Mar 8, 2007

sleep? who needs sleep?

so i wonder, how long can people go with out sleep? i got up yestderday morning aroun 9am. did some homework, went to lunch with my cute mom (hi mom!), putzed around, didn't take a nap, worked from 7pm last night to 730am this morning, went to breakfast with my lovely friends (and coworkers...hi jami, mandy and cindy!), came home, started working on the homework i procrastinated on, and now here i am going on 29 hours of no sleep. wow, what a run on sentance!!! so now, it's like do i go nap for an hour or two and risk crashing for hours then not sleep tonight?


3 peeps have to say:

Julie said...

Well done with getting your banner the same size as your blog body! :)

flipflops4sherri said...

29 hours of no sleep? That's crazy! You better get some rest tonight!! Sherri

shuggy said...

well lets it's 36!! ahahaha