Jun 11, 2012


i have done a lot of mixed media stuff lately so saturday, i decided to make a few cards.  i love getting inspiration from all sorts of different places.  on friday, there were some pictures on the unity blog that were posted to get inspiration from.  i love the cake picture here, so i made this card based on the bright colored circles!

stamps: untity
cardstock:  white, gable green, lovely lilac, tempting turquoise
ink: onyx black
tools:  silhouette

where do you get inspiration from?  i was the lucky recipient of some free stamps form unity during last month's new release blog hop, so i wanted to pay it forward.  leave a comment telling me what inspires you when you get crafty and i'll pick some random peeps to win a free random itty bitty.  comment by 6.14.12 6.18.12.

and don't forget you can still play along with the chick challenge!

8 peeps have to say:

Emily Keaton said...

Angie, this is TOTALLY cool! I love your fabulous circle design. Your clean and simple layout for this card ROCKS!

Where do I get inspiration? I'm forever ripping pages out of magazines and catalogs. I get inspired by color combos, page/book cover design, clothing, home/garden design, and cool products. I never know what might inspire my next project!

Emily Keaton said...

PS Angie, you were the GIU winner for last week! Be sure to check out this post:


JPScraps said...

Inspiration for me comes from blog hops, pinterest, sketches, and sometimes from the stamps.

Maureen Hayes said...

That is so sweet of you to share your wealth!! I think that inspiration can be found in so many places, I get it by doing different forms of art, for instance my art journaling influences my card making and scrapbooking and vice versa. I also find nature inspiring, I might take a walk and see a flower or a bird or a squirrel and be inspired. Fashion is another inspiration, the shapes and colors. Of course blogs like yours and others are a constant source of inspiration.


Shauna Gunnell said...

Those circles would be perfect for wedding invitations with that cake!

My inspiration comes from other crafters (like you), Pinterest (of course), music, thinking of family & friends, and most of all - from taking in some of the old masters. I don't try to imitate Van Gogh or anything, but it sure is a great source of inspiration!

Julie Odil said...

Great take on that cake. I never would have thought to do that.

Noelle Reese said...

I totally love this card! I am glad you linked back to it I missed it! I get my inspiration from you alot of the times! You rockstar! :)

misssrobin said...

That cake was totally cool. Your reinterpretation of it was awesome. Love this card.