Sep 9, 2011

birthday cookies...

i usually don't like to post about foodie things i make...but i wanted to show my most favorite cookies in the whole world.  i made them to take to a little celebration tonight!

edited to add the recipe!!

single batch: 
  • 1 devils food cake mix (pictured is the best name doesn't turn out as tasty)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup oil
 mix together. drop on cookie sheet (i use a melon baller...perfect size every time!). bake for 7 minutes @ 350.   stuff with frosting of your choice. my friend nicole gave me the recipe and she uses cream cheese frosting (bleck.) i use buttercream frosting (i cheat and get it at the bakery) and add a touch of mint flavoring. 


2 peeps have to say:

Jennifer E. said...

Happy Birthday Angie! Now you know you can't have a post like this and not share the recipe! They look yummy!

misssrobin said...

Yum! Great pictures.