Mar 5, 2007

{what can you make out of this?} or the contest for shuggys snacks

(that's code for blog candy, in case you've forgotten!)

here are the rules to the contest:

1-you must use the materials in the kit you will recieve. you don't need to use all of it, but you must use at least part of each piece.

2-you can also use the following but nothing more:

  • one additional embellishment
  • one additional stamped image
  • any saying/words to the front (this may be stamped)
  • finished size must be 5 1/2 x 4 1/4
  • can distressed in any way
  • can use any stamp pads, markers or colored pencils
  • can only use items in our current inventory - you can't go buy anything new
3-please comment to this post when you recieve your kit (book mark this page) if you don't comment and check in, you won't be allowed to participate or be judged for the prize. if you don't get your kit in a reasonable amount of time (1 week or so for us and 2 weeks for those up north) please let me know!

4-all entries must be emailed to me so i can post them for judging by april 15th. it's like the tax deadline...if it's not to me by the 15th, you will be dq'd (that sounds so harsh!!)
if you are one that uses a watermark on your image, please make it small so it won't get in the way of judging!!!

judging will be done by a panel of three volunteer judges. cards will be posted by number, so the creator will remain annonymous to the judges as well as the participants. i will also submit an entry, but if on the chance of hell freezing over and i win, i will not collect a prize. cause frankly, if i'm giving away the prize, it's something i want to share! i've decided that their will be prizes for the top three cards in the categories of: cutseyiest (yes, a new word i'm creating for this contest!), most creative, and most traditional.

whew...get those creative juices flowing!

please note: this contest is closed. no more enteries are accepted!!!

update***comments are open***reply here when kit is recieved!!

25 peeps have to say:

flipflops4sherri said...

Ooooh I can't wait to get my kit and play with my new goodies. Have you mailed it yet? :) LOL Sherri

flipflops4sherri said...

Oh yes and I will be checking your blog hourly to see if you got your header on it yet. That is so cool and now I want one with flip flops all over it!! Hurry up!! Time's awaistin'!! Sherri

Allison said...

What a fun there a limit on how many entrants you will have? Given the number of people who may click through, would you like me to advertise it on my site (I just don't want you to be deluged...)

shuggy said...

sherri, i have to finish my homework, before my mom will let me come over and play. so it's going to be a while!!!

Julie said...

I just got my packet! You're there where I am supposed to post?? When is the card due again?

Julie said...

Sweet Jesus! The instructions are in the packet! You're the bomb!! I am a dumbass. :)

Suzi said...

Angie, got my stuff today. Woohoo, I'm off tomorrow. Will mail your stamps (didn't do it today, bad stalker!!) And work on this project. Cool stuff!!! Can't wait!

Diane said...

Sherri, my kit arrived today! This is wonderful and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!


Diane said...

Angie, I meant Angie (not sherri) kit arrived! Very excited to see what everyone comes up with!

Thanks for hosting this fun contest.

Diane M

jdpisces said...

Hey Angie ~ I received my package today!!! Everything is awesome!

Pam Speidel said...

Hey Shuggy! I got my "kit" today and it is AWESOME! Love the colors and know I'm going to have so much FUN with these goodies! This little birdie is SO CUTE! :)
Thank you for organizing this!
Smiles, Pam :)

jdpisces said...

Hi Angie ~ I received the goods today!

hbpuppy said...

I have my kit and I'm super excited. What a great combo of stuff.

Tami said...

Hi Angie,
I received my fun kit of goodies this afternoon. Great colors!

Kelly said...

I got mine today Angie!
If I dont get to it tonight, Ill work on Mon or Tues night when Im off again.
Im doing laundry now, and its sucking what little bit of energy I have (stupid cold!!) to do it. :/
Thanks so much!!
Oh, just a question to make sure....I got 3 brads (they were scattered in the package) was that how many we were supposed to have?

shuggy said...

just testing...ignore this!!

Mary said...

Hey I got my packet and will be working on this today! Thanks so much!!

Mary (toao)

Mindy said...

es I go my kit, will be working on it soon

christie said...

hey Angie,
I got my kit today!! I can't wait to play. Such fun stuff in it.Thanks for hosting this awesome contest!! Your the best.

mustangsarah said...

Received my kit today and it looks awesome, can't wait to get started on it.

Thanks, your the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I received my kit today, and you've got me thinking.

Thanh said...

I got it!!! (finally) Wheeeeee

Anonymous said...

The last annonymous post wa sme Keltie AKA Heather

Allison said...

I got mine today...gotta love Canada Post (not!). BTW, the materials are gorgeous...right up my alley!

hutch ink designs... said...

I got my kit and sent my card to you...I posted under- on your mark, get set...

Sorry I posted in the wrong spot!