Jul 2, 2012

canvas swap...

ack!  i haven't blogged in five days?  oh that's right...i've been in bed for the past four days...sicker than a dog. but i'm hopfully on the mend.  so moving on...

i decided to host a challenge over at the shack to spread my new found obsession crafty love.  the swap: a group of us signed up and picked partners (well, i assigned partners), then each person makes a canvas for their person and sends it to them. whatever theme they want.  this is the canvas i made for christie.  and she told me she has received it, so i'm going to post it!  and the one i received from here was amazing!!!

not a hobby
stamps:  christy tomlinson
paper: tissue paper, glitz pp
ink:   jet black
paint: gesso, acrylic
embellishments:  muslin, glimmer mist, buttons
other: decoupage, bubble wrap, gel medium
font:  rough typewriter

i took the ideas from a few places.  i know i used this quote from pinterest last week on my art journal, but i love it!  i also tried the cool transfer technique again.  you can't see it very well, it's very subtle in the corner...a bicycle with flowers in the basket.

and talk about button heaven!!  then i got the stacked canvas idea from tracy's ustream class last week.  talk about open a whole new set of options!!

another cool technique i tried was printing on tissue paper.  if i print on regular paper with an inkjet printer, the ink smears when i use mod podge.  but i read that if you print on tissue paper, it doesn't.  so i tried that  and it totally works!

so if you get nothing out of my mixed media posts lately, get this...just try something new.  you never know where it will lead you.  if you would have asked me if i would have loved this so much, i would have laughed.  so just go out and try something new!!

4 peeps have to say:

maxiesmom said...

Lucky Christie, this is great. Thanks for the tissue paper idea, very cool tip. I didn't see the buuble wrap at first, had to look for it.

misssrobin said...

It's beautiful. I'm so glad you're starting to feel better. I hope your recovery is swift.

Maureen Hayes said...


First of all, this is absolutely lovely! I love the color, the use of the transfer, the buttons, the second canvas - everything! The girls who received it was very lucky!

Second, I really hope you start to feel better soon. I know there are some nasty bugs out there and this heat doesn't make things better. You are in my prayers!

Third, I received the stamps I won from you yesterday in the mail and they are so nice! I have never owned a Unity or ippity stamp before, and it felt like Christmas morning to me. Thanks so much.

Have a wonderful day,
Maureen AKA scrapgirl1467

Suzi said...

BEAUTIFUL Angie!!! Explain how to print on tissue. Do you adhere it to something else & then print?? I can't imagaine it going thru the printer...