Jul 9, 2012

in the process...

so i always post finished projects on my blog.  sometimes, i'll post the process of a project i made along with the finished project.  but i've never just posted about a project that isn't complete.  tracy just proclaimed it "share" day over on facebook, so i figured, why not!  i'll post about a project in process!  plus, without her, i might not even know what any of this stuff was!!  join us tonight over at ustream for the monday night get together (6pm pst).  best part of the week!

i started with a blank page in my art journal, then added a layer of gesso.  this is like a primer, sorta.  i saw some cute purple and white dotted project somewhere yesterday and it stuck in my brain, so i wanted to do something with that.  i have a great purple colored gelato, so i used that for the next layer.  the cool thing about gelatos...you kinda feel like a kid again using them.  i just scribbled all over the page, covering the whole thing.  then i spritzed it with water and painted the page.  it's so neat watching the medium transform!!  

anyway, that's where i'm at.  so now i'm off to finish it!

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Shauna Gunnell said...

This is gorgeous. It makes me think of the ocean at night with the night sky in the background. Or maybe deep in the forest with little fairies dancing about. ;) Can't wait to see what you do with it!