Mar 13, 2007

i've come to a conclusion...

i'm officially overwhelmed. i realized this tonight as i had a total meltdown. our realtor, sara, came over to do some paperwork. she told us on saturday that she needed us to "declutter" a bit so it would be appeasing to future buyers. we knew this and my mom (who i adore) came over to help me clean a bit today.

while we were at lunch (after the shopping spree at all my memories) we got a call from sara, telling us there was a guy who stopped as she was putting up the sign in our yard, who wanted to take a look. well, i informed her it was quite a mess, since me and kerry started the decluttering process last night. so we rushed home, he looked through and they were gone. then we really started cleaning. my craft room was the biggest thing we needed to tackle. so we did. we got a bunch done, but barely a dent...

so sara came back over tonight and we get the paperwork out of the way. then she says we need to take pictures to list it. well before i could say boo, this place was whipped into shape. we had one of the couches and the treadmill in the garage, the kitchen was removed of anything personal. the place looks totally different. then i go up and start helping my mom again with my craft room and i just stop in the middle of it and i freak out!! the tears just start pouring out. i have no idea why...i just started crying and i could not stop. so sara comes up, my mom comes in and everyone just sits there wondering why i've turned into mt vesuvius!!!! they try to help me stop crying and let me know that we don't need to get this all done tonight. then we all decided to call it a night, and i still can't stop crying. so kerry takes me and sits me down and tells me all the nice things a boyfriend tries to tell you when you are hysterically crying!!! that's one of the many reasons why i love him. he knows how to calm me down.

the whole time, i'm trying to figure out when in the next three days i'm going to get so much crap done. i have a ton of homework to do, i have to finish cleaning/packing part of my house. i have to have the cleaners come do a spring cleaning so it the house can be nice to look at. plus, i have to work the next two days. ARGH!!! not to mention this is going to be the start of what stands to be a stressfull 6-8 weeks.

so i figure out that i'm not super woman. i know, shocking...i have to give up some stuff...temporarily. what makes me sad is that it is going to have to be my sanity relief....crafting. one, because some think school is more important. whatever...and two, because it's all going to be sitting in boxes in my garage!! but not this blog...i'll be worries. and the contest is on in full swing. these cards coming in are so fab!! i can't wait to show them all!!

thanks for making it to the end of this rambling post...until next time.


EDIT: this is why i adore my mom...she just sent me this email:

"I love you. Please don't stress out so much over this. It will all happen and it will all be good.
Rome wasn't built in a day."

isn't she great?

4 peeps have to say:

flipflops4sherri said...

Oh yes your mom is one terrific mom!! Its going to be totally stressful the next few weeks. Don't give up everything you love or it will be even worse. Good luck on it all Ang!! We're at the Shack if you need us :) Sherri

Julie said...

You'll do great, Angie! Hang in there.

(Why are you moving?)

Suzi said...

Poor Angie :( I'm sorry. I'd come help you if I could. Hmmmm, I hate working right now, dh is gonna be home the ENTIRE month of April, and the kids think I'm a total pain in the patootie so, why not. I'll tell them all I'm head out to help you! No one should have a problem with it, right?

shuggy said...

you guys are great!!

suz, come on over!! we have lots of space now!!!