Mar 4, 2007

you are what???

so tonight, i was sitting at home doing some homework. my boyfriend decides we should order a pizza for dinner. ok, i'm fine with that. there is a new pizza hut just down the street. so i pull up their number and give them a call. after the standard 2-3 minute wait on hold (why does every pizza joint do this?), i ask the nice person who answered what their specials are. they have this cheesybite pizza, that has cheese sticks built in to the pizza. interesting. i say ok, we'll have one of those. this was his reply..."um, we are out of large pizzas." i said, "excuse me?" silence. then, "yeah, we don't have any large pizzas." so i'm thinking ok, we don't need a large. there are only two of us. a medium will be fine. i said, "ok, we'll take a medium cheesybite pizza." again silence. "um, the cheesybite pizza's only come in large." well isn't that just looking up your old address? who runs out of pizza at 830 on a saturday night?

wierd. godfather's wasn't out of any pizza! it was delish.

4 peeps have to say:

Suzi said...

If they are "out" of the pizza COMPLETELY then why did he say it was a special?? Hey, he has a future working at Michael's!!!

Jackie said...

Thanks, Suzy - I was going to ask the same thing - LOL! Love the "future working at Michaels" - so true.

Jan Scholl said...

being out of a certain size pizza leads me to belive that the pizza crusts arent freshly made but frozen and then baked that way. I willnever buy a pizza anywhere that I cannot watch them roll out the dough into a pan and add fresh ingrediants.

Mary said...

I'm laughing. (as always when I read your blog) You just have such a way of telling a story that is freakin' hilarious.

Mary (toao)