Jun 5, 2012


this may be a long one, so hang tight!!

stamps:  phyllis harris, unity
cardstock: fancy pants pp, book pages
ink:  jet black, pacific point
paint: gesso, acrylic, gelatos
embellishments:  prima flowers, muslin, glimmer mist
other:  sharpie marker, india ink-black & white, modeling paste

most people know i'm a pediatric icu nurse. nine years ago, i started in the icu as a new grad from nursing.  it was both terrifying and amazing at the same time.  every day i go to work, it still can be both terrifying and amazing at the same time.  but i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  i love what i do and i can't see myself doing anything else.

i have a lot of people ask me "isn't it hard?" and "how can you do work with sick kids?" or "how can you not get attached to the patients?"  the answer the first one is yes it is hard at times. devastating at times.  and at other times it's awesome.  i can ask nurses who take care of adults the same "how can  you work with adults?" thank god they can, because i couldn't!!  that's the beauty of nursing...there is something for everyone.  

the last question is an interesting one. yes, it's easy to get emotionally attached to your  patients.  you have to find a balance.  some kids (and their families) just touch  your soul in a certain way that you can't explain. but not all of them, luckily...or you would go crazy. there are many patients and families that i will never forget.  but for whatever reason i've had two patients that have left such an impact on me that i will be lifelong friends with their families.  i have blogged about my little angel, luke, before.  

this is norah.  she is one of those patients. and she has touched my life forever.

she has been a part of my work life for the past almost several months.  i would always get to peek in and see her smiley happy self every day i worked. and some days, when i was having an exceptionally rough day, i would go visit her for a little norah-sunshine therapy to remind me that things would be ok. i think her and her mom, shuana, were actually more helpful to me than i was to them over the past few month!!  but she took a big step last week.  so i wanted to give her and her family a little going away/graduation present.  and now that she is no longer a patient, it's officially legal for me to hang out with them!

i went to hang out with the two of them the other day.  we went to lunch, then went back to norah's room and crafted the afternoon away.  i loved that as soon as shuana opened the gift, she said, "well, we need to hang this right now!"  and grabbed a pin from the bulletin board and hung it on the wall!

7 peeps have to say:

Emily Keaton said...

That's a wonderful story and a beauty canvas that you gave as a gift!! I know you spread some sunshine with this. :)

Jennifer E. said...

Love what you made for her and loved reading your story! I can relate! :-)

Mary said...

You do have a gift and I am so proud of you and your talent! The gift you gave to Nora and her mom will be treasured by them forever. Love you.

Shauna Gunnell said...

Oh Angie, I simply adore you! Thank you so much for the gift. It's so beautiful, and the sentiment is perfect for us. Thank you so much for being so wonderful! xoxo

Sharing My Thoughts said...

This is so awesome to me.....I have a story that involves a pediatric nurse. I'll try to make it short....at 15 I was in car accident and splinter my femur. I was in traction for over 2 months. My bones were like that of an elder person and long story short....there was a possibility of me losing my leg. Thank God, it started healing and even tho it healed crooked....I have it and can walk. Anyway, I had awesome nurses but 2 were more than a nurse, they became friends. With my first pregnancy one of them gave me my pregnancy test, with my second, the other had become an NP and saw me for a visit. I still keep in contact with them today after almost 30 years. I wrote an letter of recommendation about one that was in the paper and she won nurse of the year. You are touching lives in more ways than you can ever imagine. I applaud you for what you are doing! I hope God Blesses you bigtime! :-)

Jami said...

I love that little Norah! The canvas you made for her is AMAZING! You are so talented. You are right...we do have the best job in the world, and I too can't imagine doing anything else.

misssrobin said...

She's adorable. Your job is so important and your love shows through in the way you discuss it. I am sure you touch the hearts of so many.

This card is wonderful. Just so many elements I love in it.