Mar 4, 2007

judging call...

doesn't that sound all official? it's not really. i just need a few volunteers to help with the judging of the {what can you make out of this?} contest that i'm holding for some shuggys snacks (or blog candy, if you have forgotten already!).

there are a few stipulations...

  • you can't be one of the 23 participants (see below)

  • you have to have made at least 1 card in the past 6 months

  • you must comment to this post telling me why you would be a good judge

  • i will randomly draw three names for the guest panel of judges from the entries i receive. i will accept entries until saturday march 10th. each judge will get a small token of appreciation from me.

    if you have any questions, please email me.

    thanks and have a lovely day!

    ps. if you name is listed on the card below, you are in the contest! kits are going in the mail tomorrow!

    16 peeps have to say:

    Suzi said...

    Uh, to be a participant in the contest, do I have to have made a card in the last 6 months???? I may be in trouble then :P

    Kelly said...

    Am I in the contest?
    I think I posted to a second thread you did, but Im not sure if I made it in ;)
    If Im not participating, Ill be a judge :)

    Hmmmm why Id be a good judge???
    *Im fair
    *I dont judge whether I like a card/layout/project just because of who posts it
    *I like what I see out of new scrappers/stampers just as much as I like what I see out of seasoned ones
    *I spend a lot of time on the internet, message boards, galleries, and scrapbook stores to see a variety of techniques but still find a lot of inspiration out there.
    Is that good enough? lol

    shuggy said...

    you are both in the contest, silly!!

    kelly, if you weren't, i'd pick you!!

    and suz, no to your question!!

    Suzi said...

    Oh good, I was worried. Since the shack is STILL down (whaaaaaaaaa) I guess I'm going to go try to make a card. Or go to Macy's w/dh. One of them.

    Julie said...

    I am not participating...I guess I missed the boat...BUT I would love to be a Judge if you still need some! :) LMK!!

    trulycanadiangirl said...
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    trulycanadiangirl said...

    angie, here is why i think i would be a good judge.

    -Im fair
    -My mom says im creative (hey i had to make sure lol)
    -And I, like Kelly do not judge a project by who made it. honestly it would be easier to vote if the judges didnt know who made whick project (ya know what i mean?)
    -oh and i like to use parenthesis alot but that dosent pertain to this(lol)
    -im not taking part in your contest.
    - and yes i have made a card in the last 6 months


    maxiesmom said...

    I'm willing to judge for you. Kelly took all the good resons though! I'm not playing in it and think I could be fair and impartial. And I have now got ONE card in my gallery so there is proof that I do stamp from time to time!

    maxiesmom said...

    Oh, and I agree with Chelsey, it is a good thing to not know who's is who's- whether I judge or not. Just seems to be a good idea.

    Ethel Amutan said...

    I'll be a judge, if you'll have me. Here's why I think I'd be a good judge.......

    I think I have a unique perspective on card layout, design and elements. I don't necessarily "go with the flow." Actually, I hardly ever "go with the flow." Having said that, i would look for the "WOW" factor in cards: Is the card unique? How well did the card interpret the theme? If I was rushing into the store, desparate to find a card in under 30 seconds, would I buy *that* card because it cuaght my attention? Things like that........ I wouldn't look for absolute perfection, but I think I would most definitely look for creativity and unique interpretation.

    Loobylou said...

    I would love to be a judge for you Angie. I am not in your contest- and I live far away in Australia, and there are no other Aussie participants so I am impartial (hey, maybe I could be a guest International Judge- how fancy does that sound???). I have lots of cards in my gallery and love to see new ideas
    I don't know if we can do the judging "blind", but I too think that would be very fair.
    Sarah in Western Australia

    shuggy said...

    wow...i like the sound of an international judge...makes it sound so official!!

    loobylou said...

    pm or email me at the stamp shack Angie if you want me to be a judge. it would be fun to be an International special guest judge for yu. I may even put it on my
    Love your new papers too

    Jan Scholl said...

    I often take up to 50 photos of the same thing and then try to narrow it down to the one best based on composition, brightness, etc I think this helps me a lot when I have to do swaps in judging for myself and would also help me to single out one photo or card for a contest.

    shelley said...

    This sounds like fun. I'd like to be a judge.

    Jan Stinnette said...

    Hi Shuggy

    I would be a good judge because...(1) I'm impartial (2) I'm fair (3) I've made a card in the last 6 months--just participated in a swap at the Stamp Shack (3) I think it would be fun (5) you need me - lol