Feb 10, 2010

fun flock tutorial...

a few people have asked what fun flock is and how to use it so i put together a very basic (and quick) tutorial to explain how to use it.

1. stamp your image. (this is my quick attempt at a shamrock using a heart stamp)

2. i use a zig 2 way glue pen for my glue. it's easy to just fill in where you want the glue with this pen and it's blue when it's wet, so you can see where you have glued. there are also glue pads out there. i've tried two kinds (one by hampton art and one by tsukineko...i didn't like how either one of them worked...there wasn't enough glue)

3. color in your area to be flocked with the glue pen.

4. apply the flock to your area with the glue. i have found it's easier to use tweezers.

it doesn't matter if you over shoot the glued area. the flock will only stick to the glue and will brush off the other areas.

5. smush down the flock onto the glued area. this will help it stick better.

6. once your glue is covered with flock, dump the flock back into it's container (like with embossing powder). there isn't a picture for that!

7. your finished product!

this was a quickie version to give you an idea. i didn't brush away the excess before i took the picture of the finished product. just experiment with it and have

2 peeps have to say:

Cindi said...

thanks Angie,,I have only used this once or twice, and both times were with a double sided tape..it's nice to see this way for different shaped images.

Pam Speidel said...

Excellent tutorial Angie! I bought some a couple years ago and used it once! Maybe I should give it another chance. I don't recall what I used for glue, but it all brushed off. I have brown and wanted "flocked" owls. ;)