card with a holiday theme. it can be any fall/winter holiday, halloween, christmas, new year's, thanksgiving...what ever you would like. if you have a favorite card you have all ready made, that works too!! just post a comment with a link to your card so everyone can see your creation. also include your email so you can be contacted if you are the winner. i will have a judge review all the cards and select a winner. you will have until monday october 8 at 6pm mst to submit your card. you can submit as many cards as you like, the more you submit, the more chances you have to win!!!

so go get crafting and enjoy world card making day!!!

14 peeps have to say:

Erin K said...

Angie I posted mine in a post that will have ALL the WCMD things I do. I labled it as your though I hope that's ok:

I'm POSITIVE you have my email but just in case serinone@yahoo.com

MidwestStamper said...

I just made a Halloween card today, so I'll submit this one for Angies' Blog Contest! I'm having so much fun making cards today!


MidwestStamper said...

Well, it sure would help if I include a link to see my cute Halloween card, wouldn't it? Here's a link for PCMB's Gallery (hope that's ok):



GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

Hey, Angie, here's my card. It's a Thanksgiving card (this is Thanksgiving here in Canada). It's card number 2 in this post.


Having a great day, are you?

Jami said...

Does it count to post the Christmas card and Halloween card that I made last week? Pretty please?? I signed up for an extra shift tonight...groan...and I don't know if I will have time to play and create anything new. If that works, they are posted on my blog.
Thanks!! You are awesome!


(September 23rd entry for Halloween card, and September 27th entry for Christmas card)

Wife2TJ said...

Happy Card making day. I have made more cards today then I have all week. lol! And I haven't even made that many. But today is a great excuse to get my creative juices flowing.

spredbirds said...

Hi Angie!

Here is a Halloween Card that I made. I made it using the Hero Arts instructions for the pop-up card. Enjoy!



Donna said...

oooh! I'd love to win the Sandy the crab set - it's so CUTE! Here are the cards I made for my WCMD event today
World Card-Making Day cards

Lesa said...

I have not made any cards for WCMD but I think Angie is so cool for offering up the contest! Hope you are feeling rested Angie. :)

CAKVD said...

Happy WCMD!!! Here is my card:


Cheryl KVD

Vicki said...

Here are a few Christmas cards I made this morning with images that Nancy from the Shack sent me in a birthday card. Love her for that!




And here's one I already had made but I like it.

Vicki Hook

Heather Grow said...

Happy WCMD Angie. I have 2 cards that qualify.



Fall/Thanksgiving: http://wegrowbyourdreams.blogspot.com/2007/10/pumpkin-delight.html

Denise said...

Here is my Halloween card! TFS!


Little One said...

I actually have one on Stamp Shack that I am making Christmas cards for. Here is the link.