Sep 15, 2011


this weekend, there is this little event going on in minnesota called scrapfest.  i think it's held at the biggest mall in amarica because there's no other place that could hold an event of this size.  craft peeps  gather and have one ginormous party.

five years ago, a group of girls decided to get together at this event.  we had all met through the shack, an online community about the hobby we love.  a few people were going to go to scrapfest, so we thought what a great place to get together and meet in real life!  it was one of the most awesome trips i have ever gone on and i met some of the most amazing people in my life.  luckily, to this day, they are some of my best friends!  we have made getting together an annual event (with some years doing it 2-3 times!).  we are doing it again in just a few weeks.   i can't wait!!!


2 peeps have to say:

Cindi said...

I so wish I could go!!! have fun ladies, take lots of pics and give the rest of us regular updates

misssrobin said...

Have a great time.

I love the makeover.