Oct 18, 2008

fall in utah...

notice this post would be different if i would have titled it "fall in, utah..."

oh yeah, where was i...so the weather in utah can be somewhat of a mystery. take right now, for instance. last weekend it was 27 degrees and i posted pictures of the snow that had materialized overnight. this weekend it was 77 degrees and sunny. weird. i did manage to take some pictures of the fall foliage. they aren't the greatest since i obviously haven't figured out how to take a decent photo with my blackberry. maybe that's the problem!!! these were just around my neighborhood, which is less than 3 years old, so the trees are little. see that snow hiding in the background??? yep, that was from last week.

this one was not by my house, but it shows a bunch of color. i took this with my regular camera, so it's a little better (i hope!).

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Chelsea said...

these are great pics Angie!